Death throes Coalition opens visa rort floodgates

By Leith van Onselen

Facing imminent election defeat, the Morrison Government has thrown open the immigration floodgates via a variety of new visa pathways.

In December, the Morrison Government announced a brand new permanent migration pathway for low skilled, low paid, non-English speaking foreign workers:

The Government has opened a gateway for foreigners with basic farm or hospitality skills to move permanently to Australia on a work visa.

New regional migration agreements for the Northern Territory and south-west Victoria will lower the criteria for skills, language and income for migrant workers…

Typically, employment visas must be for workers with competent English and pay of at least $53,900 per year.

However… a visa may be approved for a baker, barista or hairdresser with language or income less than these thresholds.

Late last week, the Morrison Government announced an expansion of its Accredited Sponsor Scheme (ASS), which will provide access to work visas within five business days for an expected 2,500 eligible companies:

The government’s Accredited Sponsor Scheme for work visas allows for rapid processing of skilled applicants seeking to work in more than 900 trusted businesses and government organisations, lasting for five years once approved…

Mr Coleman has instructed the Home Affairs Department to establish a new dedicated team to identify and invite employers to join the expanded scheme, with expectations it will almost triple to 2500 companies by the end of 2019…

“…where skills are unavailable in Australia, we must ensure businesses can access the global pool of skilled workers so they can continue to thrive and generate the best economic contribution for Australia”…

The expansion of the ASS followed strong lobbying by the Australian Chamber of Commerce & Industry, which claimed that changes made to the temporary skilled visa system last year were “misguided”.

Over the weekend, two new visa schemes were revealed allowing aged care providers and religious institutions to employ migrant workers:

The Australian government has announced two new labour agreements that it claims will support the country’s multicultural communities…

The new agreement for the aged care sector will allow aged care facilities to sponsor carers with the required skills to care for communities’ elderly, even though the occupation of the aged care workers is not in the list of eligible occupations…

A new occupation of Religious Assistant is being made available for religious institutions broadening the scope for sponsoring overseas workers while expanding the scope of work for the existing occupation of Minister of Religion…

Mr Coleman said there are 23,000 ministers of religion in Australia and he expects strong growth in the numbers of both the ministers of religion and religious assistants in the next five years.

And yesterday we learned that the Morrison Government has thrown the door wide open for more migrant workers to work on Australia’s farms:

Visa rule changes will allow skilled foreign workers hired for seasonal work on farms to stay in Australia for up to four years…

The changes to the Regional Occupation List, which build on the Working Holiday Maker visa program and the Seasonal Worker Program, are designed to target workforce shortages…

In January, the Morrison government loosened restrictions on two schemes that bring temporary farm workers into Australia, lifting the cap on the 462 visa for working backpackers from particular countries.

Under the latest changes, migrants hired for agriculture work will get four-year working visas but must remain in a specified region and work in some type of farming.

Which comes after revelations that Australian farmers are exploiting migrant workers en masse:

Farmers in Victoria’s north-west are struggling to find workers to pick their fruit after a crackdown on illegal foreign workers over the past month.

A campaign by the Australian Border Force (ABF) in the region found 23 undocumented workers at a farm in Robinvale, with those workers now awaiting deportation…

VFF vice president Emma Germano said the presence of Border Force has shut the industry down during its peak picking time…

A lot of workers had taken off, obviously in fear of retribution,” she said.

Finally, today we learn that the Morrison Government has added 36 more occupations to Australia’s skilled occupations list, which has migration agents grinning ear-to-ear:

Migrants need to be nominated in one of the skilled occupations to apply for the relevant permanent residency visas, under Australia’s migration policy.

The new list announced by the Department of Home Affairs on Monday has 212 skilled occupations eligible for Skilled Independent Visa (subclass 189) program whereas Skilled Nominated visa (subclass 190) has 427 occupations… Earlier this list had a total of 176 occupations…..

