Bernie Sanders hoses “open borders” nuts

Like Australia for instance:

Sanders has been quite consistent on this in defending working classes:

He should run Downunder.

David Llewellyn-Smith
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  1. “What right wing people in this country would love is an open border policy..”

    That doesn’t sound like the views of right wing Americans?

    • JamesTheBearMEMBER

      Oh come on…the right wing love cheap migrants…just on their terms they don’t want to allow refugees in for humanitarian reasons, but they are perfectly happy for them to come in as cheap labour.

      • I’m not making an argument either way, it’s just not something I’ve seen. Can you name any US based right wing politicians / activist groups that voice support for an open border policy?

      • When it suits, they will!
        “Sens. Susan Collins, Lisa Murkowski, Rand Paul, Mitt Romney, Mike Lee, Lamar Alexander, Jerry Moran, Pat Toomey, Rob Portman, Roger Wicker, Roy Blunt, and Marco Rubio joined with Democrats to vote for a resolution terminating the president’s national emergency. “

      • Stewie GriffinMEMBER

        Right wing – that is simply the old fashion term used to group people in the Media’s false binary. The truer grouping would be Nationalist vs Globalist. There are nationalists on the Right and there are nationalists on the left, just like there are Globalists on the Right and Globalists on the Left.

        This false binary allows propaganda news organisations like the ABC to host two Globalists, one from the left and one from the right, and claim that they are offering a diverse and representative view. We have seen countless examples of this EVERY time they attempt to do an expose on the subject.

        The reality is that instead the public are offered two talking heads who essentially agree on the same outcome i.e. more migration, but differ only in degrees as to their vision of the implementation of it.

        From the Globalist Left the argument is that mass migration is inevitable and we should lie back and accept it, while the Right’s version is if it is inevitable than we should start charging by the hour.

        The result is the same, the Australian people end up getting phucked.

      • I think there is probably a disconnect between the few billionaires / business owners who want cheap labour and average right wing / Trump voters in general.. but maybe I’m wrong.

      • Spot on SG. Left – right is has become far less relevant. Just look at the LNP and ALP-Green policies for example, almost identical. Brexit is another example.

      • Ha … all parties do James. You don’t see any of them saying less…except for ON. Obama last weeks said the same as Bernie and he’s being attacked by the Guardian and far left Dems (not sure what they are called, but they want open boarders, no air travel, no private car ownership, and lots more.) They say Obama represents the old Dem party. I’m sure he’s not liking that label from within his party.

    • The loony left wants mass immigration because they think the immigrants will vote for them. But the federal ALP has won just one federal election in the last 26 years. They also allowed Menzies to keep winning elections.

      Neel Kolhatkar the comedian nailed it:

      4 Apr 2019

    • I guess he was asleep when the current guy was repeating over and over and over


      and his own side were repeating


  2. reusachtigeMEMBER

    One’s sibling had his head cut off by a rusty machete the other’s sibling died from starvation. Either way, we don’t want to import any of those types of losers.

  3. He should run Downunder.

    Need to re-allow Britons in parliament. There was no such thing as Aussie citizenship till 1948, so you had to be a Briton to be a politician in Australia! In 1920, the federal Labor leader, Hugh Mahon, was expelled from parliament for being anti-Britain.

    Sanders should not have attacked Trump’s immigration policies. Instead, Sanders should have talked about healthcare. Americans do not even have healthcare!

  4. Again not MB’s expertise. Bernie is a 1% rich socialist. Don’t want Bernie. Our politics is bad enough without importing US scraps. Our pollies don’t know our own constitution s42 or what country they belong to.

  5. Why would any household, village or nation invest blood & treasure to establish a #sustainable environment, economy and a coherent community if it can all be undone & destroyed by incomers who have nothing invested in the status quo?
    If people know that anything they build or achieve is in danger of being swamped by more people than can be sustainably accommodated, there will be less incentive to strive to achieve anything.

    • Stewie GriffinMEMBER

      Exactly – the simple truth is this; people generally want to live in their own societies, subject to their own cultural values and use the society that they build and invest in to help perpetuate their own values and culture.

      Multiculturalism is an inherently unstable social policy, that produces sub optimal outcomes for the majority of the population and can only gain a semblance of stability when the cultural differences are buried deeply beneath an economy that is sufficiently wealthy or well resourced to ensure that all the needs of the various competing communities (for that is what they are) operating within it are being met.

      The only reason Multiculturalism has appeared to work in the West is that until recently our economies have had the appearance of meeting these wants and needs. The moment our economies stop meeting the wants and desires of the different communities conflict will inevitably arise, and no amount of wishful thinking will avert it.

      There is only ONE reason for the pursuit of Multiculturalism as a social policy today (from an economic perspective) – the available surplus labour pool from nations with cultural and social values similar enough to ours, have been exhausted. Multiculturalism is an essential plank to soften community resistance to the deliberate import of people, who will utilise the society we have built to perpetuate our own culture and values, in order to perpetuate their own.

      There are several social engineering reasons that Multiculturalism is being produced, most basically boil down to disempowering and disenfranchising the original population from the social capital that their society and culture produced. It is a form of social engineering that is no less immoral or abhorrent as the Nazi’s pursuit of the opposite extreme.

      Our elites have zero interest pursuing the interests of the people so long as they can profit from the people they squeeze in, and retain sufficient wealth to remain insulated from the civil strife and discord that arises as cultural conflict and eventually civil conflict erupts.

  6. Open borders is a disaster for any welfare state. More migrants just means an ever greater burden on the taxpayer in the long run. Sad to say, but most migrants will never pay their way. Only the seriously high earners will be net contributors and they are not in the majority.