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    • VW may be better to think again as to using China as a world production base, as trade rebalancing is going to head in one direction. The conflict is at many levels finance economic trade geopolitical. Choose sides please

  1. interested party

    The axios link above……
    Think on this….the ratings being higher is another example of trump using the media to highlight the duplicity of the dem (uniparty) resistance team. The result is more people get the chance to see them for what they really are. Surely they (CS & NP ) didn’t do that willingly? Good grief……

    Anyway…….it won’t be long before Trump is accused of copyright infringement….impeachable?

      • interested party

        Impossible….I have no ultimate expectations. I do have things I would like sorted out…but Trump is not the only person on the planet to fix those things….there are 7+ billion of us….anyone will do. He is going in the direction that keeps me supportive…I will say that……and along the way he is exposing the lefts true identity. The right are also complicit…..but the likes of nancy and chuck make me cringe.
        Is it possible that you may ultimately be surprised?

      • I thought he was “in trouble” for creating policy on the run and announcing it via Twitter without any warning to, or consultation with, everyone involved, be they US military commanders or allied foreign nation, creating massive uncertainty at both the micro- and macro- level.

      • It was a campaign promise, it was not policy on the run.

        It was most certainly policy on the run. Hence the reason everyone was rather surprised about it.

        Whether or not it was a campaign promise is irrelevant.

      • Smithy…the swamp runs deep. Who would you trust?

        The implication here is that Trump has all the information, knowledge and experience necessary to engage anyone on anything and consequently has nothing to gain from seeking opinions or discussion before making decisions.

        Or that he’s completely ignorant, but that’s OK because what we really need is a dictator.

        Tremendous, indeed.

      • That is traditionally what one person running a country is called.

        Which is clearly what you desire, since whenever anyone suggests that maybe someone other than Trump (or someone he’s blessed) might have some useful input, you start mumbling about “the swamp” or “deep state”.

      • “I thought you were more rational than this…..”

        Lmmao …. rational – I don’t think you know the meaning of this word and no it’s not agreeing with what you copy and pasted in your mind from others …. chortle ….

      • interested party

        You two make a wonderful couple…
        Intent on dragging everyone into the weeds……not playyin sonny

      • No weeds and not playing IP ….

        I only point out your use of these words is more than a bit wonky and not a substitute for an evidence based anything …. its just the opposite IMO – Bias confirmation is not a logical or rational proposition.

        Sure you can have your personal opinions, but, that is more about subjective conjuncture. Past opinions on topics and how they have panned out does not help much either.

    • “the ratings being higher is another example of trump using the media to highlight the duplicity of the dem (uniparty) resistance team”.

      So, even when Trumpy loses at what he proclaims to be the best at – in this case tv ratings – he’s a winner? Yeah goodo.

      • interested party

        You’re all over it….well done.
        You need eyeballs [ ratings ] to see the logic in the message…. mission accomplished. The Dems shot themselves in the foot….couldn’t help themselves.

        You do realise that the dems have voted for a wall before…don’t you?