Australian inflation still weak

The ABS is out with Dec QTR CPI and it’s still weak:

The headline was slightly above consensus so markets got excited but analytical series are all about as scary as facing Phil Lowe in a fist fight. And they are going to weaken from here.

Nothing here to prevent a dovish shift in the lunatic RBA.

David Llewellyn-Smith
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  1. GunnamattaMEMBER

    Alcohol and Tobacco 3.2 for the quarter and 6.8 for the year.

    After that its the health insurance gouge the transport gouge and the schools gouge

      • GunnamattaMEMBER

        …..and its the best kind of tax hike.

        That’d be our privatised health insurance, our privatised transport, and privatised schools leading the way there.

        I might get out and sacrifice a bull at my backyard altar to the Efficient Markets Hypothesis

      • CaptainFeatherSwordsGhost-TheHaunting

        Can’t recall a post when you don’t bang on about the need for broadening tax revenue. Now you see what a cannibalising effect it has. Welcome to the socialism you’ve been begging for.

      • GunnamattaMEMBER

        100% right.

        The tax revenue base needs to be broadened by incorporating things wealthier people do which are currently untaxed because they set the taxation rules to make the things they do look like an ‘investment’

        As I previously mentioned that would be health insurance and transport (come on down novated leases and transport expense write offs) , but of course I agree with you entirely when when you rightly note that real estate speculation costs need to come within the aegis of tax reform.

        Lets not just have socialism, lets have socialism which gets right up the noses of those profiting from economic bullshit, and lets reform the taxation system to include a gelding ring around the tools they use to enjoy their nice warm moist rentseeking enfilades . And lets make it tight. Lets make it so tight the soothing prognostications of those entitled types about how wonderful it is can be accompanied by screams of righteous indignation to brighten the night sky.

  2. You are a true communist and bureaucrat, Gunnamatta. No economic stimulation of advanced technology and robotics, or the removal of the ridiculousness capital gains tax that stops business from moving efficiently to new locations and has absolutely no effect when times are tough and business is not wanting to move. No opening up free education and first class training opportunities for the entire population. Let’s just attack and tax the wealthy, let’s use Venezuela’s model, or Zimbabwe’s where they took the farms from those evil white farmers so that everyone could be equally even poorer and opportunity even less.

    • A low effort post. Do better next time. Start by reading up on the False Equivalence fallacy.

    • GunnamattaMEMBER

      Today, in sock puppets from the world around us, we will meet the the binary and mutually exclusive, if its not black it must by definition be white, if you are attacking our little rent seeking fondle you must worship Robert Mugabe from the Central Presidium of Comintern, there is no way but the one true way and all other ways are godless evil, nutter………..