MacroBusiness Chartfest 9-10 March, 2019




Australia & New Zealand




Australia – Average Ages, Selected Jobs




Australia – Job Security




ANZ Job Advertisements




Australia – Federal Budget Cash Balance




Australia – Public Demand & GDP




Australia – Capex




Australia – Capex by Industry




Business Investment by Industry




Australia – GDP Growth




Australia – GDP Growth 2




Australia – Contributions to GDP Growth 




Australia – GDP Growth & Household Spending




Australia – Household Credit Growth




Australia – Quarterly Productivity Growth




Australia – Quarterly Productivity Growth Per Capita




Australia – Tradable & Non-tradable Inflation


Australia – Corporate Earnings & Employee Incomes




Australia – Company Income from Goods & Services




House Prices, Vehicle Sales, New car Loans, NAB Business Indicators




Australia – Real M1




Australia – FIRB Residential Real Estate Approvals




Australia – Building Approvals by State




Australia – Median House Values, Capital Cities




Australia – Term of Trade …there is still a big drop…




Australia – Root Zone Soil Moisture…drier than a……








United States – Home Price Growth by Decade




United States – New Home Sizes




United States – Real GDP




United States – Business & Consumer contribution to GDP



United States – Business Investment, Consumption & GDP




United States – Fiscal Impulse




United States – Debt

United States – Defense Spending




United States – Recession Probability

United States – Real Income Growth by Decile

United States – Corporate Profits Attributed to Other Tax Nations as Percent of US GDP




United States -Black & White Unemployment




United States – Income Growth by Percentile




United States – Labor Share of GDP




United States – Minimum Wage growth 




United States – Job Growth, Urban v Rural


United States – Employment by Sector




United States – Coal expenditures




United States – Agricultural Exports to China




United States – Agricultural Exports to China by sector 2017-2018


United States – Exports to China by Sector in relation to China Imports from the Rest of the World




United States – Manufacturing Exports to China as % of China GDP




United States – Machinery & Transportation Equipment Exports to China as Percent of U.S. GDP




Latin America – Selected Fiscal Balances




China & Asia




China as Percent of Global Consumption – Selected Commodities




China – Auto Sector Capacity




China – Import Dependence on Australia Canada & New Zealand




China – Consumer Spending




China – Credit Impulse




China – External Sector…and take a look at the trade data released Friday…




China – Fiscal Balance




China – Fiscal Deficit




China – Household Savings




China – Agricultural & Metals and Minerals Imports




China – Manufacturing PMI & South Korea Exports




China – Outbound Direct Investment




Chinese FDI




China – Population Structure 2015 & 2040




India – Real GDP Growth




India – Trade Balance




Indonesia – Trade Balance


Japan – Electricity Generation by Fuel


Selected SE Asia GDP



China & Russia – Gas pipeline Connection…just completed…








The Price of Consumables in England

Eurozone – Phillips ‘Curve’




Selected Eurozone – Prime Age Employment




Selected Eurozone -Employment 




Eurozone – United States Trade




Germany – Fiscal Balance




Greece – 10Yrs




Italy – Emigration




Eurozone – The earnings Cost of Children for Women




Scandinavia & Eurozone – GDP




Russia – Forex & Gold Reserves




Eurozone & United Kingdom – The Trade Ties




Capital Markets




Bilateral Swap Lines 




Bull Markets Durations




Emerging Market Selloffs




The Strong Dollar




Holdings of US Treasuries & Central Bank Gold Holdings




Selected Developed Nation Real Interest Rate Convergence




IPOs with Negative Earnings Per Share




Central Banks Balance Sheets




Precious Metals ETFs




World Stock Markets 1899 – 2019




United States Treasury Cash Balance with United States Federal Reserve




Largest Worldwide Wealth Managers








The Changing Face of the Barrel

China – Refined Lead

China – Gold Reserves

China – Refined Copper

China – Refined Tin

Major Wheat Producers – Percentage of Production Exported

Global Aluminium Production

Iron Ore Prices




LNG – Trade Flows




Basic Metal Energy Intensity – Selected Nations/Regions




Oil Reserves by Nation




Palladium – Spot Price




Oil and Gas – Proved Reserves by Region




United States – Shut In Price for Existing Wells by Field




United States – New Well Breakevens by Field




Oil and Natural Gas – Major Developed World Prices 




Selected Commodities – Contango & Backwardation




Global Macro

United States & China – Population over 65




Bank of Japan & European Central Bank – Policy Rate convergence 


Japan & Eurozone – GDP Per capita 

G7 Nations – Information & Communications Technology Sectors




World Trade Volumes & Air Freight Loads




Developed World Nations – Childcare Enrolment 

Global Growth & Inflation Rates




Trade Openness & Relative Tax Burdens by Percentile




Corporate Tax Rates and labour Income Tax Rates 




When China will overtake the United States GDP




World Exports & United States Industrial Production




World Private Sector debt




World Trade & Indicators




Japan, Eurozone & United States – Industrial Production




House Prices – Australia, Canada, Norway, Sweden, United Kingdom 




…and furthermore…




Billionaires – Russia & Elsewhere




What CEOs think they do




The Economists used in Economics publications by Region




CO2 Emmissions




The Largest Cities (urban agglomerations) come 2035 




Google and Newspapers




Healthiest countries in the World




Jewish Managers of Berlin Stock Exchange Listed companies in the late 1920s and Mid 1930s




Billionaires – Where they say they live




New York Police Interceptions




Organ Donations 




Global Population over 65




Global over 65 and under 5s




Propensity to become more Right Wing with Ageing

Tea or Coffee




Dirty Air

You Thought You Had Choice

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    • Yes indeed, +1

      I learn a lot from these charts when they go up, they surely make me think. I dont get the significance of some, but Im working on it

  1. Good work
    u need all those charts to appreciate the chart on producitivity per hout in Straya
    lowest since recrds were kept, how to turn that around??
    and the chart showing there are more people aged over 65 than under 5
    WW time to batten the hatches, cos “going forward” is not going to be getting better.

    • There’s not a chart that is not pointing downwards!

      Re Capital Expenditure by Industry. Manufacturing headed down. I was wondering what that might look like if it was a NET figure – deduct all the manufacturing shutting down.

  2. The gap breakdown in Australia chart is worrying. Consumption is the biggest contributor and that’s what’s likely to decrease in the near future.