SA Libs open new visa rort pathways

By Leith van Onselen

The South Australian Liberals have taken a cue from their federal counterparts, opening two new pathways for businesses to exploit cheap foreign labour. From Adelaide Now:

The new visa rules, being trialled by the State Government, will make it easier for overseas migrants wanting to join extended family in SA by scrapping the need to have a bachelor’s degree.

The move is expected to help bring in tradies to fill jobs in the shipbuilding and associated industries…

Business SA CEO Nigel McBride said… “One of the great demands in our state is for trade occupations”…

His sentiments were echoed by Adelaide migration agent Mark Glazbrook, who said overseas tradies could fill some gaps…

Immigration SA also has made changes to its nomination policies so that current and former students that have remained in South Australia since March 2012 will be offered state nomination for provisional visas.

Righto. So Australian taxpayers will fork out over $80 billion to build 12 submarines and nine frigates in South Australia in order for many of these jobs to be filled by foreign workers.

Meanwhile, South Australia’s underemployment and labour underutilisation rates are stuck at 9.1% and 15.1% respectively, suggesting that massive surplus capacity exists:

Instead of reaching for cheap foreign labour at the first opportunity, how about training South Australians for these roles?

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  1. Disgusting.

    Entirely consistent with what I expected (that Australia isn’t finished with migration and there would be doubling down into MOAR migration), but disgusting.

      • Aussie1929MEMBER

        You will also notice the federal government repealed treason and treachery from the crimes act 1914 just last year. Between revisions 120 and 121. Australia is screwed and expect more dodgy behaviour from government.

    • Stewie GriffinMEMBER

      It is the cultural values that lie behind mass migration that need attention – they do not originate within the host society, but are implemented by cultural elitists at the top, whose sole motivation is strengthening their own cultural in-group as opposed to society at large.

      To paraphrase Triguboff:

      “When I need a plumber at 9pm at night, I don’t care if he speaks English or not, I just want someone to fix my plumbing”

      1. There is no society – just individuals.
      2. Why invest in the training of societies next generation when you can just import someone from somewhere else.
      3. I don’t care about the ensuring that the plumber is earning enough to warrant leaving his family in the middle of the night to come out and fix my inconvenience, I just want it done at the cheapest price possible.

      Extrapolate these values across Australia and its developing Uber Eats gig economy and it is pretty clear where the cultural values behind these policies originate. Great for wealthy individuals, completely destructive in terms of a society and ordinary people to perpetuate themselves and their cultural values into the future in a cohesive manner.

    • First cut TAFE & apprenticeships then claim a huge shortage & import more immigrants instead. Repeat.

      • And do not deport the foreign workers once the project is complete.

        Fund “uni” instead of TAFE and sign a crazy FTA with China that allows an unlimited number of Chinese tradies to work here.

    • Exactly.
      9% SA unemployment, but we will Import migrant guestworkers on visa alibis to work in the Australian taxpayer funded submarines build.

      • Indonesian Special Forces Kopassus – sent in on visa alibis & fake doc to do the dodgy pressure hull welds.

      • Chinese Strategic Support Force the electronic-warfare service branch of China’s People’s Liberation Army on the ubiquitous fake ID & pretext visa alibi – to install the electronics intercepts & tracking devices.

  2. ErmingtonPlumbingMEMBER

    I thought Visa numbers, rules and conditions were the Federal governments domain.

    Either way the whole idea is indicative of just how much contempt and total disregard the Liberal Party really has for the Common working men and women in our Country.

    • @erm, don’t normally have a beef with what you say, but to imply this is only Liberal is a bit silly. ALP is exactly onto to this one. Not just in SA but in every state & nationally. This is exactly why LIB/LAB is not getting it. It is ridiculous that commentators are doing all this Lib v Lab stuff when they have the same ideas anyway. (slight adjustments at the margins but essentially the same). ALP in SA is not going to object to this idea. Why? Because just like the Libs they have no idea! And to MB its not just train up all the under utilised SA people its train up all OZ under utilised people. The subs could be built in Qld or any state you name & you’d have the same government outcome whether it was Lib or Lab they would all come up with this silly idea. It is not a Lib v Lab thing.
      Its just like all the statements re Climate Change & Lib/Nat morons being silly (which they are, because they just are). ALP in power after next Fed election; what do you reckon their climate change credentials will show? Not much. Given its not that much now just like LIB/Lab/Green. No-one has much of a difference in their proposals. What is QLD CFMEU going to say about coal once big Bill is in power? Pretty sure they are only slightly quiet at the moment because someone at head office ALP told them to shut up. After the election if ALP wins its going to be interesting how quiet little CFMEU members will be re Coal. What will all the inner suburban punters say then? I guess my verbose point is ALP v LIB/Nats is actually not a very different outcome. Until someone puts a handbrake on ridiculous immigration rates it actually is a bit pointless whatever they all choose to do.

