Greens: Make Australia a migrant retirement village

By Leith van Onselen

Greens Senator, Nick McKim, has labelled “horrific” the number of years taken for migrants to bring their elderly parents to Australia under Australia’s permanent migration program. From SBS News:

Migrant advocates have voiced outrage and disbelief as it emerged wait times for some Australian family reunion visas are now up to 56 years…

At Senate Estimates last week, a representative from Immigration and Visa Services confirmed the average wait times for various classes the visas…

Contributory parents, or those who can pay a $47,455 fee, need to wait on average 45 months.

But the average wait time for non-contributory parents is more than 30 years and “other family” is up to 56 years.

There are currently 49,983 non-contributory parent applications and 8,111 “other family” applications on hand…

Greens Senator Nick McKim, who brought up the wait times at Senate Estimates said 56 years “is a horrific number”.

“So is the wait period of over 30 for years non-contributory parents,” he told SBS News.

“Families are waiting years and in some cases many decades before they can be reunited to live together … The system is broken… what government should be doing is reunite as many families as possible”.

May I remind Senator McKim that the circa 9,000 permanent parental visas granted each year cost Australian taxpayers between $2.6 and $3.2 billion in present value terms, with the cost likely to rise over time as numbers increase. For this reason, the Productivity Commission’s (PC) 2016 Migrant Intake into Australia Report found that “the case for retaining parent visas in their current form is weak”:

“The contributory visa charge of just under $50 000 meets only a fraction of the fiscal costs for the annual intake of roughly 7200 contributory parents. And an additional 1500 parents make a minimal contribution. Overall, the cumulated lifetime fiscal costs (in net present value terms) of a parent visa holder in 2015-16 is estimated to be between $335 000 and $410 000 per adult, which ultimately must be met by the Australian community. On this basis, the net liability to the Australian community of providing assistance to these 8700 parents over their lifetime ranges between $2.6 and $3.2 billion in present value terms. Given that there is a new inflow each year, the accumulated taxpayer liabilities become very large over time. This is a high cost for a relatively small group.

Ultimately, every dollar spent on one social program must require either additional taxes or forgone government expenditure in other areas. It seems unlikely that parent visas meet the usual standards of proven need, in contrast to areas such as mental health, homelessness or, in the context of immigration, the support of immigrants through the humanitarian stream, and foreign aid.

Given the balance of the costs and benefits, the case for retaining parent visas in their current form is weak”.

The PC’s subsequent Shifting the Dial: 5 year productivity review also doubled-down against parental visas, claiming that their long-term costs to the Budget are immense:

… parent visas, which provide a short-term benefit to the budget via visa charge income, but impose very large costs in the longer term through their impacts on expenditure on health and aged care, and social transfers. In previous work, the Commission estimated the budgetary costs associated with the 2015-16 parent visa intake alone to be $2.88 billion in present value terms over the lifetimes of the visa holders. By comparison, the revenue collected from these visa holders was only $345 million. Ten year estimates of the fiscal effects of the current parent visas would show a similarly stark disjuncture between revenue and costs, and would therefore provide the insights for a more informed policy decision on the pricing or desirability of these visa types than the current decision-making framework.

As noted by the PC above, “every dollar spent on one social program must require either additional taxes or forgone government expenditure in other areas”.

Given the cost of approving the 49,983 non-contributory parent applications would likely cost taxpayers between $16.5 billion and $20 billion in present value terms (using the PC’s estimate), what social programs would the Greens like to see cut?

  • Should we cut funding to schools and hospitals?
  • Should we cut funding for infrastructure?
  • Should we cut the Aged Pension and abandon raising Newstart?
  • Should we cut funding to the NDIS?

The Greens clearly care more for the welfare of elderly citizens of other nations than Australian voters. Otherwise, why would they support such egregious fiscal vandalism?

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  1. “Families are waiting years and in some cases many decades before they can be reunited to live together … The system is broken… what government should be doing is reunite as many families as possible”.”
    I didn’t even know such schemes existed. Unless its for refugees/asylum why would we even do this? They could be easily reunited of course….? Who’s made the choice to move in the first place?

    • More effort on assylum seekers, and reuniting their families – but for migrants coming here by choice, yes, they can just travel back home to see them – that’s what most migrants I know do some 1-2 times per year.

      • My partner is going back to England in September to visit her dear old Dad. And that’s how it should be.

    • sydboy007MEMBER

      They seem to ignore the fact the children could go home to live with their parents very quickly. I hope the Greens infighting destroys them soon. ScuMo is preferable to Screeching Hairy Yak.

  2. Yes, the Greens are immorally selling out the Australian taxpayer.

    Further, the Greens add to their immoral financial irresponsibility by destroying the environment they were created to protect.

    The greens are destroying the Australian environment by supporting high immigration policies.

    Koalas extinction is threatened in 10 years due to the Green’s high immigration policies.

    We need zero net population increase at the least to protect the Australian environment.

    The greens support the Federal Morrison Liberal Government in bringing millions of immigrants into Australia and the resulting clearing of koala habitat, and other land, for homes for the increased population.

    The message is clear.

    If you want green, don’t vote Greens.

    • Mining BoganMEMBER

      Amazing innit? My old man has put up the fight of a lion to stay in his home yet here we have tens of thousands of oldies willing to walk away from everything that defines them. Not much moral fibre shown there.

      Just maybe these feeble old folk aren’t desirable to our society…

    • Stewie GriffinMEMBER

      My ancestors left everyone they knew and sailed to the far side of the world to carve a nation out of the dust without the support of any social security, or network of friends and family, and certainly no guarantee of success.

