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    • Congrats!

      Apropos of nothing I am listineng to the entire Steel Panther discography.

      This is a worthwhile activity, but Feel the Steel is the best.

      If you like guitar, Satchel is great, His acoustic solos blow me away. But his electric solos are amazing.

      • I would suggest to you, sir, that Steel Panther are among the best songwriters and performers in the world.


      • Haha yeah I have to admit I got pretty into them at 1 stage. Love the song about Tiger Woods. 😁

        I think they started it as a joke, but who doesn’t wanna be an 80s hair metal god? I do.. 😀

      • Steel Panther are a joke band?


        Next you’ll be telling me that reus is a parody account.


      • Just saw the Head of the Building Designers Association on the ABC – he laid the blame on the Boooom, that meant Building Certifiers could not keep up with demand, so they allowed developers to hire their own Certifiers – what could possibly go wrong? He also said that unqualified tradesman are now allowed on sites and shoddy workmanship is the result. I wonder where the not properly certified/qualified tradies came from? Imagine if Australia Square was built to these modern day standards?
        What has become of Australia? The Building Design head reckons this is only the tip of the ice berg.

      • I’m calling A Black Swan event on the Opel cluster F#ck.
        Once again. the Trust is destroyed, we have had banks, churches governments, trade unions, cricketers betray us… but this time it is Houses..and that will strike deeply into our hearts

      • but this time it is Houses..and that will strike deeply into our hearts

        The appalling quality of Australian construction has been an open secret for years. Weak sandy cement, drains that stink, untreated pine frames full of borer, walls out of true, heaving waffle slabs, rusting roof fixings, gutters sloping the wrong way, …. I could go on for hours. Quality is better in the US and other countries, I can attest from first hand experience.

    • Re: Opal it seems as a country we have become complacent and just don’t care anymore. But if we can’t flog apartments to Chinese what next?

      Tourism perhaps? Well last night I took my best friend with my wife up to Mount Dandenong for my mates birthday. He is a camera man and spends his spare time trawling through old archived films / footage. Anyway he found a stack of old beta tapes a while back and has sent me some commercials from the early early 80s. On those tapes was a commerical for the restaurant at the look out point.

      So he’s all hyped up for going, since he has bought into the dream sold by the commercials. He’s really looking forward to a good meal and a beer for his birthday.

      Well as it happens, it was pretty much a disaster, from the booking where we got the impression it was a full house so we arrived at 8:30 as per their instruction since they said they wouldn’t have a table before.

      I made the mistake of reading reviews between my main and dessert. Read them for yourself (sort by lowest rating)

      SkyHigh Mount Dandenong

      26 Observatory Rd, Mount Dandenong VIC 3767
      (03) 9751 0443 https://g.co/kgs/wKajrB

      Anyway, we felt like they rushed us to finish and the view in the place was rubbish. The top level is reserved for special events only and it was eye watering expensive for subpar food.

      We will never go back (unless it has a total makeover) and I thought the only reason it survives is tourism. But will tourists actually say good things about it?

      I got sick of such crap in Europe. I thought we do much better in Melbourne/Sydney when I used to live abroad. Now I’m not so sure. I feel like this is more often the case these days. So why would people come here for over priced rubbish? They can go anywhere else for that matter..

      • Really disappointing, sorry to hear it was so sub par.

        It’s sometimes the case that a place with a good view just trades on that and fails on the food. But it takes a rare place to f#ck up both!

      • One thing I have found is the fancier the experience you try to make, the more you are setting yourself up to be:
        – ripped off
        – dissapointed

        whether it be Sydney / Melbourne or any popular holiday destination.

        I have just finished a glorious 4 days off work with nothing but running, cycling, Sydney to Hobart watching, MBing, cricket, reading, BBQing and daydreaming. Limited Xmas to a drive by lunch with family and quick exit with white lie about having a late shift Xmas day.

        Did not go near a sale / restaurant / in demand holiday spot or even a cafe.

        Best (and cheapest) 4 days in what has been a long tough year.

      • Crappily built apartment towers sold to Chinese investors or occupiers is our revenge for the crappily built products that China flogs to us. Quid pro quo. Their apartment investments can be expected to last as long as our appliances. I think thats fair.

      • Anyway, we felt like they rushed us to finish …

        Aah, did you get the Pìss-Off! Minties™️ at the end or were they the stingy bástards who bring you the bill with the last course?

    • ErmingtonPlumbingMEMBER

      I posted a picture of one of the collapsing 9/11 twin towers in the photos section,…wonder how long before its pulled down.

  1. Gatwick.

    One guy says Gatwick had a faulty ATC system and executives at the airport decided to fabricate a story about a drone:


    After all, no witness has talked to the media and said “I saw the drone”. Oh, the lamestream media has stopped talking about the drone. Gag order from the corrupt establishment?

    First a drone at Gatwick, an IT failure at Heathrow, and now a fault with Birmingham’s air traffic control.


    And now the airport has been sold to a French firm! Did shareholders lie about a drone in order to reduce the price of the airport?

      • New Labor… no morals, no ethics, no principles.
        Power and money is all that matters to these people

        Banned money in ALP coffers
        Daily Telegraph-11 Apr 2018
        THE NSW Labor Party and deputy leader Michael Daley received almost $13,000 in political donations from a company with a major property developer…

  2. UNITED STATES: Southern California Home Sales Plunge 12% In November As Prices Peak | Zero Hedge


    Pending Home Sales Crash 7.7%, Biggest Drop In Four Years | Zero Hedge


    Nomura: “It Is Increasingly Obvious That Powell Believes The Fed Has Engendered Outright Asset Bubbles” | Zero Hedge


    • TailorTrashMEMBER

      All hands on deck for damage control ……”Planning Minister Anthony Roberts appointed two engineering professors to investigate what caused the split to the six-by-three-metre pre-cast concrete panel on level 10 of the building.”

      See …it’s just a little panel on the 10th floor ……what’s all this fuss about ?

      • One of the reviewing professors Mark Hoffmann of UNSW is in the media today pre-emoting findings of the report by saying that concerns about building quality are ‘alarmist’.

        Why would the Dean of UNSW be denying the issues and making such statements pre-empting the report findings???

        Just look at who the chancellor of UNSW is. David Gonski, chairman of ANZ bank and major lender to Harry Triguboff. Maybe Mark doesn’t want to bite the hand that feeds him?

        I think this indicates how compromised formerly independent public institutions such as universities have become.

      • Nice work Gramus, they have recruited a fellow of the ponzi, the fellowship of the ponzi has been called to arms

      • Best result is that it is knocked down and turned into a park, developers and builders in jail, govt should fund the bill, they provide the ultimate license and regulation of the industry and have now been caught out not doing their jobs. Not much diff from Grenville except noone’s died yet, eh?

  3. The Traveling Wilbur

    The churnalist’s take on the dark matter rogue star detection method is a confused mess of copying, moving and repasting. Fortunately, the link to the source material is included as a ‘statement’ link, and the source material is actually it’s own publication. And brilliant:


    What a fascinating place we live in.