Melbourne-based migration expert Chaman Preet believes this list has opened up new avenues for skilled professionals… “Many new occupations have been added to the list which is a pleasant surprise to many… [and will] open new avenues for the visa hopefuls”…

Melbourne-based registered migration agent Rohit Mohan… [says] “most of the other occupations have been moved to the long term occupations list or the regional occupation list which is a piece of good news for the visa hopefuls”…

Recall the damning indictment of Australia’s “defacto low-skilled immigration programme” in the book entitled The Wages Crisis in Australia, which was released late last year by a group of labour market academics:

Official stock data indicate that the visa programmes for international students, temporary skilled workers and working holiday makers have tripled in numbers since the late 1990s…

Decisions by the federal Coalition government under John Howard to introduce easier pathways to permanent residency for temporary visa holders, especially international students and temporary skilled workers, gave a major impetus to TMW visa programmes.

Most international students and temporary skilled workers, together with many working holiday makers, see themselves as involved in a project of ‘staggered’ or ‘multi-step’ migration, whereby they hope to leap from their present status into a more long-term visa status, ideally permanent residency…

Though standard accounts describe Australian immigration as oriented to skilled labour, this characterisation stands at odds with the abundant evidence on expanding temporary migration and the character of TMW jobs… the fact that their work is primarily in lower-skilled jobs suggests that it is more accurate, as several scholars point out, to speak of a shift in Australia towards a de facto low-skilled migration programme

Increases in labour supply allow employers in sectors already oriented to flexible and low-wage employment, such as horticulture and food services, to sustain and extend strategies of labour cost minimisation… The arguments and evidence cited above suggest a spread of predatory business models within low-wage industries. They suggest an unfolding process of degradation in these labour markets…

This crisis has been precipitated by the federal government’s decision to freeze the salary floor for temporary skilled migrant workers since 2013… the government has chosen to put downward pressure on real wages for temporary skilled migrants, thereby surreptitiously allowing the TSS visa to be used in lower-paid jobs…

TSMIT’s protective ability is only as strong as the level at which it is set… But since 1 July 2013, TSMIT has been frozen at a level of A$53 900. ..

There is now a gap of more than A$26 000 between the salary floor for temporary skilled migrant workers and annual average salaries for Australian workers. This means that the TSS visa can increasingly be used to employ temporary migrant workers in occupations that attract a far lower salary than that earned by the average Australian worker. This begs the question — is the erosion of TSMIT allowing the TSS visa to morph into a general labour supply visa rather than a visa restricted to filling labour market gaps in skilled, high-wage occupations?..

Put simply, temporary demand for migrant workers often creates a permanent need for them in the labour market. Research shows that in industries where employers have turned to temporary migrants en masse, it erodes wages and conditions in these industries over time, making them less attractive to locals…

Combined, then, with the problems with enforcement and compliance, it is not hard to conclude that the failure to index TSMIT is contributing to a wages crisis for skilled temporary migrant workers… So the failure to index the salary floor for skilled migrant workers is likely to affect wages growth for these workers, as well as to have broader implications for all workers in the Australian labour market.

Also recall the testimony from the ACTU:

Wright and Constantin (2015) surveyed employers using the 457 visa scheme and found that 86% state that they have experienced challenges recruiting workers locally. Despite identified recruiting difficulties, the survey found that fewer than 1 in one hundred employers surveyed had addressed ‘skill shortages’ by raising the salary being offered. Labour ‘shortages’ should first be addressed through a readjustment in the price of labour – increased wages. An inability to find local workers to work at a specified wage rate, coupled with an unwillingness to offer higher wages, does not necessarily imply a skill shortage – particularly where local workers would be willing and able to work if the wage rate was lifted. This differs from a skill shortage in which there are simply not enough people with a particular skill to meet demand.

The relatively recent availability of a large and vulnerable pool of temporary migrant workers has undoubtedly contributed to current record low levels of wages growth and a growing reluctance by employers to train local workers…

While there are approximately 1.5 million temporary entrants with work rights, the overseas worker team at the Fair Work Ombudsman consists of only 17 full time inspectors to investigate cases of exploitation – over 80,000 visa workers per inspector. Inadequate enforcement and penalties act as an incentive for employers to exploit temporary workers when the benefit from doing so outweighs the cost of the penalty. or where the probability of being caught is sufficiently low….