      Today’s migrant to Australia is moving to a fully developed first world nation, with one of the highest standards of living in the world with an advanced social security system that even if they fail, guarantees that they will be more successful and have a higher quality of life than whatever shyte hole they’ve crawled out of leaving.

      Basically they are moving here for a short cut to a better life, at our expense – and they can’t even do so without bringing their parents along.

      Dare I say it yet again – all migrants are not the same.

      • Yup, the whole “migrants are unequivocally good for the economy” delusion is borne of the fact that migrants built America / Australia etc. Those original migrants certainly did that but, as you say, they backed themselves and had no safety net to rely on — just hard graft. Do or die. A recipe for success.

        Migrants plus welfare state is a disaster, no exceptions. We will go bankrupt very quickly if this keeps up and then everyone loses.

      • My ancestors left everyone they knew and sailed to the far side of the world to rape, pillage and murder the inhabitants of my lovely new nation without the support of any social security, or network of friends and family, and certainly no guarantee of success.

        You’re certainly right, not all immigrants are the same!

      • Stewie GriffinMEMBER

        Dennis you anal excavator – don’t you have last nights dinner to dig out?

        Your ancestors sound like complete fcukwits, which is probably where you get it from. Mine were too busy building farms and towns in the empty land, to carry on like your scumbag rellos did.

        Hope you do the right thing and have yourself sterilized to make up for your bloodlines crimes. You shouldn’t be afraid to do the right thing, I imagine it would be a near painless procedure to have your tiny balls removed.

      • Denis413MEMBER

        2 ‘n’ Den strikes again… you’re ability to pick up on the minutia and ignore the key point of a comment is incredible.

      • Stewie GriffinMEMBER

        You can’t blame him for studying the minutia – he needs to every time he takes a piss.

      • stewie (yes, lower case S, until you grow the [email protected]@k up), you truly are pathetic, your parents must be pushed to the point they would deny you. And LITTLE denis, his diatribe didn’t have anything in it, other than poor white man, me. When you grow up, you can use a capital as well.

        You’re both excellent examples of child-men.

      • Stewie GriffinMEMBER

        Finally dug out all that corn have you? I imagine that would make you very grumpy. Try having a coffee before hand, it usually does the job at getting the pipes going.

        You really have a issue about the white people don’t you Dennis, is it because you’re such a loser that you had to shop outside of our playground in order to find someone who’d play with you?

        Regardless, you should be wary about that chip on your shoulder – I’d be careful that it doesn’t lead to such curvature of the spine that you end up spending the rest of your days staring at your withered, malformed and undersized genitalia.

      • Dear stewie,

        Thank you for your concern, it’s touching.

        All my partners over the yrs have been white, not that was deliberate, just the way it worked out. I don’t hate White people, just moaning bigoted white trailer trash such as yourself. Your constant and pathetic attempts at belittling shows you to have an extreme low self-esteem problem; can I suggest counselling? It could have the added benefit of not only improving that issue, but they could just be main cause of your bigotry.

        Talking about chips, have you contacted any of the forestry companies, they would have a huge resources if they could get that magnificent chip off of your shoulder, keep them in wood chips for decades.

        Btw, your constant referral to penises has me suspecting you’re another old angry white guy, who just cannot come out of the cupboard.

      • ErmingtonPlumbingMEMBER

        Lol,…Highly entertaining fellas,…Peachys,
        “Good thread. Would read again.”
        Was the comment of the day!

        To throw in my 2 bobs worth,

        My kids ancestors were convict slaves sent here from the other
        side world, against their will.
        A French convict first fleeter on their mums side and an Irish Convict slave on my side in 1816., I have no doubt both hated the Brittish empire just as much as our Indigenous Australians.

        Anyone that says my kids owe Aboriginal Australia a debt or have less right to call this country home, or who fashionably denigrate their culture or “Wh!teness,..can go and,…. Get [email protected], you Racist Pr!cks

      • Stewie GriffinMEMBER

        “stewie (yes, lower case S, until you grow the [email protected]@k up), you truly are pathetic”

        Your reply is with the Mods is it Dennis…. surely trying to insult me by using a little “s” instead of a big “S” when you say stewie can’t be that offensive.

        Maybe you can try dropping the “ie” and start using a “y” instead, that will surely send me incandescent with rage.

      • Stewie GriffinMEMBER

        Blah ha ha ha ha…. I saw your comment has just been released by the Mod – maybe it would have been better if it stayed there.

        Belittling me every time I express an opinion that “people generally want to live in their own societies, subject to their own cultural values and use the society that they build and invest in to help perpetuate their own values and culture” or some variation there of, with your lamo “White Man” only highlights just how feeble minded and out of touch with people you are.

        Also, I suspect I have found the source of your impotent rage with your comment:

        All my partners over the yrs have been white, not that was deliberate, just the way it worked out.

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      • stewie,

        I’m amazed how easy it has been for you using wifi while parked by the local tip, your council is very progressive.

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        Now run along you sad little incel.

      • Little stewy,

        See what I mean by deluded! Insecure? That comment is beyond dumb, that’s why you keep railing against every culture other than so called white culture. You continually carp on about your so called cultures successes, but it doesn’t appear like you have any of your own; constantly here carping on about all the non-whites and how they’re destroying your country. Your insecurity is obvious to all.

