Easter Chartfest 20 April, 2019




Electricity Spot Prices 16 April, 2019


How much do Australians earn


Average kilometres travelled by State 


Capacity utilisation & underemployment


Thermal Coal Exports


Australian Commodity Exports


Australian Pay Outcomes – Federal Enterprise Agreements


Australian Household Consumption – Discretionary & Essential


Australian Iron Ore Exports


Australian Remuneration Bases 


Australian Real Estate by Region


Australian Offshore Refugee Processing Costs


Australian Overnight Minimum Expectations


Australian Tourism Spend by Nation


Australian & US 10s


Australian Visa Approvals 


Australian Wages Growth


Australian Population Growth


Australian Cash Rate Expectations


Victorian Population Growth


United States/Americas


United States Sex Regularity


United States – Asset Forfeits in Michigan


United States – 1929 & 2008


United States – States and Major Agricultural Commodity


United States – Business Cycle


United States – Corporate Bond Holders


United States – Corporate Profits & Obscure Investments


United States – CPI


United States – Crude Production


United States – Crude Exports


United States – Consumer Sentiment & Retail Sales


United States – Drug Related Deaths – Pre & Post China Joining WTO


United States – Employment Post 2009 – Selected Sectors


United States – Coal Electricity Generation


United States – Fed Reserve Balance Sheet


United States – Stricter Gun Law Enthusiasm


United States – Household Debt


United States – Housing Starts


United States – CPI (II)


United States – Labor Market


United States – Oil Production & Price


United States – Religious Landscape


United States – Solar Facilities


United States – Energy Consumption


United States – Unemployment


United States – Working Age Population


Venezuela – Real GDP




Bank of Japan Holdings


China Debt


China Imports


China Bank Lending


China 5s and Credit Impulse


China Debt by Sector


China Domestic Hog Margins


China GDP Growth


China House Prices by City Status


China & India – Rural & Urban Income Comparison


China GDP Contributions


Japan Consumer Confidence




Europe Budget Balance Changes


Europe Collective Bargaining


Europe Export Growth


Europe – Core Inflation


Europe Negative Rates


Europe Public Investment


Europe – Selected Industrial Production & Global Trade


Germany – Church Tax


Germany Manufacturing


Germany PMIs


Europe  Pension Contributions & Expenditures


Europe Home Ownership


France and Italy – Sovereign Debt and Banks


Portugal Budget


Russia Car Sales


United Kingdom Consumer Debt


United Kingdom Minimum Wage




Europe and Asia LNG


China Rapeseed Imports


China Gold


China Pork


China Pork & US Sales


China Sows


CME Lean Hog Options


China Copper Scrap Imports


Russia, Saudi Arabia, Other OPEC Production


India Gold


Iron Ore


China Iron Ore Supply 


Wheat Producing Nations


Soybean Export Prices


United States Crude Production


Zinc & Cash


Capital Markets


Corporate Credit Cycle – United States & Europe


10 Years and Equities


Annualized Returns by Asset Class 


Banking Systems, Capitalization & Balance Sheets


China & United States 10s


Corporate Bonds 


Selected Post IPO Earnings


Euro Selected Net Interest Income


Selected Central Banks & Negative Rates


Federal Funds Rate over time


Foreign Exchange Reserves by Currency – 1Q 2019 Changes


Real Yields – United States & Germany


Germany & Japan 10s


Corporate Debt by Region


Market Cap – Big Tech & Big Fin


Russell 2000 & Profitability


The Long Run


United States 10 – 2s


United States & Greece 5s


UST Yield Curve


Global Macro


Africa – Buying in


Fertility Change




Economic Data


Millionaire Migration


Developed World Incomes and Outlays


Average Age by Nation


Semiconductor Production Stage and Locations


China Share of World GDP


Global Car Production


Union Membership and Collective Bargaining 


Eurozone and US Inflation


OECD Wealth and Income Concentrations


Post GFC GDP Responses – US and Europe


…and furthermore…


Arctic Sea Ice


Bribe Expectations


Dogs and Chocolate


Energy Transition


Greenhouse Gas and Food


Greenhouse Gas Emissions per Person


GDP and Happiness


Americans & Marijuana


Meat Consumption


Younger People and Sex


Technologies & Hype


Top Earning Celebrities



  1. Lots there, couple of thoughts:

    How much do Australians earn
    Where super fits not covered at at all. Private tends to include in quoted wage, public not. And some public goes up to 15% super on top of “wage”

    Australian Population Growth
    Curious as to why the spikeiness up and down across both natural and immigrant growth.

    Australian Overnight Minimum Expectations
    If this keeps up the Clare Valley is looking good for the next vintage.

    United States – Drug Related Deaths – Pre & Post China Joining WTO
    Is correlation causation? Surely there is something else here.

    United States – Religious Landscape
    Since when has “Mainline” been a religion/denomination? Sloppy categorisations as evangelical is broad too and can include Catholics. Would be much better to categorise by denomination so specific sorts of crazy (Catholic vs Lutheran vs Pentacostal vs Baptist) can be understood.

    China & India – Rural & Urban Income Comparison
    Would be nicer if it started and finished at 1% and end at 99% respectively, but shocking that indian urban is below china rural.

    Germany – Church Tax
    Well that would be nice

    Portugal Budget
    Who let Clippy loose on the formatting?

    Technologies & Hype
    This one hits home and is going to be sent around.

  2. Seems to be a big pig/pork fetish this weekend Gunna. And from the Bureau of Meteorology chart can I assume that my parched front yard is going to get more parched before July?

    And just how poor are the urban dwellers of India? I see a lot who seem comfortably well off and chug around in newish cars and can afford to import Mum and Dad

  3. Paging “Thomas” who swore black and blue a few days ago that Ireland was NOT a latter day tax haven. Sorry fella, but Gunna’s charts have just dropped a bomb on that theory.

    Other than that, the charts largely confirm that a global recession is not far away: ZIRP, NIRP and QE have all failed to rouse the dead economic horse (quelle surprise!). Oh and check out China’s money supply (debt) expansion: $40 trillion (!!) from a modest number at the turn of the century. Like dousing a pile of dry wood with kero — just need a match now.

    Massive QE, MMT etc on deck soon.

    • Agree
      Think by Aug to Oct Dom
      Feels like H2 very fast slow down
      Honestly how long can all this BS work for
      France looks like a disaster along with Germany
      Feels like they’ve run out of Ponzi ideas

  4. Australians are world record holders in per capita CO2 emission mainly duto to scandalous energy efficiency.
    Despite majority of population living in almost perfect climate where very little heating or cooling is required, and almost no manufacturing left we still consume so much electricity. Despite being one of the most urbanized countries in the world we waste petrol, despite living in some of the best areas with renewable sources we get very little from it.
    Completely mismanaged country – shocking almost unbelievable.

    • constant gardener

      So true. I’m building my 2nd 10-star energy rated home but there is almost zero interest from anyone involved. The first energy efficiency assessor called me and suggested I should better take my missus (his words) for a holiday or get a nicer kitchen instead of the double glazing and the insulation. I’ve had Carpenters that don’t know what a thermal break is for or the 3 ways heat transfer happens.