      • boomengineeringMEMBER

        Shame on me stooping to level of bringing a Morwong home to eat. Went spearing with the son in lieu of the bike ride this morn.
        Normally only hunt Kingies or Jew and ignore the rest but will see how it cooks for lunch.(any advice welcome)

      • boomengineeringMEMBER

        Too late going to give it to Jack (black lab) as he loved the head. Speared a Blue Fin Tuna once but Dolphin Fish (Mahi Mahi ) the best tasting one I’ve speared so far.

      • morwong filleted skinned cut into nuggets ..
        dried thoroughly coated with lo fat egg mayonnaise ..
        thickly dusted with polenta grill / bake 200C
        * preheat cooking apparatus …use baking paper on tray to avoid cooking oil

      • boomengineeringMEMBER

        Thanks Jelmech, haven’t given it to Jack yet so may attempt.
        Looked it up on the net and it said, take the fish off the table, cut it up into small pieces, mulch it up, put in in the fry pan, eat it after throwing the Morwong away because the table tastes better.

      • boomengineeringMEMBER

        Hey Jel, Jack missed out, cooked in oven butter and pepper wrapped in foil. Actually tastes alright but won’t spear them again.
        Thanks again.

      • @boom
        Morwong is OK but I don’t usually bother keeping them personally I would have grilled it whole sort of Chinese style (crispy skin) with lots of Ginger and Garlic and maybe some lemon zest. usually where there are Morwong there are also Red Rock cod (aka Scorpion fish) Now they’re worth eating, just watch out for the spines or you’re in for a whole lot of pain.
        As for Jewies, these days I let all my Jewies go their numbers are in huge decline (which personally I blame mainly on beach netting of Mullet) but I also do what I can by not targetting them, which is a pity because they’re such a fun fish to catch off the stones and don’t they taste good.
        Hey but what do I know, one of my favorite eating fish is Tailor (but it has to be super fresh as in caught that day) and you have to treat it with respect, bleed it immediately and put it straight on ice. Fresh Tailor Umm!

      • boomengineeringMEMBER

        Many thanks Fisho, no one in our family can cook except the youngest but only for himself.
        Haven’t speared a Jew for year’s as haven’t seen a big one for years so you are right about depleting numbers.

      • boomengineeringMEMBER

        Fisho, BTW. Even though we lost sight of each other early in the dive, we both saw a very small school ( 6 off) of Jew but way undersize. Whenever I
        A few years ago I was advocating the culling of Groper even though I would never spear one (no sport in that ) but they were in such prolific numbers that they were like rabbits killing all the coral. Their population seems to have subsided since then so probably not needed now. What is your thoughts on this?

      • boomengineeringMEMBER

        btw 2 Whenever I dived by (myself or buddy) at night it was always by moonlight as its illegal to use a torch.

      • Yep Big Jewies used to be fairly common but now they’re a really unusual catch (minimum legal size is 70cm) which is good because they really don’t taste that good if they’re much smaller tan 70cm. (school Jew are called Soapies for a reason). There seem to be lots of school jew around and I think it’s because they eat mainly worms and prawns, big jew however love their Mullet (aka jew lollies) and I think that’s the reason we should ban all Mullet netting along our beaches. They’re killing off the Jew breeding stock and they don’t even keep the mullet itself because they’re just after the roe (it’s a big export to Taiwan and Japan).

        As for Grouper their numbers are definitely up from say a decade back. I know guys that like to catch them off the rocks but for me it’s pointless because the whole game is over in the first few seconds, either they get under a rock or you skull drag them far enough away that you can keep their head up and that’s about it. I’m not sure that there are too many Grouper because from what I’ve seen they’re not displacing other rock fish. From what I’ve seen good Grouper populations are more a sign of healthy diversity because where Grouper numbers are up you get a lot more Wirrah and moray eels, wrt corals I think you’re just seeing adjustment from over fishing.

      • boomengineeringMEMBER

        Fisho, agree whole hardheartedly about the size limit of Jewies, they changed it in 2013 from 450mm to 700mm, but in my case the really big fish are sometimes infested with worms.
        I was referring specifically to Groper (Achoerodus vindis ( actually wrasses)) as opposed to Grouper although they are in the same family (Serranidae).

    • China PlateMEMBER

      Thanks for the link Wilbur most interesting, that and the new horizons article have inspired me to pull out the telescope tonight – being a moonless night to begin with to bootes

  4. The Jolly Swagmen interview Jonathan Haidt on the new book he has just co-authored ‘The Coddling of the American Mind’.

    (The below fails to mention the topic as I think it will not make it through if I add it.)

    I think they do a good job with the topic. They point out what is concerning about it and note that even though it is an issue, as a percentage of people it it tiny. It just consumes a lot of oxygen as it gets people worked up. I’m also impressed that they approach the problem with charity and empathy. It is too easy to become agitated, angry and condescending. When that happens then it just increases the rift that everyone complains about and would like to see healed.

    • FiftiesFibroShack

      The issue is being ginned up by the “very serious man industry” and various right wing personalities. Outrage is profitable. Linking your ideological opponents to an unpopular minority – a minority that would barely rate a mention without the world-shrinking nature of social media – is a big draw, too.

      Arguing against universal healthcare and various political reforms is hard, and jeopardizes a good shill’s paycheque. It is much easier to paint these issues as being the domain of some ridiculous Marxists/socialists/[email protected]

      The yoof have not changed all that much. When my mum was a Uni, back in the 70s, there was a Feminist group on campus whose stated objective was to kill all men. Just imagine the ‘very serious’ think pieces and social media bed-wetting those girls would have triggered if Twitter was around back then!

      I suggest we all relax a little and learn to laugh more. Getting outraged just empowers the [email protected]

      Try this:


      • ErmingtonPlumbingMEMBER

        I am still undecided whether Jones is a brilliant showman or just mentally deranged.
        His war with “the herpies of Glen Beck” (Ben Shapiro) is equally hilarious,…does he write his own stuff?,…or is he just winging it?
        Is it politically correct to laugh at the insane?

      • FiftiesFibroShack

        He seems to be an equal mix of showman and derangement. NFI how his show is put together.

        I’d like to buy PINGTR1P a beer or, going off his name, a pinger.

      • Alex Jones. That guy is the paranoia pits. I do like the Alex Jones is Bill Hicks conspiracy. It’s just about the only conspiracy theory he doesn’t like.

    • +1

      Good cast.

      Particularly because it tries to identify some of the real root causes rather than just “oh noes, commies”.

      I thought the point about uniting people for a general humanist benefit vs against “the enemy” was important as well.

      • The uniting is the important thing. We can’t move forward if all our energies are wasted on quarrels.

        Haidt’s previous book, The Righteous Mind, was an attempt to highlight that we have more in common than appears from the what appears in the media and on social apps. It also did well to highlight that the intentions and values that underlie the different views are ones that the other side would do well to add to their lives.

        Too often a book plays to one audience and adds little to the overall conversation. I found that it got me to look at myself as much as others. I think that it’d be a good book to teach in high school.

  5. Resident finds dip in tower floor

    Delsa Daryaei hasn’t forgotten the feeling of being trapped inside her apartment on Christmas Eve and having the door forced open by a fireman as the Opal Tower’s problems first emerged. Her unease intensified yesterday when she noticed a “dip’’ in the floor near her kitchen when she returned to gather belongings from the unit she rents with her mother.