There have been a range of abuses uncovered which have clearly shown that the entire system is broken. From 7-11 and Domino’s to agriculture, construction, food processing to Coles, Dominos and Caltex, it is clear that the abuses occur in a number of visa classes whether they be students, working holiday makers or visa workers in skilled occupations…

Migration intermediaries have a vested interest in inflating demand. Australia has created a massive industry with many migration agents outside of our jurisdiction who cannot be prosecuted for breaches. This mushrooming “migration industry”- a complex and transnational web of agents, lawyers, labour recruiters, accommodation brokers and loan sharks – is currently largely unregulated.

The growth of labour hire operators alongside the migration industry has led to companies seeking to sell temporary migrant workers to employers, creating a fake “Job Network” which preferences temporary workers over Australians.

Clearly, by giving Australian employers even greater access to low-wage foreign workers, local workers will be undercut, further eroding employment standards and wages growth.

Meanwhile, the Morrison Government is continuing with its latest refugee ‘bait and switch’:

Scott Morrison is sharpening his election focus on Australia’s immig­ration and population levels­, seizing on Finance Department costings that show Bill Shorten’s plans to lift the annual humanitarian refugee intake to 32,000 would cost the budget an extra $6.2 billion.

The analysis, which covers a government-wide breakdown includ­ing­­ settlement, welfare and health costs associated with the present humanitarian program, shows a deteriorating structural position in the budget under Labor plans to effectively double last year’s humanitarian intake by 2025.

The annual cost of managing the program for new entrants beyond­ 2019-20 would rise from $624 million this year to more than $4.3bn a year by 2028-29. This would compound over time and degrade existing services.

Which has come despite an explosion of asylum seeker applications from migrants arriving by plane under the Coalition’s watch:

The death throes Coalition has shown its real hand. It is not even attempting to win the election, just doing its corporate mates’ bidding behind fake border security scares.

Talk about a dog act.

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      • “schtum”: urban dictionary -> to keep quiet, silent.

        Yeah but maybe not. If Labor wants to make housing more affordable and wants to put upward pressure on wages and wants to rein in the corporate mates of the LNP they will have to implement policies that will have the flow-on effect of at least supressing the growth in low skilled, low net-benefit migration.

      • Please fitzroy, we all know they will do nithing but squawk, they won’t make any changes. They’re acting against the interests of citizens, and they’re all traitors.

      • Too true Mr Walker, but it is a good thing to strip an arrogant ratbag from power. A vote for someone other than the other 3 political parties that support this BS isn’t a bad idea. You can usually think of who you wish to vote against most.

    • “They” is pretty much any parliamentary party atm.

      The only way “they” will go is through the Geen/Gold Spring™ so nothing before late this year.
      Street changes things, election is for gullible

    • GunnamattaMEMBER

      Hopefully it is the death throes of an age…….

      This government must go. Its repeated backpeddling on the subject of Immigration just furthers the observation that the population ponzi is all about smothering wages and propping up real estate prices.

      Though there remains an awful lot of doubt about ALP bona fides when it comes to Immigration volumes. They have been party to the population ponzi in the past

      • Neither will change it until unemployment spikes. And it should in the next 6 months I would imagine with the highrise construction ponzi slowing. They will keep feeding us immigrants until the “one last wafer thin mint” moment.

      • Timmeh is right.

        It must get much worse before it can possibly get better.

        It might not get better, either.

    • Strange Economics - Residency for Tennis Coaches?MEMBER

      The new list includes …Tennis Coaches.
      Can’t apparently get any locals skilled in tennis.
      Seems to be lots of people willing to be tennis coaches at our local tennis centre..
      And any sports gets residency – now the kids won’t be able to get professional sports careers – and not even as baristas as the lower wage than 53k applies for many occupations.

