More Australia Day Weekend Links: 28 January 2019

The Flood of the Darling 1890, W.C. Piguenit, 1895, Art Gallery of NSW


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    • Whoa, you had to wake up early to get in first for this one, like 36 hours before you went to sleep!

      PS: Since title is “Links 30 January, 2019” does this mean we don’t get anything tomorrow?

      • GunnamattaMEMBER

        I guarantee you that I personally will go about the web this evening and add anything to the links which catches my eye and adds value to the links collection for the 30th.

      • Thanks Gunna, I was just taking the p1ss like many comments around here, but would appreciate some reading material when I get into the office tomorrow 🙂

        Hang on, the title has changed 😉

      • Last night on Naked Capitalism,they recommended a YouTube video
        – Rory Stewart, Hedgehog
        – not economic news,but will be very funny to some.

    • They don’t need to interfere they just have to sift the cheapest offers made to them by our leading shills.

    • Less about picking a winner and more about increasing distrust and polarisation.

      I’m sure someone can dig up a suitable Sun Tzu quote about spreading discord between your enemies’ allies.

    • They will swing their support behind THEIR people.
      They will selectively support those United Front players who become political candidates irrespective of the party.
      The CCP pays both sides.

  1. “The World Economy Just Can’t Escape Its Low-Growth, Low-Inflation Rut – NY Times”

    It’s headlines like this that make me despair for the future of the human race. The answer to this ‘conundrum’ is very simply explained. However, these clowns (at one of the world’s most ‘respected’ newspapers, no less) make out like it’s as mysterious as the origins of the universe.

    • yeah, it’s high time for some productive capacity destruction maybe something like WW2 era bombing raids on each others factories should be considered….. just don’t kill to many because we need all the consumer demand that we can muster.
      the most worrying thing I’ve seen printed suggests that the real problem is that we’ve all transitioned to post-consumerism, wow what a horrible thought, but it would explain a lot.

      • Fisho,

        “…that the real problem is that we’ve all transitioned to post-consumerism, wow what a horrible thought, but it would explain a lot….”

        Was that in the WSJ?

        Get back to me when the population of China, India and Africa are wearing Polo shirts and swanning around in SUV.

        All that we are seeing at the moment is a bunch of people not being paid properly to produce stuff for a minority.

        It is a bit much for that minority to claim that the problem is that they are tired of consuming.

        That is a problem but not the one they think.

      • huh?? Consumerism has always been about a privileged upper 10% consuming 90%of the worlds finite resources while 90% of the worlds population looked on in envy. In reality that 90% paid the price for the wanton consumption while we the 10% invented schemes to share the worlds wealth that led to an even less equitable distribution ….it’s always been this way
        plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose

      • I haven’t seen any evidence that anyone is consuming less than their income (and their borrowing capacity) allows.

        What do you mean by post consumerism?

        Did you just mean that it is a symptom of an increasingly dysfunctional distribution of income?

        Well there is a simple solution for that.

        Nothing that a few general strikes, rolling stoppages and opportunistic politicians offering to roll back a few decades of policy cannot fix.

  2. “Peers and MPs receiving millions in EU farm subsidies – Guardian”

    Ah, pollies and the ‘connected’ all with their snouts in the trough and hands in the till. What a surprise. Bend over taxpayers! (It’a good to be king).

    Oops, did I forget to say: “More Government, please!”

    • Don’t worry.

      Birmingham is negotiating a “free trade” deal with the EU protectionist trade bloc.

      Yep as loony as it sounds.

    • Acca dacca carvings for me with a bit of a multimedia light show that runs every hour on the hour (a bit like BeeGees Way in Redcliffe). Maybe some Sportsbet ads into the mix to fund it as well as a Transurban tolled road tunnel directly from the airport to get in and out a lot faster.

      • ErmingtonPlumbingMEMBER

        I can see your the kind of “Ideas Man” the liberal Party are seeing Abandoning their ship in droves.

