Bernie Sanders runs amok on Fox

Via The Guardian:

At every turn they clapped and cheered, enamored with the candidate’s prescriptions for universal healthcare, a humane attitude toward immigrants and the rejection of climate change denialism.

Bernie Sanders was the candidate, and the people clapping and cheering were audience members who turned out in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, for a televised town hall on Monday night sponsored by none other than Fox News.

Sanders’ decision to participate in the event had been the object of some skepticism and even criticism by Fox News detractors, who argued that in the Donald Trump era the cable channel has completed its transformation into a state news propaganda organ.

Highlights WaPo:

Great stuff. Our Donald is already spooked:

President Donald Trump is far from thrilled about the fact his favorite television station broadcast a Bernie Sanders town hall on Monday evening — one in which Sanders repeatedly laid into him and called him “dangerous.”

On Tuesday morning, Trump — who regularly live-tweets Fox News shows, programming that almost always covers him favorably — bemoaned the Fox News event featuring one of the 2020 Democratic frontrunners, and notably used the pronoun “we” while decrying the network’s recent move to hire former Democratic National Committee chair Donna Brazile as a contributor.

“So weird to watch Crazy Bernie on @FoxNews,” Trump tweeted. “Not surprisingly, @BretBaier and the ‘audience’ was so smiley and nice. Very strange, and now we have @donnabrazile?”

As we know, Bernie Sanders is an old school centre left guy, not the fake left of today whose open borders lunacy makes them the useful idiots of blood-sucking corporations everywhere:

Sanders is likely to:

  • intensify US attacks on Chinese trade cheating;
  • cut immigration to boost wages;
  • introduce universal healthcare;
  • tax the rich and corporations;
  • boost democratic allies and internationalist realism

And by doing so reboot the left versus right dynamic destroyed by years of wowserish morons that have all but destroyed the left and, as result, nearly destroyed liberal capitalism as well.

What’s not to love!

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  1. Feel the Bern. What an inspirational figure. Pity we don’t have someone like that in Australia. Bill Shorten has no charisma.

    • If Bernie gets in, I suspect that he will find a way to profoundly disappoint both you and HnH.

      In fact, I don’t just suspect it, I predict it.

      • One of those few times when I agree with H&H on international politics. Especially his response to your comment. I share same view – there is a powerful body made up of powerful corporations that will destroy anyone and everyone that stands in its way. But he will try to force a change.

    • rob barrattMEMBER

      Well, in fairness, Bill is a wholly owned subsidiary of the CFMEU. He’s having a hard enough time as it is spruiking environmental limits while his masters are ordering their minions to push for a “Yes” vote for Adani. He could be getting a visit from a Bikie ‘advisor’ if he’s not careful…

  2. I would vote for Bernie. The 1percent needs a good rogering and to pay their fair share.
    Same as here. Gina. Twiggy. Need a wealth tax for our minerals. They arent theirs. They are ours

      • truthisfashionable

        Can you point me in the right direction of what assets he has to make him a 1%?

        From his tax returns his declared income is pretty basic at around $550K for 2018. Not to say that isn’t a lot of money, just that most people think if the 1% as being the billionaires like Gina and Twiggy

  3. He is likely to run into an unfortunate ending if he looks like winning. There are too many Trump supporters with guns.

    • The working class gun-wielding Trump supporters love Bernie. It is the rich and powerful Trump supporters that have been screwing over the working class for decades that would want Bernie dead.

    • I think Hillary’s supporters are more likely to knock him. I should have said Hillary’s sponsors who also supported Trump and ensured they had their man/woman in the white house regardless of who won.

  4. Bernie won’t take it. Excitement wins US presidentials and he’s pretty unexciting. He’s playing on universal health care and most yanks would probably just say well obamacare was crap. Even if he does get office nothing will change. The USA needs a much more aggressive shift than even Sanders.

  5. Scary stuff MB. Suddenly you are in crazy MSM territory. Here Bernie was completely undone in a series of questions about his own tax at this panel – Bernie is a 1%. Ironically missing this puts you (MB) completely in step with the Fox audience you despise – they too missed it.
    Plenty not to love re Bernie. Go read Orwell’s “Animal Farm” – even Wikipedia’s summary will do. You are horribly weak on socialist policy and history.

      • Exactly re his policy intent. Research it. Policy he has put on record is completely anti-US established liberties, he’s horrible on matters of conscience and terrible economics. Really bad stuff.

      • @Houses and Holes correct (and obvious) being rich isn’t bad – I agree generally. However Bernie is a specific case thrust into the spotlight by his own policy and his wild claims. Given what Bernie is proposing – how he made his money is suddenly relevant and does matter he has made it all from the public purse. Simply he’s a hypocrite and there is no doubt he will make bad policy.
        He is a contender though who could potentially bring the Unions on board.