    • Sorry to inform you but your previously accepted bid on the title of this country has been nullified and the highest bidder atm is ‘private bidder from Mainland Asia’. Previous one being from the land of non-Indian indians has now become second best bidder.
      your chance for winning can be increased by increasing your bid.

      happy bidding

    • Well, as Reusa would tell you, a tick on the eye goes down better at the parties than a sty on the di… ah, never mind.

  1. So, low wage growth is entirely due to the importation of workers willing to be exploited to the Nth degree.

    It’s not their fault.

    But this Gvt…. wow.

    Labor must end the rort completely. Or end up a 1 term “Shorten-Sweet” Gvt

    • I honestly feel like i’m being gaslighted by almost everyone in the country. You read the commentary from politicians and MSM pundits and the RBA and other economists and try and reconcile it with what I see and it is honestly starting to drive me a bit nuts. Whats worse is watching and being concerned about it for the last 12 years at least, for the great majority of that time most of the population didn’t see a problem at all. Not with debt, house prices, immigration, wages, nothing. Only in the last year or so has the herd turned and they are being fought with more propaganda than ever.

      • The plebs changed their mind on mass immigration by July 2017:

        (Alan Davies, the negative gearing prick, is surprised by the awakening)

        the thing that really struck me was the comments on the article made by nominally left-leaning readers of The Age; I felt like I was reading the Herald Sun. Many readers seem to:

        Think population growth is far and away the main problem
        Believe high levels of immigration benefit politicians, but not them
        Have little confidence in the idea that infrastructure and planning can deal effectively with growth

        You have got to laugh at his lies:

        Bigger cities are more productive, more innovative and pay better.

        Some of the world’s most desirable and successful cities are already much larger than 8 million e.g. New York (21.4 million), London (10.5 million), Paris (10.9 million).

      • The abc, the age and the 3 political parties have won by dominating the narrative.,not so much by propaganda, although there has been plenty of that, rather by no platforming. Thus the fascists disenfranchise. EP is right, join a political party and deselect.

      • I feel the same way. There are about 1 or 2 people to whom I dare express my views face to face, given the fatwah on discussing immigration in the public sector, and they just look at me like I am a lunatic.

        There is a cure for the rage and frustration however, which I found by casting a pre poll vote in the state election yesterday, I put SAP first in the LA and PHON first in the LC.

        Damn it felt good giving a nice big FU to the majors!

      • Doc – don’t forget to wear your yellow vest when you attend the polling station.

      • @Fitzroy
        ” EP is right, join a political party and deselect.”
        So your thesis is the current membership of the parties completely agrees with the views of it’s leaders, yet somehow the same processes leads to leaders for the whole country completely at odds with the voters? The entire systems is working as intended, not as you’ve been told it works. Only changing the system will cause the change you want.

      • I feel like being ‘woke’ really ruins my life. You try mention this stuff in social circles and you’ve got to be careful as everyone is fed the standard “diversity is our strength” and the media makes you look like a racialist if you say otherwise.

        I work/interact with some smart people, but their limited media sources makes them all into the standard NPC meme.

        I’ll be voting similar to d672c804897d. I threw a lol vote for PHON last election and she got up, this time I acutally have a little meaning behidn it.

      • Anthropos metron

        I was with an EX Greens politician over the past week and had an interesting discussion on migration.
        Whites just have to suck it up that they will be replaced – and the whinging and whining from them being replaced is absurd – and its loudest from the MEN ! Ha ha ha ha.

        I asked how they felt about about deliberately replacing the population of other cultures – Uighur for example, indigenous cultures in Australia, Canada, Asia being replaced ?
        I pointed out that the United Nations definition of Genocide is the removal of a population either through murder or population replacement.
        This person then claimed that Genocide through population replacement can only occur through migration – yes I agreed. What other possible way was there.

        Without a WORD of a lie – their basic response was well – good.

        Its a disgrace.

      • Cultural genocide is alrite – as long as house prices don’t go down. Small price to pay.

      • MountainGuinMEMBER

        I try to retain some hope. The “per capita recession ” getting some good media and this should continue as more monthly data comes in confirming the recession is getting worse.
        Why is this good? Well it should be bloody hard for the politicans to answer questions about low wage growth without covering immigration. I cant see the flood gates closing, but it will hopefully be wound back esp in low skill categories that school leavers need as their entry point to the workforce.

