Links 21 March 2019

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  1. I can not believe the $110 billion article made no mention of congestion charging.

    Most people in England do not live in London – so most British voters are not impacted by the congestion charge. Most people in Queensland do not live in Brisbane – so most voters in QLD will not be impacted if Brisbane gets congestion charging.

    • only poor people living in big cities get hit by congestion charges and toll roads
      rich love them because they cost them nothing and remove missle class and poor who still dare to drive from the roads

      • Why do poor voters need to drive into the CBD between 7 am and 6 pm Monday to Friday?

        I suppose we could exempt the poorest 20% of the voters from the congestion charge.

        We should certainly have congestion charging on foreigners and the rich. And give a $900 cheque to every poor voter annually to rebate the rego fees.

        Cities and villages across NSW need to build cycleways so that people can get around without a car. Good for the obesity crisis too.

    • The Grey Rider

      Not surprising to read the middlemen are talking “opportunity” in the article, as though previous trends and performance will again reassert themselves in 2 years time.

      What’s the old saying about bottom pickers…

  2. Those of you unfortunate to live in Sh!tney – are you finding the election ad saturation more intense than previous elections? I just cannot believe how much they are spending and for what? To inherit a migration fuelled congested mess where revenues are far exceeded by growing demands for better infrastructure and services – which can never be met – while the economy hurtles head long into full blown recession.

    Can you imagine what this joint is going to look like in 4 years????!!!! We are going to look back at 2019 and say that school / hospital / traffic congestion was not too bad back then, and if only we could get back to that level somehow, things would be OK.

    The next Government will get nothing but criticism and complaints from day 1 to day 1461 of office. It is not even like there will be any sort of glow to bask in like an Olympics or World Cup?? Every single new project that is opened will be immediately labelled not good enough (e.g. Northern Beaches Hospital) because it was designed for a population level 10 years out of date.

    Even if those new stadia get built, the stories will be all about how it now costs $12 for a small serve of chips, $10 for a meat pie and $13 for a light beer, assuming that they can get the punters to attend in any sort of numbers when unemployment is 8%.

    If it were me, I would sit the next 4 years out rather than chewing through millions of dollars campaigning for this one.

    Winning the NSW state election in 2019 will be the new dictionary definition of being handed a poisoned chalice.

    Or am I missing something here???????

    • The Grey Rider

      “If it were me, I would sit the next 4 years out rather than chewing through millions of dollars campaigning for this one.”

      I reckon you need to make it a decade…minimum.

    • Or am I missing something here?
      Well Yeah, you’re wondering what’s in it for the voting punter the Politicians are just wondering, What’s in it for me?
      The more F’ed up everything is the more “something needs to be done” and the more power Politicians have.
      This Change in the governments role (as in doing the something that needs to be done) is Political power and it’s also an opportunity to share these projects with your mates and supporters (aka trusted parties)
      When something really needs to be done nobody is measuring the efficacy of the approach and that translates to healthy margins for any and all businesses that help with task execution, because something needs to be done.

      Sorry if it sounds a tad cynical, unfortunately this is kinda how it really works because bad times become good times if you know how to play the game.