      • ErmingtonPlumbingMEMBER

        Dont get me wrong Sool, im deeply depressed with my ALPs performance on these matters and agree with what you are saying, there are too little differences being offered up for us to vote on by our political duopoly.
        But im still one of those old fashioned Labor guys who believes in working class Solidarity and those “light on the hill” notions that call for a robust wealfare state.
        I am not alone in my party in feeling this way, in fact its supposed to be the ethos of our party,…you know,… the vibe,…Unfortunately our careerist leadership doesn’t always remember it traditional duties and responsibilities to this,…vibe.
        Id like to see that changed.

        As for the libs,..My other self employed tradie mates up the club nearly all vote liberal and find it bewildering that im in the ALP as a self employed individual,…sigh.
        We even have a blue and red side at our “table of Knowledge” there.
        Reds are out numbered at least 2 to 1 with no outed “Watermelons” (Green on the outside and red in the middle),…they get a tough time from both sides,…another long sigh.

        On a side note, at the many polling days and leaflet handing out times I have spent doing, I have always sort out the lib guys and gals and chewed on their political ear, I enjoy talking to, and respect, anyone who gives enough of a fk to turn up and lend a hand, even when I disagree vehemently with their entire political philosophy.
        It also amuses me how many Libs I speak to who share most of my economic lefty positions including Protectionism Wealfare and Nationalization of certain services and industries!

        One Indian sheila, a member of her local Liberal party branch was stuck handing out leaflets all day at the same booth I was stationed to, and agreed with everyone of my anti neoliberal lefty positions, supported a robust wealfare state and was clearly no social conservative either,….why are you in the liberal party I ask her, you sound like you should be with us in the ALP.
        Oh No! She says Im a high up manager at a large company I can’t be seen to be in the Labor party.
        This make me laugh and say We’re a tribal lot aren’t we.
        Yes we are she agrees.
        Later Im being told how her branch doesn’t seem to trust her very much or take any interest in what she has to say.
        Do you reckon thats because your a Sheila or of Indian heritage I enquire
        No she says and after a moment and adds,..they think im to much of a lefty.
        Well, you are arnt ya, I say
        We laugh again and go back to handing out the leaflets of our tribe.

        Its not really Democracy when so much of what people want from their Government is just straight up ignored.

        Last sigh,…now back to bed.

  3. So Australian taxpayers will fork out over $80 billion to build 12 submarines and nine frigates in South Australia in order for many of these jobs to be filled by foreign workers.

    I would not be surprised if most of these shipbuilding jobs are given to foreigners. Just look at the government-funded NBN.

    And some say “job guarantee”! What a joke. The only guarantee is, the jobs will be given to foreigners.

    The third highest paid F1 driver today is an Aussie! So Aussies are capable. But the fake Greens keep giving out work visas for $0 each.

    • Met McBride once at a launch I was attending. When he wasn’t devouring hors d’oeuvres by the handful, he was licking his fingers while leering at anyone wearing a skirt. Glad to see his clichéd avarice extends to pleasures of the flesh and buffet.

  4. blindjusticeMEMBER

    Wasn`t the idea in the shipbuilding being in Adelaide to reduce the higher SA unemployment rate?! In particular the much higher Northern Adelaide suburban unemployment rate

  5. I’d be in awe if this was announced a couple of years ago however I’m unsurprised now.

    SA born and bred here however was living in Melb when the peasantry voted in the current bunch of liars and thieves in blue ties. Really, what was the expected result? A miraculous recovery transforming a rust belt economy into a tech entrepreneurial startup quasi-progressive city? Nope. You reap what you sow. This state (and country) is done for. Put a fork in Australia.

  6. I have been chatting to a quite a few sparkies who have come over to NSW from SA. They’ve all said how back in 2016/17 there were government sponsored trade forums where they could express their interest in signing up for work at the ship yards in SA and how it was all going to be a massive boon for local tradies.

    Since then *crickets*. They’ve said they do not know of one local tradie who has been given any indication of getting work on the ship yards. Skills shortage my @rse.

    • Local tradies are not new consumers. Migrant tradies need to set up homes and by stuff. The local tradies already have their houses set up. So migrant tradies it is (plus paid at a lower rate).

      But SA government has not factored in remittances. Plus new migrants from the third world are a demanding bunch and will put pressure on the government to provide more for them.

  7. My wife reckons one of the big skills shortages is in AFL coaches 🙂 open the gates!