      • Anthropos metron – In the Declaration of Human Rights there is a stated right to culture (below). It says something very interesting about preventing the abuse of this right:

        “No one may invoke cultural diversity to infringe upon human rights guaranteed by international law, nor limit their scope.”

        Consequently, in order for the current Australian social engineering project and the stated policy of your ‘Green’ to be lawful one has to assume that Australia has no culture or values that anyone ever wanted to defend.

        The radical Lefts ‘anti-western’ and ‘anti-white’ rhetoric is music to the ears of people hell bent on establishing a wage underclass that requires cultural norms to be redefined. The radical Left’s ‘useful idiots’ have done a lot to support a process of exploitation and cultural appropriation using a view that ‘white people’ have historically been the only group capable of racism -and now need to be replaced. Oddly, they are using the racism to combat racism and the destruction of culture to defend the right to culture.

        This can only come about if you believe that Australian culture is evil and actively infringe upon the expression and democratic will of the Australian people.

        In reality, The Greens and their ilk are operating contrary to the Declaration of Human Rights. You cannot force “diversity” upon people who have a unique culture – as the UNESCO link says. But that’s their game plan. It is also the effective policy of the other two major parties who have never taken the issue of mass immigration or culture to the people. That’s because both sides of politics have their own political self interests that are part of the neoliberal agenda. To get there they have to deny that Australians have an existing culture that is unique in its values, history and expectations for the future.

        We’ve even got the ACTU run by a woman who supports mass immigration while simultaneously bemoaning the loss of wage growth.

        That’s what the “culture wars” are all about – on the Left as long as Australia can be shamed into not defending a national identity/character based upon this being “racist” these ideological agendas can be pursued. On the Right as long as Australians focus only on symbolism of culture the party can go on.

        We lost the centre in Australian politics. Robot Bill Shorten is not turning this around either – only independents and an alternative to The Greens can make real progress. Collectively we need to rise to rid ourselves of the far Right and radical Left who are both traitors to the good things we used to stand for.

        The LNP has been destroyed and the ALP/Greens will go next. Neither represent the interests of Australia as a nation state.

      • Bjw this is being used by Brexiteers in the UK at the moment, where the local members don’t follow the view of the party or electorate. This is the situation here. Immigration needs to be discussed openly and fiercely as the future of our next generation is at stake. The unpopularity of the current programme is beyond question, but people are squeamish about allegations of unfounded racism. Without this discourse nothing is going to change.

      • They will carry on this charade until the pitchforks come out. Until then, people will vent on fringe blogs.

      • @Fitzroy
        ” where the local members don’t follow the view of the party or electorate. This is the situation here.”
        How does increasing members of either the party or the electorate change this situation?
        IE how does joining the party and participating actually change anything when the senior people are already ignoring the people in the party?
        The reality is that is the situation to varying degrees everywhere in representative democracy. Despite all the propaganda fed to the populace from birth to the contrary, the members of parliament in Westminster democracy are not there representing “the peoples interests”, they are there representing the interests of the wealthy and powerful, the 1%. Until the populace at large wakes up to this there will be no change. Given there has been no change for hundreds of years I wouldn’t hold your breath.

      • I have been involved in preselections (ALP) where there has been branch stacking. The challenge there is to turn the stack. It requires hard work and is difficult. When there is no representation booths will not be serviced and dollars must be spent. Josh in Kooyong can hand out his own how to votes. If what happened in the last election is any guide he will be in trouble. Whilst you talk sense about what has happened. Things can change dramatically but EP below is correct, it takes very hard work. See what is happening in Italy, Germany, and the U.S. Things changed there they can change here.

      • I feel the same Timmeh. MB saved my sanity. I tweet to a very socially aware, left type twitter-world and I virtually never get a single like to anything i retweet from MB or anything on destruction of the working class. As I tweeted the other day, the only people in Australia who remember Marxism are Gina Rinehart and the IPA, they remember theory of oversupplying labour. Sigh.

