MB Fund podcast special guest: Damien Boey

We have another special guest week in Damien Boey, who is Credit Suisse’s head of Australian economics and equity strategy. He has worked for the firm for 13 years, and prior to his career at Credit Suisse, worked for 4 years at the Reserve Bank of Australia:

After the interview we will then look at some of the wider investment implications that these themes can impact how we invest money every day at Nucleus Wealth.

(Apologies for the sound, we had some tech difficulties and needed to shoot over the phone)

The information on this podcast contains general information and does not take into account your personal objectives, financial situation or needs. Past performance is not an indication of future performance. Damien Klassen and Tim Fuller are an authorised representative of Nucleus Wealth Management, a Corporate Authorised Representative of Integrity Private Wealth Pty Ltd, AFSL 436298.

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  1. Great stuff. Great guest.

    Found the section at 21:12 particularly interesting. On RBA cuts: “really is a BB gun facing up against a tank here” nicely done haha

    My take-aways:
    – Domestic economy is grinding to a halt as public investment peaks; mining probably won’t save us this time
    – Questions the efficacy of QE for Australia, especially bond buying programs; recommends targeting FX rate
    – If we don’t get Labor slamming the fiscal stimulus pedal through the floor-pan, we’re recession bound back end of the year/early next.

  2. Top notch!

    One complaint: all the things he felt compelled to say “aren’t MMT, they’re on the RBA website” most certainly are MMT. They’re just the bits mainstream economics has been forced to accept!

  3. Damien is a rock star. Thanks for sharing. Momentum vs quality is a good guide. The valuation models I was using a year ago stop working so this is well timed for me,