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    • UK same as Aus really. There is an enormous chasm between the financial centres (London/Sydney/Melbourne) and the rest of the nation. I doubt the UK chasm is as big as Australia’s.

    • Dear goat … a bunch of ideologues went on a lark to stop Labour from usurping the goat given right of the Tories to manage reality and went a bridge to far, and now they have to toe the line or be seen as the lustful Sheppard’s they are … Then some will say its all the ev’bal tyrannical EU’s fualt …

      Then some around here bang on about game theory and prisoners dilemmas… seems a self inflicted wound … something about swords …. chortle ….

  1. interested partyMEMBER

    Orange man to speak to the nation.

    National emergency to be called?
    Opens the way for the military to build the wall?
    MSM going nuts?

    Just when you thought the MSM would get over Trump being Potus……..get ready for them to suffer the next apoplectic fit.
    Ruth Bader Ginsburg is not long of this earth, it seems. Imagine that……Trump appointing another Supreme court justice. It could be a clean run through the senate I imagine….with Trumps crew holding an ‘increased’ majority in the senate. [some say that Trump lost the mid terms, it could be said he gained a huge strategic advantage via the senate numbers ]

    Now picture the MSM headlines that are sure to flow so freely about the above……

    I wonder if during the nomination hearings process the next justice is questioned about military tribunals….just like the last guy was. It was a curious line of questioning…don’t you think?

    Some extra food for thought this fine morning…
    I note that Gitmo has been expanded and refurbished. If the US military is pulling out of the ME, why would they be upgrading instead of shutting it down? Along side of this…and related to the line of questioning asked of the last justices nomination hearing re Mil tribunals……on the 1st of this month a interesting amendment became active, the amendment being to the ‘Manual for Courts-Marshal’ .

    If you step back from the noise you can see the chess board being set……this year is looking likely to be very interesting.

    • “The LiveWire model is designed to produce a new signature Harley-Davidson sound as it accelerates and gains speed. This new futuristic sound represents the smooth, electric power of the LiveWire motorcycle.” Interesting, I wonder what it sounds like.

    • “Science Mart” – Publication: April 2011

      This trenchant study analyzes the rise and decline in the quality and format of science in America since World War II.

      During the Cold War, the U.S. government amply funded basic research in science and medicine. Starting in the 1980s, however, this support began to decline and for-profit corporations became the largest funders of research. Philip Mirowski argues that a powerful neoliberal ideology promoted a radically different view of knowledge and discovery: the fruits of scientific investigation are not a public good that should be freely available to all, but are commodities that could be monetized.

      Consequently, patent and intellectual property laws were greatly strengthened, universities demanded patents on the discoveries of their faculty, information sharing among researchers was impeded, and the line between universities and corporations began to blur. At the same time, corporations shed their in-house research laboratories, contracting with independent firms both in the States and abroad to supply new products. Among such firms were AT&T and IBM, whose outstanding research laboratories during much of the twentieth century produced Nobel Prize–winning work in chemistry and physics, ranging from the transistor to superconductivity.

      Science-Mart offers a provocative, learned, and timely critique, of interest to anyone concerned that American science—once the envy of the world—must be more than just another way to make money.