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  1. Interesting article on Ms Ita Buttrose!

    Looks like she was against mass immigration in 1988! Being promoted to chairman of the ABC hopefully means that the ABC can start pointing out that it is ok to have the same immigration rate as Norway.

  2. Couple of interesting tidbits in this puff piece –

    Buyers with finance going low ball, knowing they have the upper hand.

    The buyer who put in the serious lowball offer was “thinking six months ahead”. Real estate agent of course doesn’t think the market is going to fall by that much. Doesn’t seem to dispute it’s going to fall though.

    Of course, they can’t bring themselves to name the actual sale price. They only do that when it sells above the price guide.

  3. Yes MB, the rhetoric used for the lowballing buyer does seem to have stepped up a notch, doesn’t it? Only a few months ago they were merely ‘cheeky’. Now they’re outright thieves! Offering anything less than the price guide will be considered an act of terrorism soon.

  4. The dust is still settling from the NSW election and the tards at Newscorp are running hard on Labor’s franking credits tax reform already. The comments are febrile and I’d say it will be front page lies again as the federal election draws closer. Either Labor explain this 100% clearly or they will get aged and disability pensioners voting against them due to the propaganda war they struggled with at the state level.

  5. interested party

    A couple of links in the supplied selection go some way to addressing the collusion question, but don’t tell the whole story. I can help fill in some holes.

    Yes. There was collusion.
    By the MSM to take down a duly elected president. Make no mistake……this is high level criminal activity, and they have used memetic weaponry on a largely unwitting population to further their agenda. Our very own ABC + others are complicit in this. One should be asking….why are these people still pushing out their propaganda and ending up on reading lists such as the one above? To the readers… careful who you read. If the outfit and writer in question has a history of narrative/agenda push like the Trump Russia event……maybe you should rethink about reading any further. These people and organisations really are the enemy of the people. Let them starve while they await their very own trial for sedition and possibly treason. It is coming.

    Yes. There was conspiracy. By the obama/clinton administration to take down a sitting president. This administration has worked hand in hand with the MSM and several foreign govs to manipulate society and to get their agenda back on track. Trump has just survived a globally concerted attempt of political assassination using the media as a primary weapon. It appears that this assassination process is now being transferred and continued via the congressional apparatus to now attempt to impeach Trump. The media are already priming the public as this link can show.

    When one pathway collapses, seek another. Now the AG is supposedly tainted, so the collusion theory can still be pushed.
    You may not like or agree with Trump….but we should respect and defend the civil systems we reside under.

    • interested party

      I wonder how many US citizens voted against Trump-republicans in the last mid-terms because they had been convinced that their President had actually colluded with russia to win the presidential position………and can/should the last mid-term election be held as trustworthy? Can/should it be nullified? Should there be another election?
      A tin of worms, it is.

    • Fascinating. Absolutely everything the ABC says about Trump has a “Trump is bad” spin to it. It is pathetic. They spew the bile from CNN and the Washington post without a second thought. In the UK where the financial times and the BBC are propagandists for the remain campaign. Add to that The New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, and of course the guardian. When was the last time you saw a positive trump story or a positive Brexit story out of any of them? The money behind these publications this massive. I don’t believe any of them unless corroborated, or contrary to the corporate agenda .