        And your insights?? If insightful is what your pathetic race driven diatribe is we are in more trouble than I ever suspected. None of your posts offer anything remotely insightful to the situation we’re in, nothing but vitriol to anyone not white. In your hysterical posts all of our problems are race related, you imply ‘if only we had white christians coming here in droves we wouldn’t have any of the issues this country faces,’ that’s ALL you offer, HATE. Your likely in your 30s, missed the boat and want to lodge the blame anywhere but at your feet.

        You have no idea of our past immigration. In the seventies we had large numbers of English immigrants coming to Perth bringing with it violence from Skin Head gangs, which if they were coloured would have had the msn media apoplectic. The southern europeans were the same, they kept to themselves as much as any other new immigrant group has and we slammed them like we do immigrants now, but as time went on they assimilated. So much so now, that those who rage against migrants use them as an example of where we should be encouraging immigration from; that is just hysterically funny to me.

        Western culture has been morphed into one that now includes any culture that isn’t black or asian. Have a look at past attitudes to the Irish during the late 1800s to mid 1900s. Eastern and southern europeans were similarly vilified.

        And we haven’t even covered your women “issues.”

        You’re a sad sack.

      • Stewie GriffinMEMBER

        Why do you keep replying to me retard?

        My points, which I continuously make are these:

        1. Australia and the majority culture of the nation that it is today, is overwhelmingly the result of the cultural values of the people who founded our nation, Colonial Australians, and that each wave of immigration has added progressively less to Australia, than the preceding wave, to the point were the current deluge is actively detracting from it; and

        2. Asserting that people generally want to live in their own societies, subject to their own cultural values and use the society that they build and invest in to help perpetuate their own values and culture.

        3. The pursuit of Multiculturalism is an inherently unstable social policy, that produces sub optimal outcomes for the majority of the population and can only gain a semblance of stability when the cultural differences are buried deeply beneath an economy that is sufficiently wealthy or well resourced to ensure that all the needs of the various competing communities (for that is what they are) operating within it are being met.

        I also do have concerns about the innate capabilities of different population groups and the fact that we are importing a large number who quite frankly will never be able to compete with the existing population on a level playing field, and who will ultimately resent the fact that they cant’ succeed under their own merit through no fault other than the genes they were born with – the only privilege anyone is born with.

        All points bar the last one should not and are not particularly controversial, yet appear to be highly offensive to you concited moral framework.

        The last point is an emerging view that is gaining increasing acceptance to the laughably dumb (which is probably why it appeals to you) notion of Blank Slate starting point.

        Really Dennis, you are twerp and an ignoramus – go and start researching some of these topics instead of sitting on your little tuffet of morals. Start with Neoteny – you should be able to find plenty of recent discussion on this topic, due to the controversy of some Chinese scientists introducing this gene into Monkeys and the increased signs of intelligence it bestoyed on them.

        Then try and find how the distribution of this gene varies across population groups throughout the world, with particular emphasis on the lower frequency of the distribution of this gene across sub-Sahara populations.

        Then when you’ve finished researching that, move onto polygenic markers of intelligence and they’re distribution.

        You might find the subject distasteful, but then I find your ignorance distasteful for the same reason.

        I started looking because quite frankly I found the explination for the gap in life outcomes between population groups around the world and the societies that they produced as being one of “Racism” to be highly unsatisfactory in explaining them.

        BTW – in terms of the inevitable “Racial Supremacist” cries that will be triggered from you like some Pavolovs poodle, the hierarchy in terms of racial median IQ capabilities goes like this Ashkenazi Jews 110 -115, East Asian 105 – 110, Whites, 100, then onwards to Africans 82 and Aust aboriginals and PNG’ers around 65.

        And guess what – EVERY statistic in terms of life outcomes fits that distribution. Far from being Supreme, white hill billies like myself are damn smack in the middle… except for you, you seem to require very hands on explanations and need to bei spoon fed your information.

      • Stewy,

        Just like every other irrelevant “old white guy” you need to have the last say; as if that matters!

        Your cultural diatribe, is just that. Your “manifesto” is pathetic.

      • Stewie GriffinMEMBER

        Neoteny – look it up Dennis, I suspect it is a polygenic marker that is also absent from your genome.

        PS: “Pathetic” is neither an argument or an explanation, it is just a sign of your inability to build or frame a counter argument with any facts other than your own emotional ‘feelings’.

      • Stewie GriffinMEMBER


        this is kinda cute how you are obsessing over me – it is almost like I have my own cyber stalker with you.

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      • Little stewy,

        LMFAO again! By word count you’re way in front when it comes to obsession, but then there is plenty of time for you to go through the tip waste!

      • Stewie GriffinMEMBER

        You sad little INCEL – we keep replying to my initial comment. I’m the one getting the email reminders alerting me to your sad lonely mastabatory existence.

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        Just curious at what your level of life experience is at the moment? Parents cellar? Progressive social studies Uni student? Unemployed Arts graduate? Chief anal excavator at the Rose Bay Home for the mentally challenged? Office drone?

        I only ask because you seem so much wiser beyond your years, and so full of life experiences. 😐

        PS: I know you are yet to progress beyond two finger typing, so I appreciate the effort in your every reply, but really touch typing isn’t such a huge achievement. In the information age it is little more than a ticket to play – you should probably try to take steps to aliveate your incredibly high Beta rating. Learn some life skills to help you become a better provider, here you go…..

      • Wow, the council tip wifi reaches all the way to the park you’re sleeping in, wonderful!

        And you keep responding to the email alerts knowing it’s me…ummm! Obsessive behaviour, what?