  2. This is so depressing.

    It is incredible that Hugo Chavez expropriated so many private assets. Because in Australia, private assets have expropriated Aussie politicians.

    Can we have a nation that does not have either type of expropriation? Or even just a state like Quebec that keeps foreigners out?

    Foreigners must be banned from working in certain professions such as truck driving, accounting, computer networking. Let foreigners pick seasonal fruit for 6 months and then order them to cool their heels in Fiji for 6 months and then let them pick fruit again for 6 months. Never give them permanent residency.

    • This is the essence of the State: it is a legalised protection racket.

      You go to work, you pay them 35-40% of all you earn … and they ensure you’re not bothered by some ‘malign’ outside influence. They, er, ‘protect’ you.

      Of course, earning a living off the sweat of the backs of other people is no longer enough. The pollies are now using Govt to extract other forms of remuneration — favours for cronies that yield kick-backs of some or other description down the track.

      And the people, despite having taken it good and hard, remain bent over and ready for more. Unbelievable.

  3. “The death throes Coalition has shown its real hand. It is not even attempting to win the election, just doing its corporate mates’ bidding behind fake border security scares.”

    Yep, there’s the neo liberal political Right ideology half of the immigration program’s unholy alliance for ya … now will the other half of the treacherous unholy alliance, that protects the massive Third World immigration program, the progressive Left zealots of the Labor Party, will they revoke these visa changes or reduce the immigration program in any meaningful way, when they get elected?
    Nah, it’ll never happen because the massive Third World flood suits their social engineering, progressive Left ideology.

    Is Sally Mcmanus a puppet of the Labor Party, can she do her job, could she defend Australian workers, will she protect the Australian amenity and way of life?

  4. proofreadersMEMBER

    “A new occupation of Religious Assistant is being made available for religious institutions broadening the scope for sponsoring overseas workers while expanding the scope of work for the existing occupation of Minister of Religion…”

    Just something plain, vanilla for the LNP’s “of the cloth” mates?

    • Just wait for the hospitality “colleges” to be augmented by some fresh new “colleges” of divinity and theology.

      We need some institutions to turn vibrants into Hare Krishna ministers and Falun Gong pastors and Whirling Dervish shamans…. each one with those tasty tasty PR visas.

    • GunnamattaMEMBER

      well you could easily imagine the local supply of altar boys may have dried up

      Someone should ask George Pell what he thinks of outsourcing the market

    • Mining BoganMEMBER

      Are pious immigrant families less likely to complain when their kids get fiddled with?

      The blokes who run Caretaker PM Scummo’s church want to know.

    • haroldusMEMBER

      But the legacy population is becoming less religious.

      So my prediction is this is aimed at our more vibrant and enthusiastic supporters of religion.

      Mr Coleman said there are 23,000 ministers of religion in Australia and he expects strong growth in the numbers of both the ministers of religion and religious assistants in the next five years.

  5. proofreadersMEMBER

    “an expected 2,500 eligible companies”

    And the LP was worried about its election funding? 2,500 wonderful new friends … come on down?

  6. This is not just pickers: “18 new occupations announced as eligible for skilled worker visas in regional Australia. Occupations include beef, dairy, sheep, aquaculture and crop farmers“.

    Regional youth unemployment is massive, officially 20-30%, in truth much higher. We have spent two decades systematically failing our kids through policies that undermine training and work opportunities. It’s time to end this awful policy.

      • That’s what I’d like to know, it aint the politicians themselves.
        Is there a list of political “advisers” any where on the interwebs? Maybe if we direct our anger at these morons, they’ll be less inclined to come up with all these bullshit policies when they can’t hide.

        I know Nicholas Reece used to be an adviser to Julia and Vic state premiers, but every time i happen to catch anything he says, i just shake my head thinking you are part of the reason that politics is fvcked, you know nothing of the real world outside the university thought bubble, so why are you someone that people should listen to.

      • “Maybe if we direct our anger at these morons, they’ll be less inclined to come up with all these bullshit policies when they can’t hide.”
        Unless you can pay them more than big business, I don’t like your chances.

