Abbottalypse climate!

Amazing what the threat of losing your sinecure can do, at Domain:

Tony Abbott has backflipped on his call for Australia to withdraw from the landmark Paris agreement, saying the federal government has lost the “emissions obsession” it held under former prime minister Malcolm Turnbull.

Mr Turnbull swiftly returned fire on Twitter, suggesting Mr Abbott’s claim that coal-fired power is the cheapest form of baseload energy was “innumerate idiocy”.

Mr Abbott was speaking at a debate of candidates for his blue ribbon seat of Warringah, where he faces a stiff challenge from high-profile independent hopeful Zali Steggall who is campaigning for bold action on climate change.

Do-nothing Malcolm sniffs revenge, at The Australian:

Mr Turnbull waded in as Mr Abbott faced off with his independent rival Zali Steggall over coal-fired power. After Mr Abbott called for the Snowy Hydro Corporation to look at purchasing a coal-fired power station, claiming coal-fired power remains the cheapest form of baseload power, Mr Turnbull tweeted: “But it isn’t.”

He went on to attack the “ideology and innumerate idiocy” that was stopping progress.

“Today the cheapest form of new dispatchable or base load energy is renewables plus storage. We are now able to have lower emissions and lower prices but we need to plan it using engineering & economics rather than ideology and innumerate idiocy,” he said.

Quite right. Shame he did nothing to promote it, either.


      • Mining BoganMEMBER

        It was an outlier. 47-53 has been the numbers for yonks.

        Oops…shoulda been next storey down. 👇👇👇

    • 40 Newspoll losses and he thinks he would’ve won. Completely nuts. Like Rudd he has more than a touch of grandiose narcissism.

    • alterbrainMEMBER

      There was some turnaround in the polls at the time. It’s an argument that they might have got closer. However that ignores the role of the spoilers inside and out. Once yet another coup happened it was always going to be uphill. But with the internal back stabbing the LNP with Malcolm probably wouldn’t have pulled it off either.

      • Also, I think Turdball is claiming that internal Liberal polling was showing that the LNP were more than holding their own in the key marginals.

      • FiftiesFibroShack

        That demented crone labels someone a “socialist” every other day. It’s her shtick. It’s why Sky wheel her on.

        She’s a great example of what’s wrong with this country and, more broadly, the idiocy that has infected the reactionary right the world over.

  1. If it is not coal, what is the cheapest source of base load power? Should we let the rest of the world in on the secret?

    • kannigetMEMBER

      Its Renewables with Storage, Has been for a long time. An Australian company developed a system with the help of CSIRO that scaled and was relatively cheap to build and operate. It was cheaper and more dynamic on a per KW basis than coal all the way back then.
      They tried to get recognition here while howard was still in power but he squashed their press release and they ended up moving to the US to get funding. Last I heard they were building systems in the US.

      I think I also read it in the Tweet that was the subject of this article….

      • For a privatised network what is cheapest is irrelevant.
        What is most profitable is the question of import.
        And the answer to that is build nothing, and increase returns from already paid for existing infrastructure.
        The government gave up input into the power grid whe they sold it.

  2. Emissions targets are all bs

    Whilst we are importing 400k plus people a year

    We also need nuclear power as part of the mix. Its bs there is not even discussion about this. We can export uranium to Japan and india and we are the Saudi Arabia of uranium but we can’t use our own? Agree with Bob Hawke or is part of the solution

    • Nuclear energy generation requires a significant logistics infrastructure to support it. Australia does not have that depth of infrastructure. The cost to build let alone support a plant would mean the kw/hr price would make a coal fired station look cheap.

    • Whereas Abbott is better at being Opposition Leader regardless of what he is otherwise doing.

    • He’s the shadow boxer. He looks the goods untill he hops into the ring. Abbott is just a junkyard Dog. He’s always looking for a fight while mindlessly protecting a pile of worthless refuse.

  3. the_bystander

    I’m sure Tony will absolutely not flip right back into his usual climate-denying mode right after winning re-election…

  4. haroldusMEMBER

    Here’s clownshoes on the tunnel. Barry O’Farrell premier 2011. Tony PM 2013.

    “Look, it just has to go ahead. It just has to go ahead,” Mr Abbott said.

    “This is a necessary investment in the amenity of an area which has been neglected by state and federal Labor governments for far too long.”

    When it was put to Mr Abbott that he had been the local member for a quarter of a century, he said he needed the “coincidence” of having Liberal governments at state and federal level at the same time before the tunnel project could go ahead.

    • FiftiesFibroShack

      I’d really like to see the Stocks and Cat o’ nine tails make a comeback. It might be too late to undo the damage these people have caused, but it’s never too late for revenge.

  5. Good on MT, it’s beginning to look like he’ll be more valuable as a former PM than he was as a PM.
    This stupidity needs to be called out for what it is, in a way the same message applies to you guys at MB with your LNG obsession, it’s not the short term solution for reasons of supply shortages and it’s not the long term solution for reasons of cost (compared with PV+storage). It is possible that LNG could be a valuable part of the medium term power generation solution BUT it’s not necessarily the cheapest medium term solution AND if it is the medium term solution that we choose than it doesn’t eliminate the network and system costs that will be necessary to transform ourselves into a mostly renewables electricity generator.
    In a strange sort of way LNG is to the National Electricity Network what Fibre to the Pier is to NBN (a possible but completely unnecessary step which is likely to absorb much of the capital needed for creating the long term solution)