Links 25 March 2019

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  1. Noticed the weekend links were thinned out a little. When will those who are banned return?

    • Hillarity Hubris couldn’t have shot herself in her own foot now could she? They were preempting with this yarn before he even got in & it must be Someone’s fault it all went “off script”. Who’ll ever know…..

  2. Here’s an idea. It would be useful to me and I expect others too if you could mark links that require a subscription to read some way (as simple as “sub only” after the link. I follow quite a few links that I then can’t read. Frustrating…

  3. Australian energy giant AGL ‘gouged’ customers after Hazelwood closure, new research shows

    “Some of the nation’s biggest energy companies have allegedly used the closure of Australia’s dirtiest coal-fired power station to price gouge customers and make an extra $3 billion in wholesale profits, according to a new report.

    The Victoria University research, obtained exclusively by 7.30, reveals that price rises filled the coffers of Australia’s energy giants with an extra $3 billion in revenue after the shuttering of the Hazelwood power plant in Victoria.”