    • Yep, the only globally significant uptick in Regional Australia is in ICE addicts, yet it is undeniable that their despair is of our making.
      What is this force that has transformed regional workers into mere shadows of their forefathers? if you ask me it’s unproductive capital flow. Yeah that was a giant leap, but not really it’s something that has happened progressively over 2 generations, Productive regional centers have had their wealth systematically stolen by the importation of unproductive capital, this unproductive capital enriches the urban populations (FIRE industries) while impoverishing regional areas until the accumulated debt forces impoverished regional families to sell their farm, so that the interest due on urban debts can be paid And yet we sit here and wonder why ICE consumption is the only growth industry in Regional Australia. Unbefvckinglivable !

      • Absolutely.
        Instead of capital to invest in productive agriculture we have squandered our capital on un-productive housing…

      • It’s not simply the squandering of unproductive capital but rather the over-pricing of the exchange rate that results from these capital inflows. Globally Productive ventures (like farming) are price takers on the world markets so an over-valued dollar means they get less AUD per unit of output. However since they must live, work and employee others in Australia they are subject to the same costs as other Australian’s (as in urban Australians that directly (or indirectly) profit from the flow of unproductive capital).
        The debts that we impose on our productive industries accumulate year-in year-out and eventually bankrupt even the most frugal of farmers, compare this doing-without lifestyle to that of some city dwelling banker getting mega bonuses for entrapping more Mortgage slaves. Sounds like a dystopian movie script, but it’s reality for many of our Regional teenagers, they’ve seen their parents and grand-parents work/worry themselves to death and just don’t want any part of that.
        A few years back I was in Coffs Harbour and spoke with several year 12 graduating classes, when I asked where they saw themselves in say 5 years the universal response was anywhere but here. Most thought they’d go to Sydney (like that was a plan) and do what (well that wasn’t part of their plan) . A couple were realists and honestly said aloud that they’d be either on Centerlink or in Jail….most missed out on ticking the option of dead before they’ve turned 25 but so far (at last count) 3 from about 100 have achieved this goal and Meth played a pretty big role in each of these cases.
        Having Regional Australia recover from this will start with processes that restore the differential value of their labour…since that’s never going to happen …well than Meth it is, along with a pretty sketchy plan to move to Sydney

  7. St JacquesMEMBER

    Smells a bit like the end of the days in Hitler’s bunker. We’re going to lose so f… the people !

    The ALP should highlight this and run on it HARD. REALLY fng HARD.

      • Hence the “keeping schtum about it”; it’s exactly what they would’ve done, granted, probably gradually (i.e. 6 months instead of 1 week) but yeah they’re right on it.

      • St JacquesMEMBER

        Too right, good call: Fake Labor, the Workers’ Traitors. For a moment I was in the grip of delusions of democracy offering us a real choice. Here’s a chance for some cheap votes for some small party and independents by taking a hard line against work visas.

    • All guns blazing!

      And the LNP know this policy has little chance of being rescinded by the ALP. The ALP will only last one term in any case as they will be in charge when we have our first recession in however long.

  8. Yet you try talk to people about this. When I highlight the fact they’re low skilled, speak little english and contribute nothing apart from being a good little GDP boost and cheap labour, I am looked at as though I just said h!tler was right

    • St JacquesMEMBER

      Unfortunately three quarters of the country is caught up in denial,due to a mass delusion created by the last twenty seven years of bubblenomics. It’s those three quarters who live and breath the bull dust pumped by the msm and political scumbags who finally decide governments,and they are clueless.

    • St JacquesMEMBER

      btw, it’s easy to prove that the skilled program is a scam. If there is a real shortage of skilled labour, then why aren’t wages rising ? Why aren’t businesses taking on anybody who shows some promise for training? Why have wages been slowly tanking for years? Why are, say forreign workers earning below the Australian average?

      And you should ask these questions slowly and with maximum sarcasm.