    “I have no doubt the building has moved,” she said. “Each time I come here, I’m ­noticing more damage.”

    Ms Daryaei said a 2cm drop had become apparent in the floor near her bedroom. She told The Weekend Australian the slant was so bad she could “roll a wine bottle down the surface of the floor”.

    I am simultaneously horrified and excited.

    • True bda2206. Do you think the media will make a link between shoddy apartments and Big Australia? Tumbleweed, tumbleweed.

      • I’ve tried making the link with a couple of friends on facebook. they refute that immigration should be lower but cannot explain why it needs to be at this level or identify any benefits. They cannot agree that the apartments are being built to house new immigrants even when the Australian population would be at around replacement level without immigration. They cannot see that if we didn’t have to backfill with all this new infrastructure to catch up then there would be money to improve our lifestyles. They argue for the existing situation like useful idiots. it’s sad.

        Three word slogan.. please fall down.

      • The link is second order at best. The root causes there are greed and self-regulation.

        You’d be getting the same shoddy workmanship without high immigration, just not as much of it.

      • The monstrosities wouldn’t even exist […]

        LOL. Yes, if it weren’t for those damn immigrants, we’d still be raising kids on 1/4 acre blocks. All the greed, profiteering, deregulation, rent-seeking, control fraud and game of mates wouldn’t have happened, because… ?

      • Smithy because…..absent a massive dwelling shortage, there is no way that housing could’ve turned into such an expensive casino.

        Cans of coke have barely gone up in price on the last 30 years and have not shrunk in size at all. Because there is no shortage of coke, mate.

      • Smithy because…..absent a massive dwelling shortage, there is no way that housing could’ve turned into such an expensive casino.

        Cans of coke have barely gone up in price on the last 30 years and have not shrunk in size at all. Because there is no shortage of coke, mate.

        Back in ye olde days, before the immigration obsession, MB – and before that, the individual bloggers themselves on their own blogs – used to post many articles about how the shortage was primarily a result of things like land banking, zoning regulations, UGBs, and the like.

    • ErmingtonPlumbingMEMBER

      I certainly don’t want anyone to die or be injured,…but yes,…Pleeeeese fall down!
      It would be the catalyst needed to truly call out the Neoliberal, privatise everything rot that has been so foolish embraced by ALL of our treasonous elected “representatives”

    • Harry Trigubof must be losing his mind.
      No one is going buy any more of his overpriced rubbish apartments and a lot of existing buyers won’t settle either.

      He must be looking at staggering losses. The whole development industry must be looking at staggering losses.

      Greedy f*cks can reap what they have sown.

      • boomengineeringMEMBER

        All I’ve got to say about that is LOL.
        People just can’t laugh at themselves anymore. What a shame.

      • ErmingtonPlumbingMEMBER

        Harry, Harry, Harry,…like that other Building industry Comrade and fellow tradie (Jesus) I am able to be quite forgiving of your numerous and varied transgressions,…but we must see some,…however small,…resemblance of repentance.
        Im not really seeing it with your “Im so so sorry” line above harry…indeed I feel you were crossing the “thou shall not bear false wittness” line there my child.

        Still I will be here for you for another 3 weeks up untill Australia,… day after that it will be to late Harry,…Dad tells me an incident with a wine bottle will bring your time here to an end on this earth. (Father wouldn’t divulge any more than that)

        Sigh,…Wine on Australia Day,…how unAustralian.

    • – Those who rent in the Opal Tower are the lucky ones. They simply can end the rental agreement and move to another rental. The owners of those units/condos/apartments are the ones who are “left holding the bag”.

      • This presents some interesting potential problems for landlords with rented apartments in the Opal tower.
        Tenants can obviously cancel without any penalties but that doesn’t end a landlords potential liabilities wrt the tenant. ALL expenses incurred in moving are potentially recoverable, all depends on how you as the tenant go about it. A typically family 3 bedroom professional move (full pack / unpack) costs upward of $7K on top of this you’ve got at least 2 weeks hotel at Xmas rates (say $250/night = $3.5K) of course this is all happening while you have no rental income. Rental income losses (say min two months = $8K) …costs to terminate this rental are likely to be over $20K or maybe even $30K (if the tenant knows how to milk the system).
        This all assumes that the building can be reoccupied in say 2 months. otherwise the costs will just keep climbing.
        Sure these costs pale in comparison to the asset depreciation that’s happening but asset depreciation is unlikely to immediately trigger a loan default whereas this sort of cashflow disruption is exactly the sort of unexpected event that’ll catch many over extended landlords out. AND guess what a forced sale of these units will likely be under conditions of Negative Equity… It’s the kinda stuff that landlords nightmares are made of.

      • But Fisho. You can’t lose with property! It’s risk free! How can…?

        Some words we can try to teach property investors based on this incident:
        – Risk
        – Settlement risk
        – Regulatory risk
        – Market risk
        – Liquidity risk. …
        – Concentration risk. …
        – Credit risk. …
        – Horizon risk


        – Gravity!

  6. The Traveling Wilbur

    So… Australia back in and already getting a Bumrah. Hardly surprising.

    The good news is it means it’ll be an even shorter wait for Mitch Marsh to show us how it’s done.

    • Looks promising for the Marsh brothers to make a famous stand. Also, imagine how devastating Aaron Finch would be as a test opener if the opposition bowlers just slowed down a bit and didn’t move the ball around.

    • I have been deeply pondering the implications of Chris Broad’s question on Sandpapergate.
      Broad said that during the last ashes the Aussie bowlers were reversing even the new ball to devastating effect with what our bowlers referred to as the “The Method”.
      Why then ,he asks, did they have to resort to sand paper in South Africa ?
      I hope David Warner gives an interview and drops the acid on the whole rotten mess.

  7. Is australia the most property horny nation on earth? Even the cricket ads have bowlers bidding for auctions. Serious.
    Even hk and Singapore are not as property horny!

    • Perhaps, but perhaps it’s also an indication of the leverage in the industry. Go a week without sales and you’ve got 3 banks knocking down your door.

    • Most Aussies are so surrounded by their own propaganda about Australia being such a good place to live that I wouldn’t expect any other outcome. THe idea that the eastern cities are among the most livable on earth has left the building in my opinion.

    • The Traveling Wilbur

      God help me (re having an opinion). Don’t care whether it’s racist or not. It’s just stupid and irrelevant. It’s a cricket match for goodness sake. Not a pop-up plebiscite on immigration.

      It’s up there with Clarkson driving round Argentina in a car with plates marking the Falklands war – somewhat funny, but irrelevant and pointless.

      Now yelling that at any member of the team (instead of the crowd) that was born outside India and recently joined the team would be both relevant to cricket and funny.

    • Well, if you run a stadium that only fills up when the place is crammed with visa-lite New Strayans … then … yes!

    • No it’s just banter. The same that we cop anywhere. We need to be less pc.
      We get called everything under the sun. Convicts by the poms. Symonds got called monkey when he played in india. Crackers when we played in the windies. U name it.
      Ironic when india is one of the most racist countries on earth

      • Correct. Look how they treat the darker skinned people of their own kind, and also look how they treat their international students from Africa. Disgusting.

