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      I hear a crack in the ideological glacier like a report of a rifle …

      The Road from Mont Pèlerin – The Making of the Neoliberal Thought Collective

      There are several distinct usages of the term that can be identified:

      As a development model, it refers to the rejection of structuralist economics in favor of the Washington Consensus.
      As an ideology, it denotes a conception of freedom as an overarching social value associated with reducing state functions to those of a minimal state.

      Sociologists Fred L. Block and Margaret R. Somers claim there is a dispute over what to call the influence of free market ideas which have been used to justify the retrenchment of New Deal programs and policies over the last thirty years: neoliberalism, laissez-faire or “free market ideology”.[41] Others such as Susan Braedley and Med Luxton assert that neoliberalism is a political philosophy which seeks to “liberate” the processes of capital accumulation.[42] In contrast, Frances Fox Piven sees neoliberalism as essentially hyper-capitalism.[43] However, Robert W. McChesney, while defining it as “capitalism with the gloves off”, goes on to assert that the term is largely unknown by the general public, particularly in the United States.[44]:7–8 Lester Spence uses the term to critique trends in Black politics, defining neoliberalism as “the general idea that society works best when the people and the institutions within it work or are shaped to work according to market principles”.[45] According to Philip Mirowski, neoliberalism views the market as the greatest information processor superior to any human being. It is hence considered as the arbiter of truth. Neoliberalism is distinct from liberalism insofar as it does not advocate laissez-faire economic policy but instead is highly constructivist and advocates a strong state to bring about market-like reforms in every aspect of society.[46] – snip

      Hope it helps

    • Can’t wait to see these people raise their rents once interest rates rise, they lose an income, other tenants move out, Government policy changes, the weather changes, [insert any other brainwashed, braindead reason here that forces them to stray from their longtime benevolence]. Leaners.

    • Not tempted to make a stooge account/s and start turning to property sentiment on your own are you? I am

  1. Bejezus, this Philip Soos has been posting/been quoted here on this site? Please tell me it’s another Philip Soos. Seemingly there is no PhD for common sense. When your team is 10 goals ahead you go out and give the other side free kicks? I’m no fan of O-Dwyer but WTF? What was he thinking??🤔
    Quote “Swinburne University has launched an investigation into one tweet by PhD candidate Philip Soos, who wrote “good riddance to this bitch” on Twitter and described the 42-year-old cabinet minister as a “filthy rat” who long opposed a royal commission into the banks. The university fielded a number of complaints about Mr Soos from staff and students.”

  2. It’s interesting to see education being commercialized by public and nonprofit sectors not by for profit corporations

  3. Oh for heaven’s sake! The link above from the South China Morning Post, about Sweden’s nuclear power buildout, is total garbage!

    But there is a ruthless logic to Goldstein and Qvist’s argument: the absolute priority is to decarbonise; and since it will take literally a century to build reliable and sufficient solar and wind power, we need to fill the breach with nuclear power generation, which is reliable and can be cranked up at speed while we solve the problems linked with other renewables. In short, it provides a safe, reliable and cost-effective route to fully decarbonised power generation within a time frame that keeps climate chaos at bay.

    Cranked up at speed? Cost effective? You have GOT to be kidding!
    How about a more honest link?

    Decades late and 2-3x over budget! A frickin’ disaster!

    Please let’s stop all the LIES about nuclear power. It’s slow and expensive, and we do NOT have the time or money for it.

      • @R2M have you seen the GC economy, seriously, its a shit show. I had my car broken into twice before Xmas. The theives went on a $4k tap and go spree between 2am and 6am purchasing cigarettes, kebabs and vending machine electronics. The credit card company refunded all of the transactions, but presumably not the goods to the shop keepers

        my question is who ate the losses? if it was the shops I have reason to believe this type of this is the norm on the GC shit show economy

    • he’ll be back probably after I stop doing relief work, Ive got this week and the short next week….
      although I suspect he’s hanging around here using a different non de plume…