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  1. New Zealaned Housing Minister Phil Twyfords speech to the New Zealand Initiative Members Retreat … New Zealand Government / Beehive
    Oliver Hartwich says the rest of Phil Twyford’s housing policy is sufficiently ambitious and radical to solve NZ’s housing problems without recourse to KiwiBuild |
    … Opposition National Party Leader and Tauranga MP Simon Bridges soon after the release of the Demographia International Housing Survey Monday 21 January … (video) …

    Tauranga world’s eighth most unaffordable housing market | Newshub

  2. truthisfashionable

    Hi MB commenters,

    Hoping to gather your opinions on this.

    Which is best, Made in Australia but the company is majority foreign owned, or majority owned in Australia but foreign made? Specifically I am looking at leather ‘dress’ boots likely the Chelsea style.

    Examples: RM Williams: Owned by Louis Vuitton Group (and Hugh Jackman) but made in Australia,

    Owned by Australians’: Blundstone (made in Vietnam), Rossi & Wild Rhino (made in Portugal)

    I am leaning towards made in Australia as this benefits more people than just the owner of the brand. Especially as none of these other brands are listed entities.

    If anyone knows where Baxter boots are made these days please let me know.
    I am also aware of Redback boots (Aus made and owned), but they aren’t the style I am looking for.

  3. Today will be challenging, to discern if the posts describe an April fools joke, or actually reflect the situation. Good luck everyone!


    He said he went to live in IS territory because a respected friend told him it was a place where he could start a family and “practice your religion freely”.

    OK, so Australia – with all of its religious freedom, anti discrimination and virtue signalling left wing media was not enough for you? No great loss to us, another migrant will take your place so it is not as though we are going to be experiencing a vibrancy deficit.

    But then ISIS collapses and he lands in jail in Syria and is suddenly remorseful and thinks ISIS is no good.

    “What do I think should happen to me now? Whatever God decrees. I’m accepting of that.

    “I would prefer to be prosecuted in Australia or under international law because you have things such as human rights and … justice, so that would be the preferred option.”

    As an Australian citizen, I think I have that right of being prosecuted in my homeland for any crime that I did.

    As well as wanting to face justice in Australia, he’d like his children to be able to live here.

    The point smudged over by DomainFax (as usual) is that these 3 children were born in Syria.

    There is no f#cking way any of them should ever be let back into this country.

  5. Those simplistic EV manufacturer wannabee’s must be new arrivals, having the hide to p1ss into the wind like that. They clearly don’t know our manufacturing history or they wouldn’t expect any help from the government in this Neoliberal bendover – If they want to succeed they’ll have to move OS like any Aussie with an idea has for decades & have it sold back to us…….. Go see Tones, wise up & cut your losses fella’s & invest in property – plenty of expert help to get you through the complexities of that!