Newspoll: Scummo dead duck

Goodbye Scummo:

Scott Morrison’s visit last week to the Christmas Island regional processing centre in a bid to keep the pressure on Labor’s softened border protection policy failed to ameliorate the damage, with the two-party-preferred vote widening from 53-47 a fortnight ago to 54-46 this week, giving Labor a clear eight-point lead over the ­Coalition.

With both leaders attending campaign launches for the NSW election yesterday, the appearance of divisions at the national level has led to a further one-point decline in the Coalition’s primary vote, to 36 per cent.

The government will now pin its hopes on the April 2 budget for a political recovery before the expected May election, amid internal calls for unity.

But Labor has lost the election boats. David Crowe said so.


      • but Gina would have publicly burn him on a stick for being heretic.

        Edit: and he would have been unemployable post politics.

      • ErmingtonPlumbingMEMBER

        Yes Nic,
        Post politics employment prospects are the driving force behind most ideological positioning and policy decision making of the vast majority of our elected “representatives”.

      • But Trump did not link house prices to mass immigration. I doubt Nigel Farage and Marine Le Pen did either.

        House prices in AUS are coming down anyway. And real estate bubbles are a policy choice of the state governments – especially in cities that do not have much immigration (Adelaide and Bordertown).

    • DingwallMEMBER

      The solidity of planks is so last decade. It’s all about revolving door politics these days.

    • I was hoping the ALP was going to pitch some sort of incremental weaning off population growth policy as it will appear to happen anyway as the economy slows. But no, they won’t even mention it. Rather depressing.

      You really have to wonder if cutting the immigration feeder tube sooner rather than later would make the correction less painful as it would remove a pro-cyclical variable from the equation?

      • immigrants are contributing to the economic output only if they multiply their income via debt (an immigrant who make $50k per year can create economic demand of $500k if he/she takes $450k loan)

        That’s how EU (Germany) was generating economic growth in last two decades by getting Southern Europeans – Greeks, Italians, … into debt (they had almost no debt before EU)

        In the environment of weak debt growth purpose of immigration to boos GDP numbers is disappearing

      • I do wonder whether this has less to do with misguided political correctness than a secret compact between the two major parties not to fight an election on the immigration issue.

        On the other hand, I have little doubt that both parties understand that immigration is now the last real prop for the economy. Look at it this way: you commit to slash immigration to the bone — you win election, hands down. Having honoured your election pledge you immediately usher in the first recession in 27yrs and you cement your fate at the next election.

      • Why would Labor make a big song and dance about something which can only hurt them and divide their base, particularly as it can be largely fixed without any active direct measures by them? They can repair much of the damage by taking indirect actions. If they fix the Immigration Department – bring in someone like Abul Rizvi to run it – so it actually follows existing laws and regulations, if they manage to make housing less of an investment play, particularly for foreigners, and if they get rid of low wages as a design feature they will discourage much of the out-of-control immigration flow that we are blighted with.

    • I totally agree, and his only hope. He’d need a cabinet re-shuffle as well ditching the loony hard right types like Dutton.

  1. GunnamattaMEMBER

    but the gravy train never really ends, does it?

    and what odds on some of these ending up in choice taxpayer funded representative roles some time soon?

    Taxpayers face bill of up to $1b to fund MPs’ retirements

    Retiring Coalition ministers Christopher Pyne, Julie Bishop and Nigel Scullion are set to receive between $188,000 and $220,000 a year for the rest of their life. Steve Ciobo, 44, will be eligible for the same payment after he turns 55.

    • Sometimes I wonder how far we are from a dictator who will come into power on a banner of reform, end all existing ex-politician entitlements, seize all questionably obtained assets and arrest the courts if they disagree. Luckily for this lot Australians on the whole are a complacent and placid bunch.

      • Yep. Military rule is not always bad. Look at China, Singapore, Brunei, and the Middle East monarchies.

        Wages in China are probably 4x as high as they are in India (which has elections).

    • That’s nothing compared to the corporate tax avoidance of big US tech and others. They need to fix this as those companies take over more of our economy. Mate we have something like 35% social security and welfare (around $135B) and growing with boosted immigration as the economy falls off the cliff. Bigger things to focus one for now IMO.

      • GunnamattaMEMBER

        I completely agree. But I also think those responsible for ensuring that big US tech (Australian miners, amortizing gas plays, gold plated electricity retailers, global banks, etc) pay taxes should be given a slapping to help motivate them along.

      • nah, every time a politician has had a beer with the great unwashed, it’s been awkward (lol @ Bill “Im a man of the people” Shorten and many others), except for Bob Hawke, that yard glass swilling national treasure.

    • proofreadersMEMBER

      Why does Ciobo have to wait until he is 55, to put his snout in the greatest gift-giving trough ever created? He’ll need to talk to Andrew Robb about how to get some consultancy gigs pronto, to make ends meet?

    • They should not be allowed to work in the private sector for the next 3 years.

      And there is a desperate need to get the AEC to adequately fund the political parties so that Di Natale is not dependent on bicycle shops for funding.

    • Gunna one other big issue is the Australian IP theft by China, and that is stealing from future generations…we are allowing this to happen along with our resources…lithium one big one now All pollies need a kicking for allowing this to happen. Sovereign risk is raised, but it’s not sovereign risk to own what you own. They can mine and get some of it, but not all. See how they control rare earths and so many other sectors. It’s not acceptable to apply different rules to people investing in China than they do elsewhere. Just who is standing up to them now???

      • Gramus, the IP stolen on Quantum computing and loads of other Universities and corporate IP. AFR ran a story a few weeks back.

      • @Gramus. Yikes. Thanks for the link. How sh1t is that! I just want to go back OS to work and quit this country.

  2. PM Dickhead needs to bring back the lump of coal and carry it with him everywhere he goes


  3. So who will end up as LNP opposition leader?

    Dutton – very right wing
    Corman – his accent will work against him.

    Or an unexpected smokie