An honest government ad on the Federal Budget

Juice Media has produced a satirical video on the 2019 Federal Budget, which largely hits the nail on the head.

My only gripe is that it conveniently left out the fact that everyone’s share of the economic pie is also shrinking due to the government’s ‘Big Australia’ mass immigration policy.


      • Yeah, it seems like satirists and comedians are the only ones who dare tell it like it is.

        The five star party in Italy was founded by a comedian, and the front-runner in Ulraine presidential election is also one.

        Australia seems to lack satirical political news reporting, Mad as Hell and Charlie Pickering are weak, The Chaser is gone.

      • Friendly Jordies is a bit of a comedian with a message. I honestly think satire is the best way to convey displeasure with something. Not sure the missus agrees though. 😀

      • Jimmy Dore is better than all of them. JD attacks both sides of government, and constantly calls out the Democrats for their corporatism. Juice Media and Zoolander Jordie have a political bias.

      • Former Professional Wrestler, actor and Governor of Minnesota, Jesse the Body Ventura wrote;
        DemoCRIPS and ReBLOODlicans: No More Gangs in Government, which was released on June 11, 2012. The book expresses Ventura’s opposition to the two-party system and calls for political parties to be abolished.

    • BubbleyMEMBER

      It’s not just lefties any more, it’s the highly irritated centrists and even the slightly right wingers who can’t buy a coffee without having to think about it because their wages haven’t gone up in ten years.

    • The also ignore the fact that Japan, Portugal, Spain, Italy, Greece, Cyprus have shrinking populations.

      South Korea will have a shrinking population soon.

  1. PassingInterest

    Absolutely brilliant. That is effectively the now three decades old Liberal Party agenda, come to fruition.

    And no mention of immigration because …well, ehem … *racist* … you know.

  2. The producers must read MB and the comments section with it. I’m almost certain they do. ;D

  3. Mostly good but I think them pointing out NG and CGT just mean they really don’t understand how the real rich structure their tax – the rich don’t lose money deliberately. These breaks are mainly use by the average to high “wage earners/speculators” especially NG who while earn good money aren’t anywhere close to those real “wealthy mates” who don’t rely on wage income. Even if they did they will still be able to NG one asset against another with Labor’s changes.

    If they mentioned things like discretionary/family trusts, income splitting, offshore tax havens, shell companies, transfer pricing, etc they would be getting a lot more closer.

  4. davidraMEMBER

    Leith – immigration was in an earlier version of the script, and more about stagnant real wages, but it was too hard to unpick the differences between legal, mass-scale business-sponsored migration as a wage suppression tactic vs popular fears of illegal migration. At least, it couldn’t be all be undone in 2 sentences, which was all the time available.

    • So maybe the solution here is #JuiceMedia dedicates an entire piece to the great national scam that is #MassPopulation #Ponzi scheme that Australia has run for the last 20 years…. ample fodder and stats on MB for your ammunition… or is it too taboo for Juice to tackle ?

      • davidraMEMBER

        It might happen … but there are so many topics to cover, especially leading up to an election.

      • ” so many topics to cover” – really? and do they all screw the every-day Australian to the extent that mass-population growth does every day ? c’mon, this is the defining issue of our generation, all of our society’s woe’s are exacerbated by excessive population growth that we have forced upon us by our corrupt federal government… no other topic is having such a detrimental effect on Australia today.

    • thanks for your efforts. i’d like to see the immigration rate that’s whitewashed by 2k refugee stuck on an island torn apart. along with the list of immigrants being wage scammed or treated like slaves, youth unemployment, wage suppression health care system overload, visa fraud, education standards, congestion, environmental impact.. the list goes on – immigrations pretty much the centre piece of everything that’s being done to australia that sucks

      • Yep, show that immigrants are also a victim in this scam and it won’t “offend” the idiots.

    • If most foreign “students” cheat on exams to come here, that is illegal immigration.

      If they bribe professors to get a “degree”, that is illegal immigration.

      There is reportedly a pilot shortage worldwide – but instead of teaching Aussies how to fly aircraft, Tanya Plibersek wants to keep funding useless “degrees”.

  5. #JuiceMedia …oh so close to nailing it… all they needed to do was grow a set and talk of mass population growth being at the root cause of wage stagnation and our diminishing piece of the pie etc etc, as Leith points out…

    but yep better than any MSM bollocks, and these campaigns really cut through the social media air waves and hit millennials square in the face. (even if half of them wont understand the extent of the sarcasm and irony being delivered)