  3. Raise the contribution for each applicant to around $400K should do it.

    Numbers would fall rapidly on the contributory parent visas and the non-contributory parent waitlist would balloon out past life expectancy.

    • blindjusticeMEMBER

      Yea except some cultures would be far more willing to have parents overstay their holiday visas. The sheer numbers would be a problem. Imagine the optics and logistics of kicking out sick old people. Australia needs to be smarter and not let it get to this in the first place….i.e unmanageable numbers from the third world.

      • Seen that happen more than once already BJ.

        It’s possible for an “Aged Parent” to apply for a non-contributory parent visa onshore and meet initial requirements to hold health insurance (in lieu of Medicare because they’re not eligible on the bridging visa).

        But the processing takes decades, so the health insurance can lapse and leave the uninsured aged parent onshore until someone requests a medical – with potential for a refusal, but perhaps already too ill / frail to travel.

    • Can you imagine the howls of outrage from Progressives if that were to happen? OMG. They’re already whingeing that non-contributory parents aren’t aloud to come immediately and enjoy the fruits of $400k of sweat from taxpayer backs.

      My children are doomed if this lunacy keeps up.

  4. The Greens clearly care more for the welfare of elderly citizens of other nations than Australian voters.

    Thank goodness Cher no longer thinks like that!

    14 hours ago:

    I Understand Helping struggling Immigrants,but MY CITY (Los Angeles) ISNT TAKING CARE OF ITS OWN.WHAT ABOUT THE 50,000+🇺🇸Citizens WHO LIVE ON THE STREETS.PPL WHO LIVE BELOW POVERTY LINE,& HUNGRY? If My State Can’t Take Care of Its Own(Many Are VETS)How Can it Take Care Of More

    Coincidentally, I saw a homeless dude yesterday. And the fake Greens do nothing for him.

    Fareed Zakaria monologue 23 hours ago:

    Fareed: Netanyahu’s re-election part of a much larger phenomenon

    The continued strength of populist nationalism around the world. And the continued inability of left-of-centre parties to respond to it.

    The case for populist nationalism goes something like this. “It’s a nasty world out there, people are trying to take our jobs, undermine our security, move into our country. The cosmopolitan urban elites don’t care – they benefit from these forces. So we need a tough guy who will stand up for the nation and against the liberals in our midst”.

    Music to our ears! It is a solid argument. Trump deported the illegals and the unemployment rate is at 49 year low!

  5. So it’s now a ‘skilled migration and your old folks’ program is it?

    There is something about betraying your core principles whilst engaged in moral piety that makes Nick McKim the George Pell of fake environmental politics.

    Nick McDim and his Tasmanian Greens partner (Cassie O’Connor) drive ever more Australians towards far right politics by virtue of their incessant pro-mass immigration and obnoxious social justice ranting. Ironically they have the likes of Sarah Hanson Young hissing and spitting in derision at the very politics they are empowering.

    For some 20 years since their formation in 1992 I voted for The Greens, now I surprise myself at how much I detest them.

  6. “what social programs would the Greens like to see cut?”
    OMG. The guberment owns the printing presses. You just print the extra money. No social programs will be cut. In fact there’ll be enough money for more social programs. Are you an economic illiterate or something?

    • Bozzy, I’m pretty sure that the spouse stream had the brakes applied after recent Australians from *unspecified* and more established Australians from *undpecified* communities started importing “spouses” for payment.

      Like this:

      So you can send the thankyou note to the Big Australia crowd (including the “Greens”) for your situation, as well

      • Absolutely, this is a consequence of the big Australian ‘Skilled’ migration program crowding out the spouse visa reunification for Australian citizens. If you read my reddit post though I believe what the Home Affairs department (queing) is illegal for spouse visas. If I am successful in my legal action, the permanent intake will go from 160,000 to over 250,000 over night. There is no way the government will cut the skilled visa program, so rather then cut from spouse visas they will just breach the cap and blame Aus citizens spouses.

      • The other thing is, every day there is an article in the media about the “unfairness” of the Australian migration program, where its business bitchin they can’t get their slaves, skilled migrants bitchin they can’t get their parents in, refugees (all though they deserve to bitch). But for the component that actually impacts Australian citizens directly, and their ability to return home, zero media coverage from the fake left media. If the migration program is designed to help Australia, why isn’t the ability for Australian citizens with genuine spouse relationships the first thing the migration program caters for?

        As to your point about fake marriages, if I was in india looking to commit immigration fraud for a visa, I wouldn’t be marrying an Australian citizen as the wait time is 28 months before the visa is granted and costs $7,000. I’d be looking to marry an Indian citizen with an Accounting degree, as its on the skilled migration list. In that case the spouse would be automatically put on the visa, in a period of about 2 months, with no checks applied, at half the cost of an Australian spouse visa. As I outlined in my reddit post, having Australian citizenship is actually a huge handicap for me to return to Australia with my family. I’m an Actuary, so if I could renounce my Australian citizenship, apply for a “skilled visa” i’d be in Australia with my family in less than a month. To me this is absolutely scandalous, and NOBODY in the media is reporting about it!

      • Interviewed a 20 year offshore student who after doing 18 months study had scored unrestricted work rights for 2 years.

        How ?

        By marrying a student who had just graduated and got a 2 year unrestricted graduate visa.

        The spouse gets an restricted working visa.

        Literally – finished high school, signed up for a uni course in Australia, get hitched and boom – 2 year unrestricted work rights.