    • Mining BoganMEMBER

      Of course it’s fair. A pity this sort of rot hadn’t been nipped in the bud years ago. Why, just last year at the MCG I was offended…nay, outraged…that the Barmy Army was inferring that all Australians are convicts!

      You cannot imagine the sickness I felt in my stomach at being the victim of such blatant and vicious rac!alistism.

      • ErmingtonPlumbingMEMBER

        If you need to talk about this more Mr Bogan we are here for you brother,…in the Macrobusiness.com.au Safe space.
        If you need a hug,…you just name the time and place and we will all be there to give you all the support you need,….you big Capitian Cook [email protected]

      • Mining BoganMEMBER

        It wasn’t the comment by itself. I’ve heard casual comments like that all my life and just ignore it. The hurtful moment was when I’d realised that by including that outrageous slur in a song meant that they’d prepared their blatant and vicious rac!alistism beforehand with the intent of using it as a weapon against an unsuspecting target.

        I’m not saying all BarmyArmymen are rac!alist but there is a strong undercurrent there that needs to be addressed.

      • “If you need to talk about this more Mr Bogan we are here for you brother”

        EP did you just assume M Bogan’s gender? The horror!

      • MB, be careful of that plumber guy, he likes “working” around sewers! All you ever hear him talking about is that he’s about to clear someones pipes. Honest, be careful!

    • FiftiesFibroShack

      Consider the legal mess the operators could be in if they didn’t give these yobs the flick and one of the India supporters got a beer bottle over the head.

    • The Indians weren’t arrested for saying raci$t things because they were saying it in Hindi/Punjabi.

      They still essentially have a caste system despite being “officially” gotten rid of. They’re in no position to taking the moral high ground. We could also talk about their treatment of women but some of the white knights in the commentariat will be racing to their defence in no time.

    • Quote of the day from a black African gent who came through today

      ‘They would not be throwing out people chanting ‘show us your visa’ if it was South Sudanese Australia was playing’

    • I am heavily opposed to the current immigration levels and demographics and despair at how what is left of our economy and health infrastructure is being decimated accordingly. I have expressed myself with sufficient force to be identified as a ‘bigot’ by one of our MB fellow travellers. I run a much maligned ‘vibrancy’ news monitoring service for you fine people for which I have also copped flack.

      But even with those credentials, I would still say no to this kind of behaviour.

      The only qualification required for being in the MCG is paying for a ticket and for that, the Indian fans are entitled to enjoy the game in peace.

      Those Bay 13 fans needed to STFU and were quite rightly shown the door.

    • We are drowning in a surfeit of PC.
      Mrs. B came across some episodes of Number 96 on UTube the other day, she is certainly no prude but missed the original broadcasts being a Kiwi , but she was gobsmacked at the full frontal nudity and language that was allowed back then.
      We have been severely over politically corrected.
      Number 96 would not get to air today, more is the pity.

      • As a kid I used to be rewarded by being allowed to stay up and watch Number 96. They were the days.

        I think you are right vis the political correctness too.

        If we are turfing punters for chanting ‘show us your visa’ then I couldnt imagine a chat of any description we wouldnt be turfing people for.

        I was at the G back in the day when it was absolutely nothing to have 80 odd thousand roaring ‘Hadlee’s a wanker!’ with such fervour it could be heard a couple of klm away. WTF has happened to us as a society? Are we that febrile?

      • Political correct bull sht, minority groups controlling government society, l am so sick of the minority groups controlling the majority in how they should behave.

      • The Traveling Wilbur

        Yes. Exactly. It was so much better when society just blatantly and legally discriminated against minority groups, women and brown people (in no particular order) and they knew their place and students couldn’t afford haircuts. Or real food. Or soap.

        Yes… we were so much better off then. Oops… Nearly forgot about being able to beat-up g4ys on the street and being let-off by the plod, because, well, they’re g4y right? So it’s OK. And wife-beating being a ‘private matter between husband and wife’; and ducking brown people (don’t know that there’s a why? to that one). Still, they lived, so all good. Well, most of them did.

        Damn PC-elitists. (/sarc)

    • WA has no choice when the state is too dry in most places. At least they produce things.

      SYDMELB are bringing the country down.

  8. ErmingtonPlumbingMEMBER

    Things just keep getting worse,…especially for the young and Working class.

    And Yet Anthony Albanese, of the supposed working class peoples party, thinks a Rooting story about some middle aged man/fake conservative, getting set up by this nobody prostitute is a more worthy issue for the Australian people to contemplate.
    WTF Albo!,… is this the kind of $hite your going to persue and focus on with your limited media access.

    Weak as Pi$$ mate


    • You really are a clown, EP!

      “…… getting set up by this nobody prostitute …….” Wheretf is your comprehension? How is it she set him up, he signed himself you to a “sugar Daddy” website and went looking for a young woman, all the while playing up the family values crap and also making a bloody fool of himself. The d1ckhead shot himself in the foot and by the sounds of it he didn’t need any help.

      Getting a clown like him out of parliament is God’s work.

      Btw, Albanese doesn’t haven’t any problem with getting media access.

      • ErmingtonPlumbingMEMBER

        “How is it she set him up, he signed himself you to a “sugar Daddy” website”
        Ummm,…so did she,…he looking for sex, she looking for easy money,…Both equally Grubby.

        As for Albos easy media access, do you think he should spend just a little more of that time calling out issues other than the Conservative v Progressives culture wars?
        My kids future is exponentially more negatively effected by these plutocratic free trade agreements than the sexual frustrations and resulting shenanigans of moderately powerful middle aged men.
        By all means call out the hypocrisy of these fake Conservatives,…but to allow yourself (Albo) to be a tool, to be used to make this the primary political story of the day, reeks of our politicians giving in to a Plutocratic media circus where spectacle and sensation is served up as “News entertainment” and informed Democracy nothing but a dream.

        That any kind of challenge to the economic status quo is forbidden by the careerist establishment is no supprise, but to see a supposed leading light of the “Left wing” of the Australian Labor Party is just revolting to me.

        Too much time spent listening to Pollsters, advisors and PR spin doctors, trying to manipulate public opinion through base emotions,…rather than just Representing the economic interests of the constituency they were elected to represent.

        A Plutocracy win,…and by playing his part in that win, Albo gets more access than most,…but only when he follows the approved script will his access continue.
        That you seem to think this is OK makes you the clown Dennis.

      • The Traveling Wilbur


        “Plutocratic media circus”. Thems some fancy learning words ya got there pardner.

      • The Traveling Wilbur

        But it would have been nice if Albo had used the airtime for a real issue. Like poverty in working class homes or the decline of the union movement​ or corporations not paying any tax or countries in South America making more off gas exports than Australia does. With less volume.

        Pun intended.

    • EP,

      I’ll take the smithy comparison as a massive compliment, though I’m not sure he would like you confusing him with me!

      This is the same line you took with Foley’s demise, you blamed the woman, and now you’re you’re doing the same and on each occasion the man was responsible for their own downfall.

