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    • The old man did his Nasho’s with that bloke, thought he was a bit flash. I liked his show as a kid. The old Gemini’s were pretty bulletproof for what they were, & light……. Just needed some boost……..

      I’ve got this kid who Really wants to buy my car & I’m thinking it might be easier than doing it all up to only race it once or twice….. & then drive it into the ground again over the next 15 years. Problem is I can’t see anything out there as short, light & chuckable without all the new fangled trickery that mechanics warn about…….

      • What about Toyota GT86/Subaru BRZ? They are cheap, plenty around and will be easily modified? RWD etc.. problem is they are a dime a dozen I suppose.

      • I’m not so bothered about commonality or looks, I’m after character & I don’t know if it still exists? Might be time to go for a few test drives to see what’s out there, & if they bore me I’ll likely be the old man in the Sandpiper……

    • Mining BoganMEMBER

      Just around the corner from your Yallambie house is an old bloke and his 1977 sandpiper two door he’s had since new. You hear the old girl coming and smile and he zooms past.

  1. NSW Greens push for mandatory solar and batteries for all new homes

    when someone who knows nothing decides to drive energy policies
    how about instead of expensive dirty batteries we start by making sure new homes are energy efficient (double glazed windows, light colour roof, east/west side external window shades, etc). Cost a fraction of batteries and air conditioner, environmentally friendly (glass, metal, wood, cloth, …)
    yeah but it doesn’t subscribe to the fake left “salvation via hi-tech progress”

    • Mandating batteries in 51% of new houses is good – the home buyers will have less money to bid up the price of land.

    • DoctorX,

      Those are all very good ideas and could be encouraged at relatively low cost.

      The main obstacle is turning the land and house into Ponzi assets.

      Those features may come at the cost of other Ponzi sale attributes like total floor space.

  2. The Model 3 owners manual
    No maintenance (other than tire rotations) ($ 60tire shop) until the end of the 2nd year.
    2nd year service recommends brake fluid change.($150)
    4th year service recommends coolant change and brake fluid change.($450)
    NB Should the vehicle go into water above the centre of the wheel, it is rooted.
    Can not, economically, be fixed
    If it is flooded forget it and them

    • Why so expensive for brake fluid and coolant??? The fluids will be $100, say, that implies A LOT of labour for a drain/fill/bleed.

  3. Townsville update :Uninsured punters are learning to read
    Many business punters in townsville find they are not insured for damage by
    sea, tidal wave, high water, flood.
    If you have any insurance be sure you understand exactly what is covered.

    ASX:IPL(Phosphate Hill) expects to lose $10 million a week until the line to TVL re-opens
    Say the line re opens in May-June. Say 14-18 weeks.
    Glencor’s Mt Isa operations probably will lose about 30mill a week, till the line re opens
    Basic maths 40 x14 mill =560mill minimum.

    Graziers typically sell cows for $400-600 /head so 500,000 cattle lost
    could mean losses of up to $200 mill minimum.

    Cost to repair the rail line and road to Mt Isa will easily go to over a billion,

    And in other news:
    Melbourne house prices have fallen at their fastest quarterly pace on record,

  4. Repost of links from other thread

    Prof/Dr Keen on the optimum population size
    preview (4/2/19)

    $10 Patreons

    Also see talks on
    money creation (full & free given at European MMT)

    on energy & credit at the ECB
    if you have not seen them yet

    • Any of thses help???
      12 No spark pulses at CPU
      13 No Oxygen sensor output.
      14 Coolant sensor indicated a temperature above 130C
      24 No speed sensor pulses
      41 No Crankshaft reference pulses.
      51 Check insertion of MEMCAL in socket and bent pins.
      53 Car’s alternator has produced >17.1 volts for over 2 seconds.

      • WW Haha! reckon its a P-0320 fault ( gazinda failure)
        The money that’s supposed to ‘gazinda’ the venturi to keep the loan from starving or capitalizing can’t be found or no signal reference received.

        Ino-SYB always worthwhile as the flame front and muffled blast is just righteous when you’re deeply frustrated. If you’re lucky ( like my pal) you’ll blow apart the plastic intake manifold Ford uses on the Festiva! (sustained and hearty laughter that can be revived anytime by just saying ‘start ya bastard’!

  5. Does anyone remember which legislation allowed banks to use rental income in mortgage repayment calculations?

    IMO this is the big one that permitted a 20-30% larger mortgage, and is going to cause a world of pain when rental vacancy rates spike.