        Next step PR.

        They are having a laugh.

        The Vice Chancellors.

    • I’m 6 months into my wait after applying for a Partner Visa for my partner from Argentina. It is agonising. I hate how they treat your partner as being fake until proven genuine. It should be the other way around.

    • People like you that have an Aussie grandparent should be exempt from theyspousal waiting list. Having a grandparent is a well established norm in migration & citizenship rights. I’m all for equality but the trouble is today they try to treat everyone the same, but we are not, some people have a greater claim than others & this should be recognised as it is when claiming citizenship. Using the grandparent rule would make the system fairer & prevent an influx from all the newly arrived immigrants gaming the system

    • Thanks Jacob,
      I was from a low socio economic family and did everything I possibly could to never, ever have to rely on government. HECS gone, enough money to buy a house outright now. Didn’t realize marrying someone from overseas would be the cause of all these problems, requiring me to be at the mercy of government bureaucrats.

      I don’t agree with putting limits on spouse visas at all like May has done, I just want the government to follow the Migration Act as it is currently written, as outlined in my reddit post. My rant about skilled migrants and showing off my skills is just to emphasize the absurdity of the situation, with migrants from other countries having more family reunion rights then Australian citizens, even if the Australian sponsor is highly skilled.

      H1 visas are extremely limited, I think in absolute number the US actually issues LESS H1 visas then Australia issues “skilled visas” which is fing crazy.

      -Edit some bad autocorrect from phone make me look stupid.

  7. Yep, the Greens are not worried about fiscal management or the environment, they are only interested in votes (like most major parties anyway). The whole thing will appeal to keyboard warriors who are going to vote Green anyway and also to some new voters (migrants). Given the surge in migration since 2003, migrants are now a significant voting block (look at Chrisholm electorate) and are likely going to demand policies friendly to them (these visas at low cost or free could be one of them). If you have policies that go against the wishes, then there goes your chances of winning an election. Given that most politicians are now career politicians, there goes your livelihood. This along with housing affordability, stagnant wages, crushed infrastructure could have all been avoided.

    • Do not underestimate the power of keyboard warriors, especially those in front of the powerful workstations in giant investment banks. After all, they are the most powerful people on earth who can take the global economy hostage at their whim. You know, derivatives are financial weapons of mass destruction and all.

  8. Ronin8317MEMBER

    As the parent won’t get a pension for 15 years, the cost of age care will also be a significant burden on the children of the migrant parent It is very profitable for the age care providers though,

    • kiwikarynMEMBER

      They shouldnt get a pension at all. They’ve never worked here. They’ve never paid taxes. And what happens is that once the parent is here and receiving a pension, the kids abandon them and go off and do their own thing. Bringing their parents over is simply a means to avoid being responsible for them until their death. They get to wash their hands of the cost of keeping them and providing medical care.

  9. What can you expect from would be Socialists who built their Green religion on shaky social foundations?
    Ask a Green what they think about Transfer pricing within Transnational Corporations ….crickets
    How about other religions and other faiths? …there’s only one true Religion and only one Green God
    Today’s Greens are useless empty suits that belong in a 70’s sitcom…oh wait The Brady Bunch is playing

  10. reusachtigeMEMBER

    I usually hate the Greens because of their sick profit killing commie ways but this push is laudable and should be praised as bringing in older vibrants helps economic activity massively especially in the area of health services. We should get behind the Greens on this one.

    • I think you’d be lucky to benefit from any ‘activity’ from these geriatrics. The medical profession, on the other hand, are cock-a-hoop, I’m sure!

      • Not those of us who work in public hospital emergency departments.

        Believe it or not, having a waiting room full of patients with a median wait time of 6 hours is not something we like.

        The public system is collapsing under the weight of the population explosion of the last 20 years as it is and even were we headed into another stamp duty and GST receipts boom (which we are not), no politician is prepared to do anything but plaster a few cracks here and there.

        My fear is what will happen when we really feel the pain of a collapsing public revenue in 12-24 months and we are facing mounting unemployment (which always adds to the public health system workload).

        It is true that there are well paid jobs for life for doctors and nurses and for that we should expect it to be tough work, but it is an increasingly demoralising environment beyond any reason. The system is losing junior Australian trained Doctors who cannot face years of training in this environment. There was a rash of suicides a year or so back and there will be more to come.

        We were told when the medical schools expanded 15 years ago that there would be too many Doctors and some would be driving taxis (Uber wasn’t invented at that time). To be fair, the immigration numbers were very well hidden back then, so no one realised what would happen. Now the country is still having to bring in overseas trained Doctors every week who are being paid up to $200 an hour (and these are NOT fully trained specialists). The irony of course is that on the whole, the Indian ones are from exceedingly wealthy families who would not dream of coming over here anyway!

      • @d672
        Yup, concur, the public system will be (is) a shambles — the bright side being the limited prospect of unemployment (which was my original point) given the demand for medical services. Agreed that collapsing public revenue (into sharply increasing costs) will bring a huge dose of reality to the whole charade quite soon. It will be a sh!tshow of epic proportions with few winners.