  9. Anthropos metron

    The Chinese Boxer Rebellion was over foreigners – they were of course slaughtered. Much like the foreigners under the Tokagawa reformation in Japan, or the riots against the Chinese in Australia during the gold rush, or the riots against……I can list several hundred instances of foreigners being targeted for murder during economic downturns.

      • Well, you’ve had 90 minutes and you haven’t come up with one.

        I declare this another Peachy Perfect Prediction.

        Thanks for playing.

      • Nonetheless, the point is a valid one. The foreigners are always the first to get it when the economy hits the skids.

    • Let’s start with our politicians. There has been remarkably little xenophobia, merely objections to poor behaviour, social displacement, destruction of amenity and an economic future for the locals.

  10. Globalization has turned elites into tourists in their own countries. The de-nationalisation of business enterprise tends to produce a class who see themselves as “world citizens, but without accepting … any of the obligations that citizenship in a polity normally implies”. Their ties to an international culture of work, leisure, information – make many of them deeply indifferent to the prospect of national decline. Instead of financing public services and the public treasury, new elites are investing their money in improving their voluntary ghettos: private schools in their residential neighborhoods, private police, garbage collection systems. They have “withdrawn from common life”.

    Christopher Lasch, 1994

    Very prophetic description of our politicians today.

    • proofreadersMEMBER

      Pollies need a new source of ego strokers/slaves, as the rest of the population have sussed them out for what they are?

  11. proofreadersMEMBER

    “… access to work visas within five business days…”

    And with that level of intense vetting, ScoMo and Dutters will be able to issue gold star certificates that there are no deviants, thugs etc etc among the lot of them – they only come by boat?

    • I have a mate who’s been living and working (and paying tax) in this country for 8yrs. Highly educated, high earner. Jumped through hoops to get here, cost her $10,000 or so for a visa originally. Applied for citizenship middle of last year and still nothing from the ‘department’

      Meanwhile, some filthy little 3rd world scrote gets a work visa in 5 days and a pathway to PR. We are doomed. Shoot me now.

  12. Welcome to the new and soon to be improved All Aussie Ass wipe economy.
    OAP Butt wipes with a culturally sensitivity twist
    Sad but what can you do?
    I know when my Mum was in the nursing home (last few years) almost all the staff were either Filipino or Nepalese or Chinese (yeah even the Doctors and Nurses) As nice as they were Mum’s dementia was progressing rapidly and she had no idea who these carers were in her mind she was a prisoner and the staff were her jailers and tormentors.
    Dementia is a terrible way to go, but unfortunately one that is made all the more stressful by of our cheapskate staffing choices. It would appear that we still working on finding the cheapest least qualified workers in the world to fill these positions good-on-us, it’s rare that one action can simultaneously F-over two or more groups but I think we’ve found the right formula to achieve this with this cut priced cheapskate aged care staffing program.

    • Hey…their great carers, better to have them then some fat old lazy Aussie who gives you an acid bath..!

  13. reusachtigeMEMBER

    Oh fck off! If I was a jackeroo I’d never hire locals, not even to lick my filthy boots, or anything else. They’re all scabbed up ice heads and have no ambition. Freshly imported human capital is far superior in every single way, including licking!

  14. A dead government is a very ugly thing.

    Expensive as they gamble for popularity with taxpayers money, vulnerable to every carpetbagger.

    Bring on the election.

  15. ErmingtonPlumbingMEMBER

    Our politicians betray us, not because they hate us but because they place their own Careerist interests above the interests of the Citizens they are elected to represent.
    A lot of them are also lazy and follow the lobbyists and Apparchicks “path of least resistance”.
    We expect a lot from Individuals whilst doing fk all ourselves.
    The only way to keep self interest in check, is to do so from with in the Parties that Govern us.
    These corrupted individuals who get into Parliament only do so through the support of “Their” Party.
    If more people joined our Political parties, took their democracy seriously by turning up, bearing witness and demanding the leadership be held to a greater degree of scrutiny and when required censure by the membership, it would be exponentially harder for them to pursue their own selfish careerist interests by selling out on policy to please future donors and Employers.

    Revolution or Reform requires some hard work.