Time Gotti retired

Old man Gotti has gone way beyond the pale today:

The anger China has with Australia is unique and does not apply to any of its other developed country trading partners….business people were told mid last year that a number of our universities would see a softness in Chinese enrolments during 2019. And, of course, that’s exactly what is happening…Student demand for apartment rentals — vital to the income of those owning inner city apartments — has not been affected but the student softness would not want to escalate….Suddenly, a number of ships carrying Australian coal to parts of China have found it difficult to get a berth.

…the mistakes we have made in foreign affairs means that on this front we need a new approach. We are incredibly dependent on China — in some ways we are a state of China…Our role should be to provide a bridge between the US and China and not to culturally antagonise our largest trading partner.

Don’t include me in that statement of “our”, Gotti. Nor should you include any other red-blooded Australian. None will be on board with selling Australian freedoms to tyranny to protect your mates in business.

Australia was fine before China and will be fine with less of it. That’s what economies do. They adjust.

“Our” job is to protect Australian children’s liberal democratic future and if you’re going to get in the way of that then it’s time you disappeared quietly into that good night.

Meanwhile, Mr huang wants his money back, via the AFR::

…the man banned from living in Australia because of his alleged connections to the Chinese government, has demanded that $2.7 million in donations he gave to both major political parties be returned so he can donate them to charity.

…The Australian Financial Review can reveal that the Australian Security Intelligence Organisation (ASIO) ordered the cancellation of Mr Huang’s residency in Australia because he was “amenable to conducting acts of foreign interference”.

Caveat emptor, Mr Huang.


  1. Mmm so not sure I understand this correctly,
    the reduction in foreign students is because the CCP is angry with us… ALL of us…. and not because they are loosing large numbers of wealthy people to a sub standard foreign education system…

    The amount of Ore being blocked at their ports is due to the CCP being angry with us….. ALL of us….. and not because they are wanting to stem the flow of stuff being built for the sake of stuff being built….. They know they need to refocus their economic growth into more productive areas than building building for people who wont / cant live in them….

    Its a pity our master could see this and do the same….

    • He is saying: we should mend our relationship with one bunch of scumbags (Xi and his band) to save another set of scumbags (specufestors)? Correct me if I’m wrong

      • Oh, I understand thats what he is suggesting, But I think he may have missed that to the CCP we are just a set of annoying sycophants with some dirt they like….. They wont care if they hurt our economy by trying to fix problems in their own and no amount of “reach around” democracy is going to change that…..

  2. (AFR)
    “Of course Mr Huang has Communist Party connections just like he has connections with both sides of the Australian government. That’s what billionaires do, they have connections with governments,” she said. “When it suited both sides of our government they willingly engaged with him and accepted his money – has Mr Huang really changed since then, or have we?”

    “We” have, thank goodness!

  3. reusachtigeMEMBER

    Seriously, what a traitor! As much as I love Chinamen ladies calling for us to be an actual state of China is treasonous.

  4. business people were told mid last year that a number of our universities would see a softness in Chinese enrolments during 2019

    Given the persistent decline in the number of university student aged Chinese people on the planet what else was going to happen? Literally the only way to prevent the decline is to increase the proportion of all Chinese born university students in the world studying here, and there is a limit on how far that can go in the face of competition from other countries chasing income from O/S students, and also on how far the CCP will tolerate their students studying overseas.

    • Another ponzi in the process of biting the dust. What next? Demands from our pollies that the Chinese increase human reproduction in order not to interrupt the supply of money (pardon me, students) to our Unis and the visa department?

      • Given the CCP have been trying to increase fertility in China for at least the last five years with zero impact (apart from a brief sugar hit about nine months after the one child policy came to an end), good luck with that.

      • The only way to increase birth rates in first world societies is to make the cost of living pressure go down. Cost of housing lower etc..

      • @Gavin
        Ironic, isn’t — in our haste to pump up the various ponzis we’re cooking the goose that lays the golden egg and as you say, lower fertility rates are the consequence. People simply cannot afford to have big families anymore.

  5. Amazing how quickly and easily many of these business ‘leaders’ were prepared to sell out their ethics and values to an autocracy with shocking human rights and environmental standards.

  6. Who cares if Chinese students decreased because of tighter control from China. Who cares if they decided Australia was looking at a recession and decided to seek migration to greener pastures.

    Care only that they have decreased.

    • Knowing why the don’t come any more could be useful for:

      1. Predicting whether they will begin to come again in the future
      2. Either encouraging or dissuading them from coming in large numbers again, depending on how you feel about them

      • John Howards Bowling Coach

        High Rise Harry is one of them. As a White Russian, born in Shanghai and acting with all the greed and self serving of a Mainland property developer we should try him for treason and deport him back to his motherland. Unfortunately he is only typical of the type and openly contemptuous of the Australian population who he openly refers to as victims of his own shaping to destroy the former Australian way of life. It’s a disgrace that people like Harry migrated here and received a welcome and opportunity but in return trash the nation who lifted them to a better life. The standard response to this is the many who say he did it himself through his own work. The reality is that despite his rat cunning he didn’t take that chance back in Shanghai for example where the rat cunning of the locals would have neutered his effectiveness.