      • From What I can tell the Australian Public health system is doomed because everyone involved is denying the looming boomers reach old age problem.
        I know that wrt to my own parents they consumed more health services in the last 10 years of their respective lives than they did in the first 75. No one wants to extrapolate these statistics to the population of Boomers, everyone talks utter rubbish referring to better standard of health in the population but none of this changes the end game and the cost to our society to fund this end-game.
        Wrt my Mum she was in and out of hospital so many times in her last 5 years that in all she probably spent 1/2 that period in one or another hospital. The Nursing homes / assisted living places dump Elderly back on the public hospital system so quick that it’d make your head spin.
        Opps looks like you’re Mum has a cold we sent her off to hospital for observation (WHAT?)
        Mum might have had a fall (Mum had dementia so it was a waste of time asking her what happened) off to hospital for full set of xrays and observation
        You wouldn’t believe the number of times that these so called incidents occurred just before public holidays or long weekends. It was almost as if this was their solution to staffing shortages ship the more difficult cases off to hospital.
        If nothing changes with the MO of nursing homes than the Public hospital system is doomed. the demographics behind the problem guarantee the outcome.

      • @fisho
        Agreed. We are fast racing to the point where, in the face of scarce resources, we’re going to have to ask ourselves how much we can commit to keeping the elderly going. Is there really any point delaying the inevitable and consuming resources that could otherwise be spent elsewhere? It is sure to be one of the great moral dilemmas of our time. In the end, only wealthy will be able to afford to keep themselves going till the bitter end and that too will further exacerbate social divisions.

      • @fisho: I know, I live it every long weekend – and will again in a few days come Good Friday. I don’t know what the answer is though – if for example there were a financial penalty for falls imposed on the operators, a lot of injuries could go unreported and the residents would suffer. My preference would be to at least be seeing these vulnerable residents from time to time to check on their welfare since the GP services to some of these places leave a lot to be desired.

        @Dominic: you are right and I do try to remind myself and my colleagues that there are a lot of people in very precarious situations w.r.t. their jobs and there will be many more in the coming months.

      • In many countries, it is the responsibility of children to provide basic nursing care to their frail parents. One reason why these countries have high fertility rates – you want to ensure one of your children is available to care for you.

        Western countries have for many years “outsourced” this responsibility – which worked OK with a small number of elderly.

        Now this system is coming under pressure with the enormous increase in elderly.

        At the same time, immigrants from poorer countries are looking at our “outcourced” system and thinking it would be a wonderful idea for their parents and would take responsibility off them. Which is fine – until it comes to point where someone has to pay.

        If we are going to have family reunion programs (why not reunite back in the old country?), then the children should have to secure a line-of-credit to fund the health care / residential care of their parents. I would suggest $300,000 – 400,000 per parent. Doesn’t cost anything to have it there. If the line-of-credit gets cancelled, so does the visa.

      • @steve
        As most of these people do not have access to that kind of money there won’t be many takers. In any event, the key takeaway from the PC’s $300k – $400k for healthcare per person is that our entire healthcare system is on the road to ruin (with or without migrants). That’s pure ‘math’ — nothing to do with ideology. It’s simply not affordable as it stands.

      • Yes indeed. Moving to a 1st world country when you are elderly and when you don’t have access to welfare is a high risk exercise financially – which is why the Aust taxpayer does not want to (and should not have to) underwrite this.

  11. Its the fake left so any expense incurred by their bourgeois guilt complex policy can be easily met. Quite simple, have no defence force. Sure our current F18 fighters were originally designed in the 1970s but lets not replace them. What about ditching our naval shipbuilding program? Sure, China has launched a tonnage in the last four years equal to the entire French navy but lets stop wasting money on new ships. Thats how these people think. They generally oppose any defence expenditure at all. McKimm can get away with these sort of expensive gestures because his supporters have contempt for matters of finance. It’s really uncool to know anything about it, the money can always be found, whats important is that The Greens are the “nice party”. That’s what one of their supporters told me the Greens are, the “nice party.” Defending the country doesn’t need weapons, it just needs us to be “nice” to everyone and in any case Australia has a carrying capacity of three billion people so we can neutralise our potential enemies by bringing them all here and integrating them into our wonderful multicultural society

  12. A $16.7 billion dollar cost to taxpayers – read on !

    Why are we turning Australia into a global migrant nursing home?

    The Greens are completely misguided on this one, and setting up Australia to have huge fiscal expenses in the long term creating a bigger structural deficit to our governments budget.

    At the moment we allow migrants to bring their parents to Australia for a fee of $47,455.

    However, the lifetime fiscal costs (in net present value terms) of a parent visa holder in 2015-16 is estimated to be between $335 000 and $410 000 per adult, which ultimately must be met by the Australian community.

    There are currently 49,983 non-contributory parent applications and 8,111 “other family” applications on hand for this category of visa (so 58,094 in total).

    So assuming $335,000 less $47,455 paid up front = we come to a COST TO TAXPAYERS of $287,545 per parental migrant over the long term!

    Then you multiply this by the 58,094 parental migrants which we currently have applications for.


    You understand that the parental visa scheme has the potential TO COST AUSTRALIAN TAXPAYERS $16.7 BILLION DOLLARS over the remaining lifespan of the parental migrants.

    That’s billions of dollars that could be going towards schools, hospitals, infrastructure, and our own aged Australian’s who have spent their whole lives working hard and paying tax IN AUSTRALIA !

    We should not have any parental migrant visa system unless the sponsorship amount is $500,000 per person !

    All because one person wins ‘the Australia migration prize’ in a family doesn’t mean the whole rest of the family wins the Australian benefits lottery too !

    Something has to change !

    • Given the Greens believe the Govt can print all the money it needs to pay for their vast welfare programs is it any wonder they are outraged that we are keeping foreign geriatrics waiting?

