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  1. Just been to Amsterdam and Den Haag where there are electric cars all over the place, and Vienna where every second taxi is electric. What the heck is it with Australians? The grid’s not up to it? Don’t we have a ‘gold plated’ grid? It’s all too hard I think. Fat of the land numptyness – much easier to dig up dirt and slap together dogboxes to sell to fools.

    Straya’s lost.

    • Surprising that your take away message from Holland is cars and not bicycles.

      Do not most people in Holland get around on bicycles? Do the Dutch look thinner than Aussies due to all the cycling?

      I wish you visited a village. It is even easier to build cycleways in villages – compared to the cities – because there is much more land available.

      In the tiny Dutch village of Giethoorn
      Locals and visitors to Giethoorn navigate in whisper-quiet ways: by bike, boat, or foot.

      There is a rotten myth in Australia – “cycleways can only be built in cities”.

      • Plenty of bikes, yes. Also plenty of people on electric trikes in the bike lanes! They weren’t so thin.

        Nothing like biking in NL.

    • It’s a great view of Australia from central Sydney. You can see the whole country from there.

      • As opposed to your view of 2019 from 1965?

        Ortega commented upon how undeveloped Australia is. And while the electric vehicles will not be suitable for all, it does not mean they should not be encouraged where they all suitable. Not should we continue to bemoan that the switch to renewables is too difficult to pursue. We currently use satellite navigation, talk to others via video, fly intercontinental, build and use synchotrons, treat many forms of cancer, and whatever else mind blowing stuff that very few would have conceived as possible a few generations ago. Updating our electricity production and distribution is not beyond us, even if many in Australia seem to lack the ability to envisage any change.

      • The Traveling Wilbur

        Well, there are some low lying river systems you can’t quite see from the tower in the CBD around the Murray darling but I believe Barnaby’s working on removing that issue.

    • CanuckDownUnder

      Of course in Vienna you wouldn’t have much use for taxis since they have an actual world-class public transport system and an annual pass allowing unlimited transport only costs 365€. Imagine trying to get around Sydney for $1.60/day what a joke!

  2. Analysis: 54% of Tax Cuts Benefit go to Highest Income Earners – TAI

    That is why the $900 cheques need to be given out annually. Inequality is sky high.

    • You can only really give tax cuts to taxpayers.
      If you pay lots of tax a tax cut will likely favour you.
      Bludging is sky high.

  3. GunnamattaMEMBER

    Royal Commission.

    It is time for a Royal Commission. It is time for real heads on real sticks.

    Special treatment and a one-on-one lunch with Peter Dutton: how Huang lobbied for a visa

    But an Age, Sydney Morning Herald and Four Corners investigation can reveal that Mr Dutton did give special treatment on citizenship to Mr Huang’s wife and two children in 2015 by empowering Labor MP Sam Dastyari to conduct a private citizenship ceremony for them.

    Citizenship ceremonies are almost always held in public with private “special purpose” conferrals usually only granted for applicants who are ill, have urgent needs or are unable to attend a typical town hall ceremony.

    The special conferral allowed Mr Huang’s family to expedite their citizenship by weeks or even months, and was granted by Mr Dutton after he was told by Mr Dastyari that the family wanted to travel overseas.

    Mr Huang’s family now runs his business interests in Australia since he has been banned from the country.

    Recordings have separately emerged showing Mr Santoro claiming Mr Dutton was one of his “best friends” and that, in return for payment of at least $10,000, Mr Santoro could provide clients access to Mr Dutton’s office to help efforts to expedite migration applications. Mr Santoro is a former factional ally of Mr Dutton.

    Mr Santoro is recorded saying: “There is nobody else anywhere who is better placed than me to help you through this particular part of the project. Nobody. … I can go to somebody in the Minister’s office and say ‘can you have a close look at this’.”

    • Why is it that Aus politicians seem so untouchable? What the heck do they have to do to land themselves in jail?

      It’s a free-for-all.

    • Just to be a pedant: he was lobbying for citizenship, not a visa, totally different concepts, totally different legislation.

      • The CCP isn’t partisan. They will bribe and corrupt everything and everyone they come into contact.

  4. “Shorten wants to end the weekend” – oh the irony, for those words to come from the leader of a party determined to end penalty rates. As a non-driver, I’ve had plenty of day-trips and weekenders facilitated by public transport. Train often gets you there a lot faster than fighting traffic on the Pacific Hwy, and it’s less stressful too. EVs will eventually catch up with the range of ICEVs, lots of innovative technologies in the pipeline. But I’m going to have to work longer hours to afford my next holiday, without a boost from penalty rates, aren’t I, Scummo?

      • Scummo doesn’t want you to have a burger with the lot. He’s into the shit sandwich instead.

    • We were supposed to have a 15 hour work week by 2000. The fake Greens need to get 24 hour factories and smelters to have 6 hour work days. 6 x 5 = 30 hours per week. A 30 hour work week.

      Cut the minimum wage of factories to $10/hour and have a wage top up scheme to raise the incomes of factory workers to $30/hour. That would allow Aussie factories to compete against foreign factories that pay $10/hour.

  5. Observations from commuter hell:

    Not many vibrants on this one.
    Woman next to me streaming MAFS on her phone. She watches it quite attentively – headphones and all.

    Last week Friday, there was a pair of people discussing flammable cladding on the next pair of seats next to me. One appeared to have been a some sort of an assessor of such cladding. Kept saying it was everywhere in Brisbane.

    • Are you in Brisbane or Gold Coast? Electric tram or diesel train?

      Most immigrants move to Vic and NSW.

      • Two thirds between them. Electric line – Express to Brissie. Looks like for now – this line’s pretty good, certainly has a good scope for becoming more vibrant.

  6. Hugh PavletichMEMBER

    Local governments held back by state counterparts on housing affordability … Domain

    There has been very little uptake on improving housing affordability over seven years at a local government level across Australia despite increased attention on the issue, according to new research. … read more via hyperlink above …
    … What is being learned from New Zealand ? … Housing Minister Phil Twyford explains how new affordable supply is being sorted out …

    New Zealaned Housing Minister Phil Twyfords speech to the New Zealand Initiative Members Retreat … New Zealand Government / Beehive
    … Being clear about what is ‘affordable’ …

    Definition of an Affordable Housing Market … Performance Urban Planning

  7. Just like 2015 the LNP is running a fraudulent election campaign. Based on the non existent supply side benefits of tax cuts for the rich – supported by the totally debunked Laffer curve and trickle down growth theory.
    Yet nobody, nobody in the media is calling them out on it.
    Worst media in the world.
    Yet great journalism. Very balanced, well presented, well sourced journalism.