Costa warns as consumers puke discretionary veg

The consumer is buckling:


  1. TailorTrashMEMBER

    …subdued demand in avocados ?…..there you have it lads and lasses ……..the omen of omens ….

    • To be fair, who wants to pay $3 for an avocado when you have no idea what condition it’s really in till you get home? I’m surprised the avo businesses are still in business at all.

      Oh that’s right, the hipster movement hasn’t died yet.

      • Dominic – both Coles and Woolworths have moneyback guarantees on their fresh food.

        I have used it multiple times on fruit that tastes sh!t. I’m not embarrassed about it either. Everyone should. Maybe they’ll get the message eventually.

        So take those $3 avocados back to colesworth and get your money back.

      • Jumping jack flash

        I see hipsters everywhere, lately they take off their tortoiseshell, 0 prescription glasses and blend in with everyone else.

        Kind of like reverse supermen.

        You can still spot them by their beards.

      • @Peachy
        It’s crossed my mind to take my stringy avo’s back but I just haven’t been able to summon the nerve.

        But you’re right, I should. Added to which, the fruit ‘n veg buyer for our local Coles shouldn’t have a job – the only consistently safe bet in our store is the carrots.

  2. Smashed like an avocodo! The economy must really be in the poo if demand for avocado has dropped off a cliff. Are the Millennials all hunkered down in their parents’ basement eating weetbix these days?

  3. “Flat growth” compared to the previous forecast “of low double digit growth”.

    Lololololol @ flat “growth”. It’s such an old fashioned term. Negative sideways movement is where it’s at.

    Also lololololol at the hugeness of the miss – 12% growth vs 0% growth is pretty spectacular. (Down 34% in early trading – probably not enough)

    Need more people in Australia to support easy “growth”.

  4. The Beetrooter Advocate

    Discretionary fruits and nuts would have been a more correct headline.

    No veg here.

  5. Avo’s are also a bi-annual harvest…. maybe its just been the small-crop year … ? Or a large-crop year causing a flood of supply…

  6. HadronCollision

    Veggies are discretionary??


    On avos, the set is certainly affecting the taste of ours. But the shepherds are fruiting like mofos

  7. avos in FNQ are going berserk. Mate who does structural steel had 28 sheds to build mid last yr, says arvo farmers can’t get rid of enough money quick enough,
    another mate gave up a job in the gas to buy a farm with 1500 trees and was trying to get another 1500 in the ground ……. I believe a lot is now going to export .