      The money printing / MMT debate is the biggest ideological battle that will be fought in our near and medium future, connected as it is to an increasingly diminishing middle class and worsening socio-economic conditions.

  13. Even StevenMEMBER

    Well done, Greens. You have literally gone to the back of the list when it comes to my vote. And there was intense competition for that spot too…

  14. This is why the Greens are going to die as a political force. They simply do not reflect the reasonable values and expectations of environmentalists in the community.

    • Greens are not going to die as they represent their wealthy inner city supporters. The environment is not their number one factor. Sure, they think that they are doing everything possible with their subsidised solar panels, but going out protecting trees and saving whales is hard work and a long way from their favourite coffee shop. Just easier to virtue signal behind a keyboard whilst sipping their morning latte.

    • Looks like the SJWs are winning the war against the treehuggers.

      Wonder if they’ll have a moment of self awareness when they kill the host?

  15. Migrant advocates have voiced outrage and disbelief as it emerged wait times for some Australian family reunion visas are now up to 56 years…

    Everybody else in the country is voicing outrage and disbelief that these arrogant and self-entitled chunts think they should be able to bring their parasitic parents over here to live the good life at the expense of all the rest of us who’ve paid taxes all our lives to provide all the infrastructure they’ll depend on, particularly the health system.

    They should all be sent home.

    • True, the ones crying about this are probably the same ones that resent their own kind coming over here settling near them. I work with a few of them and the hypocrisy is astounding.

      I’m going to have some fun with this article.

      Disclaimer: I’m not a racialist … blah, blah, blah

  16. You need to patiently build the foundations for a communist revolution. The greens are on track. Fill the country with impoverished desperate people living in slums. These people will then willingly support, with their lives if necessary, the struggle for a more equitable society.

  17. ErmingtonPlumbingMEMBER

    “Given that there is a new inflow each year, the accumulated taxpayer liabilities become very large over time. This is a high cost for a relatively small group.”

    I “Get” the Greens support of an easier family reunion programe along compasionate lines.
    It’s the same reasons of compassion that I, like the Greens, support a Robust and comprehensive Wealfare State.
    The Greens policy of State supported “Free” dental gets my 100% support.

    But they (the Greens) are falling into 2 traps on this Parental visa issue.

    1 is their increasing embrace of “Global responsibilities” over their elected representative responsibilities to Voting Australian Citizens.
    These privilaged Trendy inner city Globalist Greens love to loath large swarths of the Australian population, mostly the working class, and virtue signal to eachother by embracing injurious, to the working class, Globalist policies.
    These policies are injurious to the majority of new arrivals also!

    2. they also inadvertently follow the path of least (Plutocratic) resistance by supporting these policies that will almost certainly break our hard fought for (over a century) Wealfare state.
    Thatcher her self said the way to Privatise public services is to first defund them, making them disfunctional, and thus defeat political resistance at their elimination.
    Stupid fking Greens once again play right into Neoliberal hands.

    • You nailed it with the “Global Responsibilities” nonsense Ermo. We owe not a fcuking thing to foreign citizens and have no responsibilities towards them. Anything that we allow them, including the ability to live here, is due to our generosity.

      This idea that we have a duty to import foreign citizens because their kids live here, or any other such duties needs to be stomped on wherever it arises.

      If only we had Australian politicians who looked after the interests of Australian citizens, instead of being outraged because a bunch of bloody foreigners aren’t getting what they want. FFS, red mist descending…

      • Even StevenMEMBER

        You must be channeling my red mist… it’s overflowing from me. Sorry about that.

        This one has me really riled up. And many other other MB members judging by the number of comments.

  18. kiwikarynMEMBER

    If you allow migrants to bring their elderly parents over, and then give them a pension and free healthcare, what happens to the argument that we need migrant workers in order to pay taxes to fund our current obligations to fund the aged pension? We are simply adding 2 elderly people on pensions (who have never paid taxes) for every worker, who in turn will require a pension themselves when they retire. So to fund social security, we are importing 3 people who need pensions. And lets not forget that 45% of households actually end up not paying any taxes at all due to low incomes and big welfare rebates, so that’s 3 people including the worker who will need pensions who will never have paid tax.

    • Nothing. It was a flawed argument to begin with, so adding an extra flaw doesn’t mean much.

  19. TailorTrashMEMBER

    30 years waiting time to bring in non contributing
    parents to leech off the taxpayers and push the aged Australians further down the waiting list for healthcare
    ………that is totally unacceptable…and should cause “outrage and disbelief “…30 years ?
    ………it should be NEVER!

  20. “If you open the borders, my God, there’s a lot of poverty in this world, and you’re going to have people from all over the world. And I don’t think that’s something that we can do at this point. Can’t do it. So that is not my position.”

    School ’em Bernie

  21. Well he is from Tasmania. So he doesn’t have to deal with full roads, schools, hospitals, same level of unaffordable housing etc..

  22. How many elderly parents have come on tourist visas and never gone back?

    The amount shuffling around at the moment can’t all be on these reunion visas.

    Anyone that comes on tourist visas as an elderly person from certain countries should be forced to show proof of sufficient health insurance / travel insurance (from a Australian government approved provider), and a return ticket, before given a tourist visa.

    • @Chase: any health/travel insurance requirement seems, from my experience, not to work.

      It is not unheard of for overseas visitors to provide evidence of a policy which they bought and then subsequently cancelled (and got a refund on) or for the policies to exclude so many things that they are worthless. In the past the hospital system would accept the policy details and allow the visitor to run up a huge bill and then be told by the insurer ‘tough luck – policy expired or exclusions apply’.