      • LOL, I’m good at spotting those ‘liberal ideas’ in order to avoid being part of it, so figured if they can do their sh1t out the back of never never, then maybe I can just get on with my life here in the burbs without having to put up with them and their ilk (or should that be without having to bend over and ‘put out’?)

  3. I spent most of the weekend reading about Drone Counter-measures
    It’s an interesting topic, with a lot of civil, military and law enforcement applications
    Apparently DJI Aerospace (one of the biggest hobby drone makers) has some drone identification technology that is being trialed over the harbour and airport.
    of course as with all new technology the war of words is often more about the manufacture FUD than creating real life working counter measures. From a military technology perspective counter-measures are always one of the most closely guarded secret, because if you understand the counter measures you can usually design around them. So with counter-measures real world value is usually inversely proportionally to real world understanding of the counter measure, this makes for a very weird market where everyone has their own top secret sauce, which is just the kind of product space that I like to work in.

    • reusachtigeMEMBER

      Meh. These counter measures are weak. The best counter measure for a drone is a railgun!

  4. Japan must be quite happy that the private bank apologists have given up issuing proclaimations of impending Japanese economic doom and have shifted their attention to China.

    But that doesn’t make it any less annoying.

    China pumping out 7,000 km of railway track per year but still has less than 50% of the freight network of the Highway Nation the USA. They better get ready to stop building rail track in a decade or two or they might have too much rail!

    The only important issue is whether China is still pulling people in their millions out of poverty and is allocating resources to infrastructure that is not only desperately needed but is productive.

    That appears to be still the case despite the occasional over heated story about a ghost city, shopping centre, metro or bus stop or a public toilet that has not been flushed in the last 60 minutes.

    Do we ever tire of stories that feed our prejudices or economic ideological biases?


    Even when we know that the Chinese banking system is a part of government and therefore whatever credit it creates is effectively little different to fiscal policy.

    The important point is that this country is determinedly authoritarian and has little interest in what our ideologues are selling.

    Modernism in political thought has a track record of not tolerating difference.

    Have we learnt anything or are we going to destroy a few villages to save them?

    • reusachtigeMEMBER

      I’ve met some great Chinamen especially the lovely ladies in the shops. It’s been one of the best additions to vibrancy we have ever received (not quite Thai level though, although I recently discovered that about 40% of Thais have Chinamen in them), even better than sweet and sour pork (you know what I’m sayn).

  5. ABC radio just had some chump Dr Sandro Demaio/CEO of Eat foundation basically stating that Australians needed to pay more and eat less meat so that it could be exported to third world countries where starvation was an issue. One farmer called in and questioned why they weren’t addressing the issue of overpopulation, and was told that it was impossible and we had to pull everyone in the world along in essence taking responsibility for the failed population policy of other countries. Looks like eating meat is going to be a privilege soon.

    • Hilarious. Western and some Asian countries have stable birth rates but it’s completely impossible to have that in Africa, so the rest of us need to give up more for irresponsible people in the third world.

      I propose we send Liz Allen to Africa. She’d keep a tribe or two full for weeks.

    • Heard the same thing on radio and thought it was all ridiculous. Everyone knows the answer is over population. Tweaking diets is just tinkering around the edges. Even if I have my meat intake all it takes is one extra person to eat the other half I used to eat and we are back in the same position.

      We need a global population policy with local popularjin targets that go hand in hand with CO2 targets.

    • Its only fair that those who cannot afford a house or a family of their own, continually pay higher taxes to support other families around the world.

  6. Deutsche Bank to get Qatari Investment …

    Anyone taking a look at DB share price trajectory over the past 5 years would be rightly concerned. Not to mention the reported Level 3 asset position.

    All those criticising a no-deal Brexit haven’t turned their minds to the prospect of a ECB bailout of DB (and the rest of the Eurozone financial system), as well as the complete absence of mechanisms for doing so currently.

    • reusachtigeMEMBER

      Good! I went to Melbourne recently, sadly, and it’s more boring than everyone says it is (other than inside the vibrant laneways, especially near Chinamen Town). Melbourne needs this.

      • For too long Sydney has got too many vibrants, it’s time for Melbourne to get it’s fair share also.