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Leith van Onselen


  1. Mortality among adults on autism spectrum almost double the rate of general population

    That is terrible. They probably need probiotics:

    Giving children with autism a healthier mix of gut bacteria as a way to improve behavioral symptoms continued to work even two years after treatment ended.

    Children with autism spectrum disorders often have gastrointestinal problems.

    autistic kids lack a particular type known as Prevotella. In the gut, it helps digest things such as sugar and grains. Most children in North America have these bacteria. But her team didn’t find them in children with autism.

    • probably the best way to spread these good bacteria is to deliver food, but not ever wash your hands…

  2. Hugh Pavletich

    … New Zealand …

    Latest QV figures show housing values are falling in Auckland while the rate of growth is slowing in the rest of the country |
    Auction sales eased back last week suggesting the peak summer season is drawing to a close |

      • In two other posts I saw US oil traders stopped buying from them, but both China and Russia are there so I’d say China at least will buy or more likely take as the loans they gave are at high rates…just like in those African states.

    • The kingdom could export something else – infrastructure.

      It need not build artificial islands like Dubai did.

      Rising sea levels will submerge a lot of Bangladesh and the rich ones could afford to pay $10k/year tax to live in the kingdom – even if citizenship is never granted.

      “So, congestion, pollution, overcrowding, housing shortages,” Moser said. “All of these problems are very real, and they’re offering new cities as a solution to provide a clean, green modern living space for their population.”

      The kingdom would offer cheaper electricity, water, land, smoking rooms, and a very low crime rate.

      In Sydney, they have to pay $500k for a plot of land.