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  1. Interesting to see how sharia law is imposed on the Danes in Copenhagen. With the threat of Muslim violence. Notice how the “hate ” is from the “provocateur” who burns the Koran, not the low expectations of the publishers upon the Islamists to behave themselves. Much the same as the Mohammed cartoons, Charlie Hebdo, and the Satanic Verses, or showing a film that upsets Muslims. No perceived criticism of Islam is allowed. No “hate” is promulgated by those who overreact by killing and injuring innocent bystanders.

    No one calls these people religious lunatics. Full of “hate”, intolerant of criticism and demanding of compliance by non Muslims and getting their way by threat of violence and in the process imposing de facto blasphemy laws. So much for the values of the enlightenment. Voltaire need not have written Candide.

  2. Did anyone watch the Drum last night? There was a former immigration department official that spoke some sense about infrastructure and immigration, despite Julia Baird and the rest of the panel’s attempts to shut him down and turn the conversation to identitity politics.

  3. A “well-organised” baby-milk stealing syndicate targeted warehouses across Melbourne.
    Gurwinder Gill and Herdeep Singh were among a handful of men who robbed storage centres that housed baby formula and vitamins.
    Pallets of formula tins were loaded onto a truck with a forklift during one burglary in Mount Waverley … then ship the products to China and other Asian countries, where the demand was high.
    Third man charged, Navjinder Singh remains at large after previously failing to meet bail.

    • That is incredible! “skilled” immigrants on $10/hour wages are drug addicts as well!

      We really need to drug test every foreign “student” and deport them if they fail the drug test (even as they cheat on the English test).

  4. Hugh PavletichMEMBER

    Global trade suffers biggest collapse since Great Recession … UK Telegraph

    A recent collapse in global trade is the worst since the financial crisis and as steep as during the recession of the early 2000s, according to new figures from the Dutch government. … read more via hyperlink above …
    China’s policy stimulus may worsen economic distortions: OECD – Reuters
    UPDATE 2-China’s home prices rise faster in March amid lending surge – Reuters

    • Mining BoganMEMBER

      They were onto it last year but failed to follow up.

      Just another case of trying to be players instead of reporters.

  5. One more. I got my blurb on the election from the ALP guy yesterday. I’m away so they had a postal form on the bkurb, but to get it registered you had to send it back to the ALP. Is it always like this?

    • Both of the majors are doing this.
      They will send it on to the electoral commission.
      The issue is that it passes through their hands first.
      It is thought that they get what data they can from it before sending it on.
      Neither party confirms nor denies this.
      If you are going to go postal then send it directly to the electoral commission.

    • Mining BoganMEMBER

      If you do get these just send the reply paid envelope back with brochures and such inside but sans forms. Makes them pay both for mailing and someone to open them all.

      If everyone did that this practice would stop overnight.

      • Good one I’ll do it. BTW thinking about it they are targeting to pick up those details they miss on the social media data mining. I’m sure lots of elderly people are then targeted via non SM adverts in their letter boxes.

      • I heard of one wag taping the reply paid envelope to brick to make the postage astronomical. However, I’d say they would refuse to accept it so just a few words of advice without any data inside will cost them yet provide nothing they really want.

  6. Hugh PavletichMEMBER

    NEW ZEALAND:Live: Government rejects a capital gains tax (video) … Stuff NZ

    PM Jacinda Ardern rules out a CGT, disappointing the Greens and Michael Cullen, with National saying it’s a big win for NZ. … read more via hyperlink above …
    … New Zealand Governments renewed focus on key structural issues to solve housing crisis … Housing Minister Phil Twyford explains …

    … The political direction is clear …

    New Zealaned Housing Minister Phil Twyfords speech to the New Zealand Initiative Members Retreat … New Zealand Government / Beehive

    … extract …

    … In our view there are three big challenges that have to be addressed:

    1. A broken system for financing infrastructure

    2. A planning system based on urban containment

    3. The failure of governments until now, both local and central, to actively work with the private sector to enable urban growth and expansion.

    … concluding …

    … I talked about the land banking and speculative economy, and the pressure cooker that has given us some of the most obscenely expensive housing in the world.

    These moves are designed to change that. …

    … If we do these things we can truly flood the market with development opportunities. We can break the land banking economy, and drive down the cost of urban land.

    We can achieve more competitive urban land markets. And industry that is more focused on development and building places of enduring value instead of land banking and speculation.

    That is the pathway to more affordable housing, and a systemic fix of the crisis that has caused so much hardship, and sucked so much of our national wealth into residential property instead of the productive economy. … read more via hyperlink above …
    … Note The New York Times article and The Listener Editorial February … accessible via February Update and new 2019 Sections at