On Christchurch

Below find a useful wrap of Christchurch related material from Crikey:


New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern has confirmed her office was one of more than 30 to receive a so-called “manifesto” from the accused Christchurch terrorist just minutes before Friday’s mosque attacks.

The ABC reports that Ardern will today meet with New Zealand cabinet to discuss stricter gun laws, while Australian counterparts will hold their own cabinet security briefing ($) amid concerns neither country is effectively monitoring white supremacist hate groups. Leaders across the Tasman have also hit out at the role of social media in fostering hate speech, or as The Agereports “shit posting” neo-Nazism, while Facebook has since announced 1.5 million videos of the attack have been removed.

The news follows vigilsmosque open days and rallies against Islamophobiaacross the weekend as information continues to emerge about the victims of the attacks.

Anyone seeking help can reach Lifeline on 13 11 14, and Beyond Blue on 1300 22 4636.


Greens leader Richard Di Natale has called for “extraordinary action” to be taken against controversial MP Fraser Anning for blaming Friday’s attacks on Muslim immigration, including expulsion through potential changes to the Privileges Act.

The Australian ($) reports that Di Natale’s push, which comes after more than one million people signed a Change.com petition calling for Anning’s removal, has already been dismissed by the Coalition and Labor. Scott Morrison, who along with Bill Shorten will move a symbolic censure motion against Anning, has suggested the independent senator should face the “full force of the law” for twice punching a 17-year-old boy who egged him at an event in Melbourne.


NSW Labor leader Michael Daley has given an “ironclad” guarantee not to weaken gun restrictions if elected, after the Liberal Party released advertisements with John Howard campaigning against Labor’s preference deal with Shooters, Fishers and Farmers.

The Sydney Morning Herald reports that, after delaying their release for days after the Christchurch attacks, the NSW Liberals have aired anti-gun ads in which Howard warns that the Labor-Shooters preference swap means a Daley-government could wind back Australia’s 1996 gun laws. The campaign comes as new YouGov Galaxy polling ($) suggests swings to Labor in the knife-edge seats of Goulburn and Penrith.

Our view of these events is that a psychopath has destroyed the lives of hundreds Kiwis and Aussies and traumatised both nations. Our hearts go out to those effected.

We will cover whatever political fallout there is from the disaster to the extent that it falls within our purview. But, equally, we find the rush to politicise events, by all concerned, inappropriate.

MB comments will continue to be moderated accordingly.


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    • I agree. Shame on politicians from both sides for using the event to push their own agendas and get publicity.

  1. kiwikarynMEMBER

    The Internet and media censorship here is insane! Websites are being blocked by ISPs, even though they had nothing to do with the shooter. He uploaded to Facebook and Twitter, but instead they are blocking Reddit, 4Chan, Liveleak and even Zerohedge. We are not getting even normal news reporting – coverage is being heavily censored as well (thankfully overseas media are still covering the story). The Sky News channel on TV was actually replaced by Fox Sports – so we are not even allowed overseas news channels For me, the internet censorship is the worst response I can imagine – you don’t know you are living in a totalitarian state until something happens.
    All this despite the fact that the video is readily available via P2P platforms and has been loaded on the blockchain where it will live forever.

    • I am conflicted.

      On the one hand, it was an atrocity.

      On the other, we don’t delete holocaust pictures, 911 footage, the “Collateral murder” footage, or a whole host of other atrocities.

      It’s… understandable, but quite concerning.

      • Actually, we do censor 9/11 footage/pictures. Most of what you’ve seen is very sanitised. The media did it on the day, and they continue to do it. The States is even more circumspect about showing such things, its almost verbatim. Funny how freedom types are only willing to have someone else’s tragedy splashed across the press….

      • I am reminded of the photograph of the Vietnamese girl, wearing nothing but burns from the bombing, running away from the destruction behind. If people don’t see this sort of thing, they will not know the reality of these events. At the same time, if the perpetrator is being celebrated using the footage generated and shared, you risk copy-cat actions and emboldening far-right groups. It’s a very difficult situation to manage that’s for sure.

      • kiwikarynMEMBER

        It goes beyond the video. I would understand it if it were limited to sites actually hosting the video, but its not. Its anywhere that is actually reporting on the story. For instance, the news story about his hand signal in court, which has been covered overseas (Australia, UK, US etc) has not been mentioned here. And Sky News channel was removed for showing portions of the video (not the shooting, just him in his car). I can remember watching live TV of the 9/11 tragedy. News channels weren’t suddenly taken off air because they were showing a terrorist act. News is news, even if you don’t like it.
        Also Dissenter has been blocked – so we are not even allowed to comment on the story (and obviously, all comments on mainstream media have also been disabled).

    • I’m finding my posts are not even getting through, being actively filtered out, by some kind of ASIO monitored “hate crime” proxy/ sort of filter for expressing an opinion on sensitive topics. It seems some of us are actively being silenced. The internet was meant to be an open and democratic platform. It seems that’s no longer the case.

      • @Gavin – I hope that’s not the case, state sponsored censorship in Australia… I fear governments are taking their people down the rabbit hole, George Orwell comes to mind, China’s social credit system, CCTV fascial recognition, the state is tightening the screws.

  2. It scares me that Australia is probably well on the way to a similar event given how openly far-right content is publicised by the MSM and the eagerness of political parties to mobilise scare campaigns to win votes (rather than promote a robust policy platform).

    Dark days indeed. Let us hope we can somehow avoid such violence.

  3. Very happy that the weekend thread was moderated so well. Honestly. I expected a full on insane asylum when I opened it, only to be very pleased that the mods were so on top of it.

    Say what you will about Howard, but at least he got rid of the guns. We are all the better for it. Its his only good legacy IMO.

  4. haimona12MEMBER

    Minor detail – your graphic is a shot of Auckland’s Aotea square, whereas the mass killings occurred at two locations in my hometown of Christchurch.

  5. kiwikarynMEMBER

    Apparently we have to rename our rugby team now as well, as the Canterbury Crusaders have been deemed offensive. I’m awaiting the renaming of the city itself, as “Christ Church” is clearly exclusionary and divisive.

    • Maybe you could have the Gillette commercial streamed 24/7 on a huge billboard to remind everyone what toxic masculinity looks like and to help everyone avoid it too?