      Btw, I like how you denigrate the young lady concerned by referring to her as a prostitute. This fits in well with your own unrecognised misogynistic behaviour and beliefs. What is the pejorative for a man who uses the services of a prostitute and why would you not have used it to describe Broad. If your son (when an adult) were to use the services of a “prostitute”, would you view that differently than if your daughter needed financial support and did what that young lady did? I bet your son would get a pat on the back and your daughter the cold shoulder.

      I really feel you miss the point on how your words and beliefs are influencing your young daughter, on how she will be viewed not just by society, but by her own father, that as a woman any behaviour that impinges on her rights are of less importance than the rest of society (meaning men, in general).

    • You won’t answer the questions, will you EP!

      Sorry there, EP, I took the drunks post as yours.

      Hey wino, what do you call men who use that service and what’s the difference between a man who uses prostitutes and a prostitutes?

      • ErmingtonPlumbingMEMBER

        Tapped out an at length response to your Questions Dennis (tookl me over 20 bloody mins!)
        Spambot won’t let me post it.
        Sigh,…gotta get up at 6.30 to go to work.

    • No doubt the government will compile a list of dodgy towers, yet won’t release it to the public. Just like the cladding issue. We give Malaysia a run for it’s money these days in corrupt links between government and developers.

    • And the Big Australia advocates say ‘we just need to plan better’. Yeah, like governments are great at planning stuff.

    • The thing to remember about this Opal Tower is that the section of concrete cracked under static load.
      we’re not talking about any sort of weird dynamic loading caused by cyclone strength winds or Earthquake conditions (these stress conditions can often be many multiples of the static building load) yet this building appears to have cracked some essential load bearing members under static load. F’me that’s bad!
      No doubt we’ll hear a whole lot of talk about why this is a one off statistical aberration but I just don’t buy it. There are a lot of checks and balances in the building process plus a lot of over-design (for dynamic / high stress load reasons) yet we have this inescapable fact that the building appears to have cracked a load bearing member under static load AND this initial crack appears to have instigated a short sequence of Progressive failure.
      A whole lot has to go wrong for any modern band new building to suffer from this sort of failure.
      If I had anything to do with the root cause investigation I’d be looking at the systemic oversight / testing failures that allowed for this weakness to go unidentified and uncorrected until the building was fully occupied.
      For me it all suggests a whole lot of basic construction steps are being skipped over and what’s important is that this building was considered a Premier high dollar construction so if unacceptable stuff is happening at this end of the chain than it boggles the mind to imagine just what’s happening in the budget build sector of the high rise market.
      Full disclosure: I have absolutely no knowledge of building practices or structural engineering, so the above analysis is pure fantasy (bit like the inspections that should have prevented this situation)

      • interested party

        Pretty close to the mark Fisho.
        What I can tell you, being just out of the construction game myself, is the fact that ‘if’ a structural load member has in fact given way, then this potentially starts a waterfall sequence of unplanned “extra” point load events. Until they can certify that the structural integrity is there…. the building’s certificate of occupancy should be revoked, and the structure is un-insurable.
        This whole process must be viewed from a safety perspective….regardless of the financial ramifications. This simply cannot be sugar coated.

      • ErmingtonPlumbingMEMBER

        Key points:

        *Police used capsicum spray to arrest a man who allegedly assaulted police during the incident

        *The activist behind the video holds a conviction for inciting serious contempt of Muslims

        * The activists refused to stop filming despite repeated requests by police officers

        So after reading your posted Article Skip with the long long tirade against the guy who they (the ABC) say, he said ” “it’s ok to be white” — a phrase commonly used by white supremacists”,….im still wondering who got arrested.

        Was it the “White supremacist” or the African Scoccer player assulting police?
        A disgracefully biased and obfuscating piece of journalism.

      • Point is anecdotal is not the plural of data ….

        On the other hand this guy filming has an ideological agenda, looking to start sh*t so he can play the victim and thereby vindicate his narrow ideological beliefs.

      • A guy with a video device – trolling – for a response by intentionally focusing on some group doing nothing wrong, until they take exception to his actions – like most humans would, and then cracks a fat about freedoms and how his grandfather built the country ….. shezzz … activism should have some sort of logic to it.

        The part about being in a public space was so twisted where does one start. Yes its a public space and as such certain social norms hold, yet this wing nut wants to create his own personal private space, within a public space, and demand rights – its just so libertarian incoherent e.g. goes out of his way to make others uncomfortable in a public space to the point of agitating them and when the cops arrive bang on about his individual rights.

        Point being no wing nut with video device targeting any group for any reason when there is no cause and there would be no “incident” to hold a rally flag around later on social media as a victim – of their won stupidity IMO – but tribalists are tribalists.

        Whom knew these people targeted were responsible for instituting neoliberalism and the decades of right wing political – economic dominance ….. chortle ….

      • Lmmao …. I mean hes trying to take credit for his grandfathers labour, what has he done for the nation besides act like a wanker in public, so he can have his 15m of fame for it and high five group think mates.

        That’s not to mention a lot of the immigrant old boys where actually pivotal for the labour moment and workers rights contra the old boy colonial network gentry.

        Yet some about here want to make him a poster boy ….. absurdity abounds ….

      • Yeah smithy, it’s shocking isn’t it, only Lefty knobs can be called activists.

        “Activists” generally have some sort of wide-ranging and coherent plan their “activism” is working towards.

        These d!ckheads are just trying to start some aggro because other d!ckheads have told them that’s a cool thing to do. Like the oxygen thieves who modify their trucks to spew out smoke and park in front of EV recharging stations.

    • Yes, I’m sure the country would be a better place if these heroes could walk around with their AK47s and lay down suppressing fire every time a darkie paused too long in front of a shop.

      This is just a convenient excuse for the real objective of rolling back gun laws so people can wander around town with a few shootin’ irons tucked into their belts and plead “self defense” when they shoot someone they don’t like the look of.

      Police advice in case of robbery has been to get out of the way for decades.

      • And your suggestion is Smithy? Because the whole thing is being whitewashed by your leftist media, the government and the cops. You suggest we all just bend over and let these cvnts run riot?

      • And your suggestion is Smithy?

        Identifying and trying to fix the root problem (most likely poverty and lack of jobs/opportunities, not “being African”) would be doing something useful, rather than just trying to create yet more division and conflict within the community as an excuse to make Australia even more like America.

        As a bonus, it might end up addressing other crime problems in low socio-economic areas and groups.

    • Seriously I see more so called legacy citizens killing and ripping each other off than some minuscule ethnic mob, but then again distractions are the elites go to SOP when stuff gets twitchy …..

      • Of course you do champ. Legacy citizens make up the bulk of the population and commit crime in proportion to their bulk.
        The miniscule ethnic mob, the data shows, commit it at a disproportionately much higher rate.
        So the plural of anecdote is not data.
        But what the data shows is inconvenient so much time and effort is spent trying to dismiss it.

      • Reply in que …

        Can be said about any low socioeconomic hot spot, issue revolves around cherry picking to front run some ideological perspective. I did not think you would be on the same team as “Super Predator” Hilary Clinton.