      • eh?
        If you base your election decision on intent, you’re doing it wrong.
        I’m not going to vote for Bill “I’m not answering your question” Shorten (or whoever my local person is) because of what he tells me before the election. I’m thinking about what all those pathological types behind him intend to do once the power goes to their head.
        So I’m voting Greens last, Labor 2nd last and then will try to use the preferences against them.
        No one has given a good argument as to why Labor and the Greens should be given the levers of power. The current situation is fcked, to be sure, but change for changes sake or saying it’s time is how we ended up with Kevin07.

      • He wasn’t completely outdone at all on the tax questions at all. He made the bulk of his money from best selling books. Not the public purse, as you claim. Interestingly he actually said this is how he made the bulk of his money in response to questions about his tax. So therefore as you are wrongly claiming his money came from the public purse you either didn’t listen to his answer or you are setting out to deliberately mis represent his words and the truth

  6. Bernie also wants a “job guarantee” and Andrew Yang completely disagrees. Ed Miliband, Richard Di Natale, Ross Garnaut, Martin Luther King, and Milton Friedman completely disagree.

    Venezuela is the result of a “job guarantee”.

    Richard Branson:

    “It’s a disgrace to see people sleeping on the streets with this material wealth all around them,” Branson said.

    “A basic income should be introduced in Europe and in America,” Branson told David Gelles

    Bill Gates:

    the purpose of humanity is not just to sit behind a counter and sell things

    workers should be allowed to relax, and focus on other interests, Gates argues.

    • starting to suspect you are a paid astroturfer/shill

      UBI is trickle up corporate welfare, and undermines the ability of the state to provide services

      Its being pushed hard by vested corporate interests, who would rather see privatisation of services/assets that should be owned and run by the state (healthcare, utilities, roads, rail etc)

      The government should run these services, with government-employed labour, because they are best out of the hands of those who would be driven by profit (rather than service/efficiency/morality)

      Of course, that does not jive the neoliberal agenda, so they would prefer a UBI was paid, and then they can extract that money from the proletariat through their privatised services

      Having the government compete with them would be disastrous for their profits

      • Nonsense, Venezuela is the result of a heavy dependence on oil revenue in the wake of a collapsed oil price and it is the result of trade sanctions imposed by the US.

  7. sydboy007MEMBER

    So many on the left have turned their backs on Sanders. After Hilary castrated him in 2016 and he went all eunuch a lot of Bernie bros either lost interest or turned into Trump supporters.

    The democrats cannot win because they are too fractured. Bernie is a white cis make. He’s what’s wrong with the system. Intersectionality is rolling the democrats. It’s forcing them to all support abortion up to, and likely including during delivery.

    The democrats have no rational policies that the middle can support. There no spending cuts to offset their massive increase in government programs.

    All Bernie can achieve is to highlight had extremely fast left the democrats are, because they believe Twitter is an accurate barometer of what voters want.

  8. #BernieforPresident … this guy would have out-performed crooked Hillary last time around, but this time around he’ll out-play the Don and replace him as president.

  9. steflukeMEMBER

    I find it surprising that there aren’t more 1%ers like Bernie.

    If you have a billion dollars, you’ve made it. You don’t need more, you probably cant spend it. Probably your biggest risk at this point is that the system might fall over – i.e. some drastic change that flips the table altogether.

    The rational billionaires should be looking for moderate ways to increase redistribution, but that still leave them installed at the top.

  10. Pecunia Nervus Belli

    Fox news has been firing a slew of its more right wing presenters and hiring center right journalists – its a strange shift.

    The_Donald is up in arms over it and moving to OAN.

    The Democrats are in all kids of trouble with AOC being likened to a glass of water by Pelosi – they are livid. Biden is the front runner and his sons connections to Ukraine are coming out. The black vote is leaving in droves while the youth, white vote is swinging wildly to Trump.

    Right now it looks like Barr and others will be indicting Democrats and even Obama officials for conspiracy against President Trump – if it happens then Trump is going to be bigger than Reagan.

    Trump approval rating is already higher than Reagan in many demographics.

    Bernie is great – but the Democratic party rigged the DNC against him for Hillary last time – and it will absolutely do so again.

    Also non-white Americans and many white Americans are seething at the illegal migration issue – do not believe CNN on this issue for a second. Trumps master stroke of sending all illegals to sanctuary cities has absolutely smashed the facade – Bernie would do well to keep very clear of the issue.

    Its SJW and Identity politics or nothing – certainly not the logical reality and truth of the only war – “The Class War”.


    Go Bernie – he is a legend.