      The clerical staff in emergency departments now demand some money up front but it is really only for the first 24 hours of care and once you hook up a patient to a ventilator and admit them to ICU it is not really feasible to turn round and say ‘pay some more money or I am going to pull the plug’.

      The new subclass 870 visa (parents visit for up to 5-10 years) has a better condition – the adult child who sponsors the parent has to pay all any outstanding public health system debts, even if the parent leaves the country. Now the migrants who are up in arms about this new visa won’t admit it, but this is no doubt the bit they hate the most since the end game is to either get the parent onto the Medicare system to deal with the accumulated chronic health issues or at least have them run up the huge debt in their own (parent’s) name, since they have no assets and are only here to mind the kids and cast death stares at the locals, not to work.

      • Doctor I work in health too. Maybe demand full private health for all visitors over 65 no exceptions for entire length of stay with no refunds allowed. Or med bonds. My old man’s friend was unwell in thailand and had to pay 20k usd equivalent upfront before rx. Wh1te guilt by the bucket

      • James, there are many things not covered by private health cover e.g. non-PBS meds, respite / rehab care. There are excesses. The children will show empty pockets when presented with these out-of-pocket expenses.

        Better a line-of-credit which can be used for any medical expense, no excess, no exclusions. But when the funds available fall below a certain threshold…….., the visa gets cancelled.

    • The various exclusions and limits on health insurance are why it makes more sense for the family to have a line-of-credit with an Australian bank. It is very easy for the Aust government to verify this line-of-credit remains in place as a condition of staying in the country.

  23. rob barrattMEMBER

    You’re a disgrace the lot of you.
    Surely you know by now that Identity Politics commands (not just demands) that we treat citizens of non Pom/European backgrounds as our rightful superiors. Every effort must be made to fill our hospitals and homes for the elderly with these most welcome newcomers. The rest of us have had our day in the sun and didn’t come up the the Greens very high standards. It’s now time to hand over our comfortable standard of living to more deserving recipients..

  24. I live in immigration heaven 20km from Melbourne CBD and work for the local council & volunteer at the local domestic violence shelter..We’re one of the 7% of local English-speaking households here (only 28% voted for same-sex marriage btw!). but was an aid worker in India years ago so understand Hindi-Urdu,so everyday hear the scams chatted about.

    We’re surrounded (literally) by 3-4 Indian families per house here.At least one couple per house in illegal (someone’s 3rd cousin from Punjab) the wives are racing to fall pregnant (can’t deport a pregnant woman!)

    Men just swap turbans grow/shave off beards and the day they arrive on their tourist visas they start driving (badly) around in the cabs,trucks & vans crowding the street.

    The “race card” of course is their idea of heaven and mamas get brought over for 15 years free child care then a few decades of free aged care & medicine.All my husband’s apprentices are Muslim Lebanese and Iraqi boys. They laugh daily about their parents arranging cousin-brides form Iraqi villages.

    The boy’s parents get paid bride price,their wives come out, have 3-4 kids…get ‘Aussie”divorced so wives can go on single parents pension,rent assistance for their and kids (to help with their real/ “Islamic” husband’s mortgage…

    ka-ching ka-ching we kaffir’s are such hilarious IDIOTS ma-a-a-an. What can anyone do?

    The guy up the road who appears on SBS and feeds stories to India, is the brother of some Indian politician, Here he calls himself President of some Indian association of something . He has International student brokers offering him deals to play nice all the time.

    I lived in India for years, it’s a tough dog-eat dog world for the non-millionaires.Only 1% pay tax in India so no one cares. Here in Australia we have diligent taxpayers & bucketloads of white liberal guilt to exploit. so exploit it they very cheerfully do. And until Border Force get off their lazy asses and come out here the overstayers will continue to pour in.

    My husband, after a disgusting daily commute the other day said he often sits in traffic dreaming of immigration turning up…the streets & our suburb would blessedly clear to about half:-)

    Don’t even get me started on the 20% of houses in my friend’s block next suburb with disabled kids (shhh cousin marriage) and the skyrocketing rate of domestic violence we see in the shelter, all these poor frightened girls being sent from Punjab stuck…1 million spouse visas last few years anyone? Latest is $80k a marriage around here,I hear it all the time via the terrified girls in the taxpayer funded shelter:-(

    Really desperately hope the undergrad social theory Greens from Carlton and Paddington die out soon. As our nice little suburban dream is now a hell hole.

    • Great but depressing to read. How long before we see an 1ndian or ch1nese PM then? Is it game over demogra9hically? Wh1te liberal guilt by the bucket indeed

    • Mining BoganMEMBER

      Oh Jebus.

      I’m off to swim laps tonight. Might wear a heavily laden weight belt…

    • Sadly all this is true.

      One recent scam I learned about
      1 man with 4 wives and 15 children between them
      All 4 wives have independently told Centrelink they were married. The man’s details are slightly different for each wife (so Centrelink thinks there are 4 wives, 4 husbands, and 4 marriages).
      Each wife states she has been abandoned by their former husband – in each case, the wife has stated her husband has gone back to camel land and alas can’t be found.
      As single parents, these wives all qualify for the full suite of Centrelink payments – Parenting payment, Family A, Family B, Rent assistance, Health Care Card, ……….

      The pimp lives 1 week a month with each “family”, and takes a cut from each family He also does some cash-in-hand security work.

      This colony is costing the Australian taxpayer a fortune. And it is but one of many similar colonies.