      • Fyodor Dostoyevsky

        It can be said of any low socioeconomic group.

        Absolutely false. Moreover many or people would be insulted by the claim.” Poor people commit crime.” Really is a sick insult from the left which needs to end. It is not poverty, science shows us this over and over again.
        It’s the Gini coefficient. Wealth disparity. In other words the are many or places with low crime however as you increase Wealth others aspire to that what they see and commit crime to obtain it. It’s a fact. Its not openly discussed because it returns the blame to the perpetrators of crime and lifts it from the victims. It’s greed and avarice which leads people stall an iPhone done a beach goer or a million cuts insider trading. Not poverty. Sorry you are flat out wrong and the science is settled on this.

        Further I grew up amongst the hands from Vietnam and Italy in Carlton and Richmond. They never attacked innocent people in mobs, ever. Never.
        Violent crime is rising rapidly, theft, home invasions, assaults are all also rising.

        Crime amongst African youths is almost 500% higher as a per capita rate per crime. People are presenting the stats as a rate relative to total population. Absurd. Honestly you are deeply out of touch with even the basics very of stats, ethics or sociological ideas, they are condescending and patronising and totally lack accountability or self empowerment through mutual responsibility.

      • @FD
        for an Underground man like myself it is a simple and provable fact that 2 times 2 equals 4, but what does that say about free will. Surely for any man to have any impact on his life there must be cases where two times two is equal to Five.

      • Fyodor Dostoyevsky….

        How much of the total population is effected by this one single data point [????], what does it have to do with anything economic, why is there such a plethora of data showing marginalization or pigeonholing of weak social groups enviably lead to the same classic behaviors regardless of ethnicity.

        Then some wonder how the Germans were lead down such a destructive simpleminded path.

      • Fyodor Dostoyevsky

        Yellow vests just attacked Macron at his holiday house. I’m from the left, and the left has lost its mind. It’s not about race, b seed, religion, or gender. It’s not an identity eat. It’s a class war.

      • Hey Fyodor are you any relation to Chuck Norris? He also tends to begin his sprays with “I’m from the left but …”

        FWIW I would imagine that Uncle Vlad has his fingerprints on the more radical disruptive elements of the yellow vest movement.though the bulk of the protestors are probably ridgey-didge.

      • Macron is a neoliberal, his neoliberal policies favoring the upper wealth strata is what got the ball rolling and as one can see is a broad social moment against it.

      • ErmingtonPlumbingMEMBER

        “It’s a class war”

        Hey!,…where was my invite!
        Are my new thongs a little to classy?

      • +1

        I’m most interested to see what this means in terms of the international student racket. Chances are Xi pulls the plug on that to keep the cash in the country. That being said, they still need spies posing as students overseas.

      • @ Stephen
        It is a good question. As China’s balance of payments moves into deficit they will need to reduce Chinese tourism and overseas education given the size of the associated outflows. It is politically hard, however as the Chinese middle/upper classes now expect access to foreign travel and international education for their kids. China also sees Chinese international students as giving it serious geopolitical leverage over countries like Australia.

        Maybe they will become more selective in who they allow to leave and where they allow their students/tourists to go? Will be facinating to see how it pans out.

      • Thanks Gramus, two great reads. Most of that has had (mostly fragmented) cover in these pages over the years but it is reassuring to read unifying first hand accounts. Here in Oz the student sector cash-cow risks are very real though it seems that the tertiary sector providers are more attuned with the risks though for the wrong reasons – focusing on Aust govt. stemming the student visa flow rather than that flow being choked by China. It is a concern though where the private sector here is unaware of the risks. (being deliberately opaque) wife works in business / fund that has a huge proportion of business dependent on overseas sector – some months ago I was shocked to learn that the risk plan does not cover domestic or Chinese choking of that flow.

  9. The “education is an export” myth is busted:

    Jawad Nazir

    Jawad arrived in Sydney from Pakistan in 2015 to study management and logistics at the University of Wollongong’s Sydney campus. On top of full-time university, he drove Uber for up to 80 hours a week.

    Jawad says his university grades could have been better if he wasn’t driving so often

    “I was able to pay off my degree in two years time. Not only the degree, it eventually paid for my wedding.”


    What an “export”!

    Ban foreign “students” from driving trucks here! We need gas reservation and job reservation. And deport the “graduates” unless they get a $150k/year salary.

    • ‘export’ is a weasel word which is used to give everyone the warm and fuzzies about what the international student industry is all about.

      The international student industry is the front end of a human pipeline for delivering big Australia and the wholesale destruction of our quality and way of life in the interests of parasitic business interests who have captured our political system.

      The words are chosen to lull us peasants to sleep while this process occurs.

    • There is absolutely no need for overseas students to work while studying in Australia.
      It is a legal requirement that overseas students have sufficient funds available to provide for their stay in Australia, before a student visa is granted. Lip service..

      • ok, I’ve read most of immigration and consensus – he makes some good points but imo focuses too much on difficulties of multiculturalism rather than the real problem of numbers. I actually agree with your point on Keating. The intolerable thing for me is when legitimate arguments (even if we disagree with relatively minor content) is used as Ron did.

    • So this international student has declared, in public, that he breached his student visa conditions of working a maximum of 20 hours per week?

      This should be reported to Immigration and go against his graduate visa and PR applications. Also, I wonder if he declared all his income too.

      • Exactly. Publicly stated in a national newspaper that he broke his visa conditions. We are a laughing stock. Pathetic.

    • I just sent the article to Home Affairs. It might put the guys current visa under the spot light, given he breached the terms of his student visa.

      • Chase, even if he gets deported, there are 190,000 others who will come over in 2019. Predominantly from very low-wage nations.

        As I said, deport all foreign “students” within 12 months of graduating unless they get a $150k/year job. The fake Greens want to turn AUS into a low-wage nation.

    • Jawad on LinkedIn https://www.linkedin.com/in/jawadmnazir/
      So in addition to doing Uber, whilst he was doing his studies this year (he just finished studies this week), he was also working in logistics. No way was he doing less than 20 hours per week, with both jobs. Plus, there would be no way he could pay off a masters degree, at international student rates, plus a wedding, plus living and study expenses, by only doing, on average 20 hours per week. Scammer.

    • Yes, I’ve long suspected most of the economic benefit figures are BS for everything eg sports events to students etc etc

    • YOUSE are just jealous he’s out there working harder than the rest of youse trying to make a living. He should be awarded and applauded for being such a great Jiimmy Grant. Right Reusa?

    • University of Wollongong must be offering Mickey Mouse degrees if you can hold down an 80 hour a week job throughout the course. Would love to read their response to this.
      Not only are young Aussies being pushed out of uni, they are being pushed out (i.e. undercut) of the workforce too

      • Just saw an international student drive a taxi through the most blatent of red lights. Must have been too busy working to have had time to study up on the local road rules. (I’ve added taxis to servos, convenience stores, supermarkets, bottle-os as entry level jobs that are being swamped with international students).

      • When they become hiring managers, they hire their own. Seen this aplenty in Woolworths and Coles supermarkets.

