MB Fund Webinar – China Attacks! LIVE THURSDAY

This week’s LIVE webinar (12:30pm AEST, Thursday 21 Feb) – we explore the retaliation of China on a number of fronts.

Join MB Fund’s Head of Investments Damien Klassen, Chief Strategist David Llewellyn Smith and Tim Fuller as we bring you up to speed on the levers China can pull to exert influence on the global economy.

– Trade issues

– Cyber warfare

– Political Influence

– Australian economy impacts

– How we position portfolios to face these threats head on.

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  1. It’s everywhere!
    “Former (New Zealand) Prime Minister Jenny Shipley (now the chair of the Chinese government-controlled China Construction Bank NZ ) is refusing to clarify whether an opinion piece with her name on it represents her views. The People’s Daily on Monday published an opinion piece supposedly written by Shipley, lauding the Belt and Road Initiative as “one of the greatest ideas we’ve ever heard globally” and saying, “we should listen to China”. Yet the NZ Herald’s Audrey Young on Tuesday night reported that Shipley told her she didn’t write the piece.”

  2. Even StevenMEMBER


    God knows I have reason to disagree with David and Leith on many issues they blog about. Yes, they do sometimes use a bit of artistic licence, or use colourful language or portray issues and motivations in ways which are either unfair or inaccurate (occasionally).

    But where else do see critical debate of the Australian government’s (and the various lobby groups attached to it) appalling performance and how this is driving down living standards in Australia? Not many places.

    In any event, any failings they do have pale in comparison to your sycophantic attitude to China. I’m not sure if you’re hamming it up just to be a counterweight to David and Leith’s strong views in this area, but if not, I question your motivation and judgement.

  3. I disagree with a bunch of stuff H&H provides but stick around for the economic analysis. Bottom line is he has an opinion, just to listen doesn’t mean you need to agree. You are kind of threatening to help censor his views from behind a veil of anonymity. Doesn’t really make you look like hero either. He puts his name on his. Up till this point your counterpoints in the comments section have arguably broadened the debate here too which is good.

  4. 1.021 million Chinese communists onshore.

    🔻190,000 Chinese citizen grants – earlier waves
    🔻396,000 China First 🇨🇳 PR
    🔻315,000 China First 🇨🇳 TR all visa groups
    🔻120,000 China First 🇨🇳 Long / repeat stay ‘visitors’

    1,021,000 China mainland communists onshore.

    Apart from perhaps the 190,000 earlier wave arrivals / the vast majority a massive social & economic liability.

    A Hukou underclass dumped into Australian, the PR used as proxies to wash the tens of billions of dirty Chinese criminal syndicate money into established Australian housing to accomodate the 831,000 PR & TR / TV Chinese in Australia colonisation and working illegally / visa fraud.

    Even if we exited the 435,000 Chinese on TR & long duration / repeat stay TV, the other 586,000 Chinese on citizen grants & PR remain as a welfare & Medicare burden for generations to come.
    However the biggest threat to Australia right now is the US north Asia trade deal.

    The China US trade imbalance alone is $382 billion.
    US China imports $492 billion.
    US China exports $110 billion.

    The ‘deal’ to fix that is not about the US importing les from China, but China importing far more from the US.
    And USMCA as the North America trading bloc
    And North Asia (China, Japan, Taiwan, South Korea etc) as a total market even if individual deals. Especially if Japan, Taiwan, South Korea want that US protection from China.

    And so what does China & North Asia import & from who?

    🔹Plant – North Asia, Europe.
    The USMCA has capacity to displace that.
    🔹Ore / coal – north South Asia, Australia, Brazil
    The USMCA has capacity to displace that
    🔹Energy, oil & gas – South Asia, Qatar, Australia.
    The US has capacity to displace that – US gas is 19% cheaper than Qatar or Australian gas after current tariffs & the US will overtake Qatar #1 &Australia #2 within 5 years as the world’s largest gas exporter.
    Food South Asia Australia New Zealand
    🔹The USMCA has capacity to displace that
    IP / technology – north Asia, Europe
    🔹The USMCA has capacity to replace all that.
    Services (education services to Chinese in Australia is a multi billion net loss, the job loss / unemployment costs to Australians in just the illegally working Chinese foreign students far exceeds their fees paid – from money earned here illegally anyway)
    🔹The USMCA has capacity to displace that but would be unlikely to allow mass Chinese migrant guestworker importation under the guise of a foreign student alibi.
    And so on.

    It’s not just the US & China.
    The wider scope is North America (US, Mexico, Canada (USMCA) and North Asia (China, Japan, Taiwan & South Korea) in a ‘deal’

    Basically every category of China & North Asian (japan, South Korea, Taiwan etc) imports from Australia has the very real risk of being eroded, displaced or completely wiped out in a US lead USMCA (US Mexico Canada) & North Asia trade ‘deal’.

    Would China & North Asia – with the US, Canada & Mexico ‘sell out’ Australia & New Zealand in such a deal?
    In a flash.

    And what are we left with here?

    1 million Chinese Hokou underclass as a reminder.
    With 832,000 remaining as non assimilated China First 🇨🇳 Communist China passport holders as our social & economic burden – as our key north Asian export markets collapse.

    “Oh – that could never happen!”
    Well cast your mind back to when NZ got sold out by the UK on farm exports in the EEC deal.
    The UK betrayal of NZ.
    Two decades of recession.
    400,000 New Zealanders left the country.

    It can happen, and there is an inevitability that at least some of it will happen.
    That is a real & somewhat inevitable ‘China’ risk.

  5. 😂 If you think his total domination of the country’s media is impressive, just wait until he orders an air strike on MB servers!

    Have to admit though, this blasphemy against the CCP really needs to stop. I for one welcome our new overlord and saviour, the God King Xi.

  6. Lol, bring out the racist card, of course you would be talking to the ABC. Did you tell them about quantam radar and stealth ships too? Tosser.

  7. johnwilliamsmithMEMBER

    Sic Temper . We live in a free society , let’s be thankful for that. I find the blog really useful and original. The guys should be complimented for what they have built.

  8. You should just “discover” a sympathetic new Panchen Lama and install them as the head of the ABC you massive douche.

  9. Xenophobia and Racism….The last refuge of the scoundrel …. Where to go when one is defeated in argument. No wonder you look to the ABC for inspiration.