  7. Sadly this haemorrhoid is representative of a large portion of public opinion. “We’ve walked ourselves into a trap and some of us have even managed to profit off it so we just have to make the best of it!” F8ck that.

  8. Stewie GriffinMEMBER

    Really MB should treat Gotti with a little more respect – he is a model citizen in the Merchant Society.

    The Merchant economy recognises that there is no such thing as “National Identity” instead we recognise every Cultural Identity on earth. Because Australia is a nation of immigrants – Multiculturalism is who we are.

    By denying Chinese influence and rejecting Chinese cultural values, aren’t we really just denying ourselves?

    Australian children’s liberal Democracy was a result of every culture, including the Chinese…. so many great Australian towns are named after Chinese explorers, like Xianshu, Congseong and who can ever forget the experience of visiting the historic gold fields town of Miyatama on childhood school excursions? All of this is evidence of our deeply shared multicultural history.

    Remember, the only cultural values in Australia is tolerance towards all other cultures – putting Australian interests above the cultural values of every other culture on earth is abhorrent – Gotti is quite right.

    Never forget – Multiculturalism, it’s who we are.

  9. can’t believe the Aus still bothers with putting gotti behind a paywall.

    ps. and is huang wanting his money back now he didn’t get what he wanted an admission there is no such thing as a political donation?? #dilligaf

  10. In Gotti speak, “…the mistakes we have made in foreign affairs” are what exactly? If Gotti had his way, our foreign policy would written by Harry T.

    I recall now why these old blokes p**s me off. It’s not because they had it so easy. It’s because they’re so determined to sh*t in the nest and dismantle every institution and practice that helped them get to where they are today. Economic and social scorched earth.

    • So true. The social and political institutions that benefited them can now be unwound. The beautiful suburbs, beaches and environments they grew up in can now be trashed and brutalised. Summarised pretty much as as “I got mine”.

      • Frank Turner sums it up well in his song “Thatcher f**ked the kids”

        “You’ve got a generation raised on the welfare state, enjoyed all the benefits and did just great. but as soon as they were settled as the richest of the rich, they kicked away the ladder, told the rest of us that life’s a bitch”

    • Harry Triguboff wrote the building industry regilulations in NSW, so why not foreign Affairs too?

    • Mildly amusing until you consider the amount of military bases China is building throughout the Pacific, the Silk Road Initiative, the increasing amount of Chinese hacking of foreign governments (including ours) and the buildup of military in China itself.

      President Xi is leader for life and he is playing the long game. If you look at all the things above, we seriously might end up with Chinese overlords.

    • I’m sure Mr Huang is experienced enough to know how to fvck his hooker and not pay them. I’m also sure Mr Huang has done the minimum amt of research necessary on understanding his target (Australian society) to realise the value of a declaration of intent of possible returned money going to charity to certain segments of Australian society. Not that that would ever eventuate.

      • TailorTrashMEMBER

        Popcod your sophistication of understanding is sound …..I see life through a prism that is far removed from our mr Huang ……a true princeling that he is ……..but it is delicious that in this case he paid his money and did not ( yet ) get his happy ending …….that climactic Strayan citazenship that has now gotten a tad more out of reach one would think ……..unless he wins his legal challenge …..and Straya is humiliated …..which one should not count out by any means given how piss weak and bought out this country is ……this could be a watershed case ……..watch it and see .

  11. Linda Lovelace 3

    @ $2.7 million? What a cheap bunch of whores Australian politicians are ….. at that total sum you would barely be able to purchase a house in Chatswood ….

    • Or his 15 million mansion? Which perhaps the Liberals could report to the FIRB for divestiture now that it is not owned by a Permanent Resident….

  12. I’d like to lnow how that article passed editing. Why the fvck would you publish some old nut who says point blank that “Australia is a Chinese state?.”

    • TailorTrashMEMBER

      It’s usually called dementia……(and is the editor Chinese….$500 million spent on buying into Strayan media ? ) …but yes ….time for Gotti to go ….he can go and “yarn “ with his good mate High rise Harry if he still has any use for him ……….

  13. Even StevenMEMBER

    Referring to Australia as a state of China makes me see red…

    That is disgraceful. He does not speak for me or anyone I know. He is clearly speaking only for his billionaire mates.

  14. Xi has said that China is demonstrating that it is possible to have capitalism without democracy.
    I think a better direction now for the entire world would be more democracy and less capitalism.

  15. Or…. maybe….

    Maybe he’s right.

    It’s a horrible and unpalatable fact that Australia is highly reliant on China and our politicians will suck up to the Chinese politburo faster than a fat kid on a lollipop.

    Sometimes even a doddery old fart like Gotti gets it right, even if it is distasteful to hear it.

    It is vital that Australia keeps itself independent from larger foreign powers and the government has been doing a lousy job of it so far.