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  1. Minimum wage would be $33 today if it grew like Wall Street bonuses have – CBS

    Minimum wage would be higher if CBS was against mass immigration.

    Elon the muppet should be demanding immigration cuts to reduce commute times.

    • interested partyMEMBER

      fitzroy, I haven’t spent much time on the brexit situation, and note that you are keenly monitoring. What’s your take on where it’s at ? Are they going to leave?
      It is a curious thing that it is all happening simultaneously, UK-USA.

      Appreciate the links. Thanks.

  2. ABC censors hard at work again (see the piece about Queensland public hospitals melting down).

    [Chief health officer Jeannette Young] said the cause of the spike in demand was unknown.

    God forbid anyone tell the punters that it is because there are more people competing for the same number of hospital beds or that a fair whack of the demand comes from fresh off the plane migrants.

    Meanwhile in your local Emergency Department in Sydney or Melbourne ….

    • That is a truly depressing article. Got rellies in that region with very complicated medical conditions. Meanwhile in Melbourne family friends have a kid with a complicated health issue, they weren’t happy with treatment at Royal children’s so moved to Monash children’s. Seems the Royal children’s missed a growth in her brain for a long time and now she’s going to need major surgery to remove it to improve her hearing. Ok population growth may seem like a long bow to make as to why it might not have been picked up but it’s supposed to be a world class hospital.

      • The Royal Children’s is extremely well aware of being a world class hospital,and not a little arrogant.
        They need to expand and fund heavily other paediatric units( to a degree this has happened with Monash,and creating Epping).)
        They also need to split up and move staff around- l know this will destroy some expertise, but the self congratulatory reinforcement loop is poisonous.( as is the internal medical politics).

  3. Jesus Fing Christ, you could cut and paste this story of total Government inaction and incompetence in the face of growing demand for critical services into any one of a dozen sectors.

    If you insist on bringing in all those migrants Summo, how the fvck did you think they were going to arrive?

    If this is not criminal negligence by the Government, I do not know what is. Can we at least get an overweight demographer to give us a hand on this one by telling the Government to ‘just plan better?’

    Faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk me.


      Is an outrage!
      Just look around; there’s NO aspect of contemporary Straya where future planning can be celebrated or respected. All policies and ‘initiatives’ are driven to reward those in the FIRE sector who have a headlock on everything (pollies included) and have for many years.

      Until this is recognized and subsequently abhorred by the populace and real change is demanded, nothing will improve at the street level and all indicators suggest further, rapid deterioration. Unless the long list of duty dereliction is honestly examined and soon, it’s quite likely there will never be a recovery of this once proud and respected nation.

    Howard accuses Shorten of spreading inequality ‘myth’

    Former Prime Minister John Howard has criticised Opposition leader Bill shorten for spreading an election ‘myth’ of inequality.

    Speaking at the Sydney Institute, Mr However accused Mr Shorten of using inequality to justify his $200 billion tax grab.

    While Mr Howard concedes there are many Australians who need help, he claims it is false to apply radical intervention in the economy on the basis that inequality is growing.

    I wish it was a joke, but he’s probably serious. Howard the wrecker…

    • Scomo needs to wheel the rodent out in the ‘riff for his election. They love the rodent in the ‘riff.

      Hopefully the tolls will be on that road by May.

    • No point in having a mansion tax if the money is used to build more toll roads. The fake Greens need to give out $900 cheques again.

  5. interested partyMEMBER

    Enough of media collusion enlightenment for a few days or so….we all got the memo, so I will leave it be for now.
    But…..think on this.
    This Mueller report has shown us several things, if we have been paying attention.
    1. No collusion or obstruction.
    2. No associated indictments to press.
    3. Massive media collusion.
    4. Massive democrat collusion.
    5. Republican collusion…via mccain et al.

    Now the real investigations begin. Remember that the Intel community was weaponised against Trump, and Mueller was the vehicle used to hold all of it together. Part of the fabricated intel has been exposed in the way of texts between players in the FBI-DOJ crew, and also released testimonies from Lisa Page, Bruce Ohr, Peter Stzrok.

    One particular text come to mind and is very relevant in the current setting.
    Lisa Page’s text “potus wants to know everything we’re doing.” Who was Potus? Obama was!!!
    Now, Rand Paul is among several calling for investigations into key players in the Obama admin and in light of that L. Page text, it is going to get hot.
    Devin Nunes is on the offensive as well, submitting a criminal referral to AG Barr to start off his attacks.

    Do not forget that there are several more investigations on-going vis the IG and Huber in Utah. This is where the carpet bombing of the swamp takes place I think. All of the above is all just setting the table and getting the public prepared for incoming retribution.

    Folks……’s time to drain some swamp. Mueller was the defender of the drain plug. He’s out of the picture, and now it’s show time.

      • interested partyMEMBER

        No, never have been banned….not yet anyway. I get the very odd comment deleted if I step on some toes….probably right to do so. Some lines are fuzzy at times.

    • Lenny Hayes for PMMEMBER

      $5 million in costs over 10 years spread over every Indian manufacturer is enough to see them lose market share ?. Somehow I doubt it.

      Perhaps their handsets are just absolute rubbish and Indian consumers are voting with their feet ?.

      • Yes, I didn’t get that either, it would be a small amount per handset … but getting bigger as their market share tumbles! LOL. Yes, handsets probably better on average & I’d suspect Chinese an be more competitive due to government subsides. I’m very surprised the Indians have not slapped tariffs on foreign handsets, they do on most things.