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  1. I believe the speaker’s Brexit block can be removed by a suspension of standing orders. Whether the parliament will approve the same deal is problematic, as is the likelihood that the EU will approve any change or accede to a request for an extension. The competing forces are the desire to set an example for other leavers by punishing the UK and by a desire to take the UK’s cash which is one of the largest funders of the EU. Fear or greed?

  2. There are two companies that will NOT get a guernsey when our current mobile contract expires.
    Kids using decapitated heads of Syrian soldiers as soccer balls was OK according to Vodafone and Telstra. But they now take it upon themselves to shut down one of the biggest discussion sites in the world over the NZ disaster?

      • THAT is the problem I reckon…..Optus???? Nope! We are in real trouble when these a4seholes can determine what we will read.

    • Multiple terror attacks under the name of 1 religion, the media is like oh well.. 1 attack from a far right nutter and suddenly everything needs to change.

      • The lack of consistency is concerning. There is ethnic cleansing taking place in Africa and the Middle East and it is never reported in Australia.

      • Terrorism is bad, it makes us feel threatened. That’s about the level of intellectual debate.
        But terrorism comes in flavours:
        Religious maniacs seeking to impose their world-view on others
        Victims of homeland invasion seeking to repel the invader and reclaim their land and lives
        Minorities repressed in their own land by ruling majorities, with little or no hope of political representation
        maybe others…
        But engaging in terrorism a rational and inevitable outcome for alienated people who have no political sway, few resources and no quality of life to lose (note that I ommitted the religious maniac sector there). Because it’s a rational outcome of certain circumstances we can expect it to continue so long as people in the world are exposed to those circumstances. Forgetting about the possibility that they may have a valid point, how do we minimise the harm to innocent parties? By limiting access to destructive weapons, I guess. It’s back to the old paradigm, the government maintaining its monopoly on lethal force and keeping the repressed repressed. Round and around in circles…very unsatisfactory.

  3. Recently, the tax Working Group led by the former Minister of Finance in the previous Labour Government – Sir Michael Cullen, released their much awaited recommendations. While there is a long road to be travelled before the recommendations become law, the current government has signalled a strong preference towards the introduction of a capital gains tax. The government has indicated that it will release a response to the recommendations in April with any changes to be implemented by the 2021 tax year at the earliest.
    The key recommendations were:
    Implement a capital gains tax (CGT) to be based on the applicable marginal tax rate of the tax payer. The CGT will include: Shares
    All land (farms, commercial property, rental properties, holiday homes, overseas land owned by NZ tax residents). The only exception is the family home.
    Intangible property (such as goodwill and intellectual property)
    Business Assets

    • why would family home be exempt from CGT?
      there should be some offsets like if money from a sale of a family home is used to buy another home only the difference between price of sold home and new home should be taxed (up to the amount of capital gains).

      we have to stop people using homes as a financial instrument

    • The Traveling Wilbur

      So they’ve already started announcing their opposition policies while still (just) in government.

      That’s a first?

  4. Early polling anecdata anomaly – I voted yesterday afternoon avoiding the usual harpies flapping around the the door. When I came out one of them pulled me aside & asked why I didn’t want a how to vote card – Me “I never take them”. Her “Oh, I’m wondering if it might all be on the ‘net now – pointing to my phone”, Me “I wouldn’t know, why what’s going on?” Her & a few earwigs from other parties confirming – “No One’s taking them & we’ve never seen it like this before, really strange, can’t work it out”. Me with a smile “Maybe they think it’s safer to vote for the Donkey, they’re a nice honest animal” – Much pearl clutching, & me ostracized right there 🙂 If it’s a high Donkey vote & they hit the first column they see – SFF will do well……!

  5. Is it just me, or is Domainfax really going in to bat for the LNP in NSW these last few days before the election?