      • Food delivery drivers too. Usually found riding electric bikes along the footpath (in Sydney CBD when there is a bike path right next to them) and they give you a blank look when you try to explain riding on footpaths is reserved for little children.

  10. Mining BoganMEMBER

    Only 141 to win. With our modern day Keith Miller and our wh!te Sir Garry Sobers at the crease we’re a shot.

    Question. Was Keith Miller not knighted because he banged the Queen’s sister…allegedly? Seems rather unfair.

    • TailorTrashMEMBER

      Perhaps a lot of people alledgely banged the queens sistor …………but it would be all all terribly hush hush ……definitely definitely would be sanitised by MI5 …….so a chap so lucky definitely would not make it to the knighthood list …..

      …..Sorry old chap ….seems you had a bit of a nasty and shall we say rather indelicate indiscretion there …….you know the drill ……go quietly to obscurity ……….and rely on your own achievements ………..for what they are worth ……

  11. TailorTrashMEMBER


    I have volumes of Cooke ( with an e ) find it much more interesting than anything a cricketer might have to say …….sorry….

    “In 1973, Cooke was awarded an honorary knighthood (KBE) for his “outstanding contribution to Anglo-American mutual understanding.” Cooke was reportedly happy to accept, because in the words of Thomas Jefferson, it did not involve “the very great vanity of a title.”[30] Having relinquished his British citizenship during World War II, he could not be called “Sir Alistair”.(wicopedia)

    Now Palin ?…….one of a kind …..wi big brass andles …( has to be said in a Yorkshire accent )

    • You are referring to Alistair? Yeah fantastic, I actually remember hearing a few of his “letters from america” (?) radio reports. Great and always interesting analysis, such a positve informed man. I sent copies of his “Memories of the Great and the Good” to my relies when it came out. By rights I should dust off my copy for a repeat reading. Shame in death he fell victim to modern day body snatchers.

      • TailorTrashMEMBER

        Yes……. you can still read his “letters from America” today and they have a delicious flavour of that country …..at its best …and its worst …he really knew how to capture the soul of America in that time ……..pity he is not here to deliver the same acute observations on America today ………

  12. Also does anyone know what’s happened to Patto? He was in BBL the other night.

    Is he fit? If so why is MM there. Patto’s batting average is only a little < MM's.

    MM: 19 aggregate runs for the match, 0 wickets.

      • Siddle? Is he from NSW? (first time I’ve ever heard Hazlewood’s value being questioned by an expert was by Ed Cowan this morning on ABC radio – asked why Hazlewood keeps bowling 4th stump and going over no matter the circumstance).

        Another gem from Auntie: in the Australian team batters 7 to 11 have a higher batting average in this series than batters 1 to 6.

      • siddle is vic and geriatric… take your pick from any richardson or pattinson etc etc to replace him
        hazlewood can be played with a stump, no bat reqd . gun barrel straight to right handers if he delivers anything inside the 4th stump line..cannot take the ball away from off stump cant even straighten it down the line.

    • The Marsh brothers are both rubbish and have clearly benefited from having a WA coach in their corner and a gold pass selection policy that has allowed them to be picked on the basis of “potential” (Shaun Marsh for god knows how long), and when that clearly no longer applies “leadership” (Shaun aged 35). Mitch Marsh still has time on his side, but averages 26 with the bat and 42 with the ball which would be decent for an all-rounder if swapped around.

      • proofreadersMEMBER

        Yep – got to keep its game up in trying to challenge Sydney for title of sh.thole of Straya?

    • Mining BoganMEMBER

      Smell that? That’s desperation and panic.

      Meh though, Melbourne is already dead. No character about it at all. #thirdworldcity. When I moved down I was excited but I still had in my head what it used to be. Now I see it’s just a sh!thole full of NPCs.

    • CFMEU owns the Victorian government and needs more jobs for its members = more development required.

  13. Over this. Had a meter of rain this month.

    Still, I should get some rain tanks and stop complaining, eh?

  14. Thought crimes, straya style!

    Just to remind everyone what horrible, r—ist people we are, and how we need to stop talking about things we know nothing about.


    The survey questions on migration showed Australians vastly overestimate the proportion of the population born overseas. The average respondent guessed the share was 41 per cent, when the actual figure is 29 per cent.

    Sadly, however, the survey did not ask, and the journalist population spruiker could not say what that proportion cost in terms of use of health services, welfare payments or involvement in crime. But you get the message – you don’t know anything about the topic so you had better just go ahead and cease discussing it.

    We also wildly over-estimate the future growth in the Muslim population. In Australia, the average guess is that the Muslim population share will surge to 21 per cent by 2020, which is six or seven times higher than the projections by professional demographers.

    Now let me guess: those would be the same ‘professional demographers’ who:

    – predicted that Australia would not reach 25 million until 2042 (i.e. 24 years off the mark)?

    – or whose PhD theses covered such topics as ‘‘Individual, family and neighbourhood contributions to child excess weight and screen time among two Australian cohorts” (you know who I mean)?

    – or who so brilliantly helped us to plan our schools, public transport, hospitals, parks, ambulance services, police services etc so that we accomodated all those new arrivals and barely even noticed? #wejustneedtoplanbetter you say?? Wash your mouth out!! If we planned any better than this we would be like superheros or something. Goodness me! No, the answer is clear: #juststoptalkingaboutimmigrationyouhorriblepeople

    Faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrk me.

    • For the individual perception becomes truth, and when the official statistics do not match up to one’s lived experience something has to be said about the quality of the data gathered especially in terms of migration, congestion, housing affordability and unemployment. It also points to a flaw in the media itself on how the respective issues are being presented and discussed. At some point it becomes impossible to “spin” the figures, so the next step is to attempt to obscure them completely from public view and hope they go away – such as is the case with falling auction clearance rates.

    • Actually it’s perfectly possible for the average respondent to be living in an area with 41% foreign born people. And a minority of respondents lives in an area with say 10% foreign born. So it averages out at 29% fb.

      So who’s to say those who guess “41%” are wrong? They aren’t wrong.

      • Spot on! It’s hard to guestimate the number over the entirety of Australia but in a localised area that you are familiar with it’s more likely to correct.
        If you are in Sydney CBD then the overseas born population is huge relative to the australian born population but in country towns the reverse would be true.

        I was at Brighton Beach (NSW) last night and I can tell you the number of Lebanese eating at the restaurants and smoking Shisha on the beach boardwalk was around 90% and number of ‘ladies’ wearing muslim veils was 50-75% of the woman I saw.

  15. boomengineeringMEMBER

    Still alive once again, can’t understand why some pass so close when they have 3 empty lanes.
    Smashed thumb holding up well despite the odd bleed, that’s why had to take the small comp gun out yesterday and nail the Morwong from a long distance shot.
    Hope Afund is OK he hasn’t posted.

      • Hey BE, yep I rode Mt Bufflo on the way to Sydney, and a short one in Syd then off to Copacabana and did three there and around the Gosford area. On the Gold Coast now and been down to the Tweed hinterland twice and again tomorrow. 100k today and maybe 120/130 tomorrow. How about you?

