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  1. It appears the powers that be do not trust the electorate to make up its own mind from the source material. That is only for the elites.

    • It’s not just the powers that be.

      Growing numbers of average people wish to protect people (they are convinced are less smart than themselves) from ideas they don’t agree with and their attitude seems to be whatever it takes to get the job done.

      Political culture is dissolving by the minute.

      • “The strongmen strike back”
        “Like so many of the theories that became conventional wisdom during the late 20th and early 21st centuries, and just at the moment when the liberal world is suffering its greatest crisis of confidence since the 1930s.
        What we used to regard as the inevitable progress toward democracy, driven by economics and science, is being turned on its head.
        In non-liberal societies, economics and science are leading toward the perfection of dictatorship”

  2. – Here another example of how “self certification” has led to a (airplane) disaster. Boeing was allowed to certify that the flight control system for the Boeing 737 MAX was save. But it reality the 737 MAX still had some major flaws. As a result two of those 737 MAX crashed in the last 5 months. One in Indonesia and one in Ethiopia.

  3. Quote:
    “•The Era of Cheap Money Shows No One Knows How Monetary Policy Works – Bloomberg”

    – It shows that A LOT OF people don’t know how an economy works, what the driving forces are behind rising and falling interest rates, what the psychology is behind rising and falling levels of credit, how rising and falling prices impact market psychology, how the banking system works etc. etc. etc.
    – And then those people simply make all kind of assumptions that are outright faulty/false.

  4. Blockchain Will Be Most of the Economy in 10-20 Years – Coin Desk
    Ethereum (ETH) co-founder Joseph Lubin said that he expects the global economy will be 10 times larger in 10 to 20 years, when blockchain is fully ramified, and blockchain will be involved in most of it.

    Finally!!! purpose of life and evolution has been found – to calculate useless random numbers

  5. Australia provided fertile ground for Islamophobic culture, experts say – Washington Post
    In Australia, Anti-Immigrant Racism Is Everywhere – Slate
    A letter to our leaders: as Australian Muslims we live in fear, please remember our pain – The Guardian

    so may articles on this topic and none mentioned failed Australian multiculturalism that turned the country into collection of “ethnic ghettos”. This creates a weird state where Australia is very diverse yet very few live in diverse communities.

    Also this ethnic ghettoisation creates appearance that some demographic groups are much larger than they actually are

  6. Gold Cost Update: Well there has been no change for the outlook for real estate up here
    But another side of the GC is their suite of ASX listed companies: as follows
    Have a look at the wealth destruction there.
    Have a second look at AMG, it is the company managed by Wayne MacCrae
    Read also this link
    Now if you can join the dots, there could be a fortune to be made.

    • haha great link that 1, it highlights the absurdity that racism is a 1 way street and only something Western Nations seem capable of..

    • As any thoroughbred breeder, say the Waterhouse mob or the Jerry Harveys, would tell you if you take 2 failures and breed them you are not going to end up with a Winx.
      Europe is in a massive amount of trouble
      both wiht its immigrants and financial systems
      My call is that with TD now wanting cost plus 50% for the privilege of US forces
      Europe could go under by Xmas, their winter.

      • WASHINGTON — Acting Defense Secretary Patrick Shanahan said the Trump administration is not looking to impose a new structure on allied nations that would charge those countries the cost of housing U.S. troops inside their borders, plus an extra 50%.
        “We’re not going to run a business, and we’re not going to run a charity.
        The important part is that people pay their fair share
        — and payment comes in lots of different forms. (???????????)
        The news will likely come as a relief to nations, particularly South Korea, Japan and Germany, which reportedly were the big three targets for such a policy.
        Bloomberg did say the cost-plus 50% plan was only one of several options that was under consideration.
        Since the early days of his election campaign, President Donald Trump has made it a major issue to get other nations to pay more for defense.