      • boomengineeringMEMBER

        Wow, nothing as good as that for me. Did McCarrs this morn less than 60, by myself and got passed without passing anyone. I tend to fall asleep riding by myself as my mate is at Crescent Head atm. During the week I’m changing my routine of doing a steep hill near Curl Curl surf club to DY point as it’s still a bit dangerous so will now ride to and do laps of North head hill to try to replicate McCarrs a much safer alternative. Also prefer McCarrs on Sunday ( with mate Sat) being safer with the flood of W/E warriors.
        Next post C3PO does I’ll ask him if he has done Kananook St in Bayview, a really steep hill that I’ve done a couple of times but I don’t have any low gears so on the top laying on the ground gasping for breath hoping no one see’s me thinking he’s having a coronary.
        While you were at Gosford you could have done a few laps of Adcock park Velodrome, my opinion the best in NSW.

      • BE, as long as you’re out there the health benefits come. The hills at Copacabana are wicked. We actually, rode close to the velodrome. Some of the roads are well dangerous being narrow and windy in the hills…we had a few close calls. I’ve never done velodrome cycling, but know a few who have. Up here you have to drink loads of water or get heat stroke. I’ll need to watch that tomorrow as I felt a bit off later today. Cheers

      • boomengineeringMEMBER

        afund I would’t ride CC if I were you, good cycling verges then mix it with the traffic on the roundabouts. Adcock park is free and can be used when the bike club isn’t. Am a member of CCCC but opted out of the road rides as too dangerous. After wind not many training ride as branches fall on the cycle paths.
        Would love to do your Mt Buffalo ride.
        Good luck on your GC rides but include electrolytes and magnesium in your hydration otherwise look forward to cramps


    Savings getting squeezed even more. I noticed NAB quietly dropped another 10bp off their reward saver interest rate this month. NIMs getting squeezed fast. BBSW spiking to recent highs.

    • RBA’s financial aggregates didn’t come out on the 28th December as scheduled……………surely they can’t be that bad already ?

    • Only in a market with horrific market power/concentration issues could banks pay less for deposits as they become more valuable.

      • proofreadersMEMBER

        Banks only know how to screw depositors – it’s beyond them to realise that without depositors they can’t exist.

      • “Banks only know how to screw depositors – it’s beyond them to realise that without depositors they can’t exist.”

        Eh…. Deposits are a liability on a banks balance sheet and has nothing to do with existing, they get that from the charter issued to lend credit.

      • “..without depositors borrowers they can’t exist..”
        Banks can ‘borrow’ from each other to fund their asset books until the cows come home! They don’t need retail deposits as such; only for arbitrary cosmetic (regulatory!) reasons…


        I understand you only really NEED depositors money to satisfy the minimum reserve requirements/balance the books for regulators. Ie. Banks print new money when they lend, the totality of the funding for that can be found on wholesale markets. But a bank needs a percentage of capital as required by regulators, so that needs to be funded somehow (depositors).

        Depositors money is generally cheaper than lending markets though. It seems nab either doesn’t need my deposit as wholesale lending is cheap.. Or they take me for a fool and think I wouldn’t notice them lowering savings rates during a holiday period.. But banks wouldn’t do that would they??? It’s an upstanding profession with much integrity! Especially in Australia!

    • THUD…..thud………thud….

      It’s what any good senior director / manager in a company does. Blame their subordinates.

    • ErmingtonPlumbingMEMBER

      The Certifiers are the economically least powerful players in the whole process. They are not large companies with assets and numerous staff including para legals on the books, nor do they have the income streams to employ large legal firms to represent them.
      They exist solely to be the expendable fall guy when things fk up,…to prevent any responsibility from falling on those in the process who weild real power.
      The Certifiers don’t “inspect” anything but rather collate the paperwork,…the certificates of compliance, from the various Sub Contractors (all bigger entities than the certifier) who self certify their own work.
      The whole system is a Joke,…its the Builders and Developers who weild the most power and benefit most from these projects when successful,…it is they who should bear the most cost when these Fk ups occur.
      Until this is the case,..any kind of “reform” of the process will be meaningless.

      • Yes EP and I would add large project start off with all the compliance people but near half way get sent home and some yard grub with a few brain cells gets a new job title and signs for the pleasure.

      • The surprise about the problems at Opal Tower in Olympic Park is it was an expensive apartment tower. A two-bedroom apartment there is advertised for $930,000. Opal Tower’s structural failure is extremely bad news for the apartment market overall.

        Market expectations are that top-end developments are put together with care and due diligence.

        Oh dear Lord.

        But then again: voter expectations are that politicians will not lie, cheat or use their travel allowances to attend weddings or meet prostitutes. Anyhoo …

  17. I can’t say when , exactly, I realised that we (humans) are not going to act on the Climate catastrophe,
    but it was sometime this year.
    If we were going to act we would have started to by now… but we haven’t. It is all too difficult.
    I don’t blame the politicians, they would be strung up if they suggested the changes that are necessary, like not burning fossil fuels as of right now. We are all oil, it is the bedrock of our society and way of life, burning this stuff has been a high octane powered 2 centuries blast that has allowed our populations to reach plague proportions. It has allowed us to exploit the land , the oceans and the atmosphere, our path is littered with the corpses of all other species animal , vegetable and mineral that , together ,were the web of life.
    Now it is too late.

    • Destruction of the planet is inevitable due to our way of life which will not change. Climate change can’t be fixed by political means or spending money on whatever. We need to stop flying, stop driving, stop manufacturing mass scale junk, and go back to living out of mega cities and back onto the farm land. This is impossible and nobody wants to do it either as everyone enjoys their big toy SUVs, boats, etc. Just go with the flow there’s nothing you can do.

      • Dan, you are correct, which is why I say yes, our current lives ARE unsustainable, but it’s a pleasant way of life and the alternatives will be nasty. I live on 4 fertile acres and let me tell you, growing your own food is no picnic. One bad weather event and the crop is gone. If we stop transporting food over long distances, if we stop refrigeration, if we abandon vehicular transport, and so on, life will go back to a time when living was unpleasant and very tough.

        It would be easier for the whole of society to agree that we are living unsustainably, to agree to continue living in this very agreeable way until we pass, but for people to simply stop breeding. I see no great trauma in the loss of our species. We have already baked in 2-3°C of change, enough to make living on Earth quite horrible for our descendants, so let’s simply agree that to have to live in this much hotter world, and to simultaneously be forced to give up so much of what makes life tolerable and comfortable, is simply unacceptable, and decide that our time on the planet is over. If we have no children, our collective end is not personally sad. Children would gradually become more and more rare, is all.

        I have a feeling that this is going to happen, one way or another, with or without general agreement, no matter what. I and my two children (now middle aged) have made this decision already, and when I mentioned it here a while ago, several other people piped up that they too were following that plan. It’s simple logic in some ways. Food for thought.

      • I see what your saying but that’s not the answer either. We just had our second baby recently and it’s a wonderful experience which i wouldn’t give up while the middle east, africa, india and china have 10 babies which is also unsustainable but due to their poverty is not as bad. Everyone wants a better life and people en masse can’t be controlled. Good on you for growing your own food I’d love to do this but my wife would never move from the city, It is hard work but is much healthier for you. I do my bit by not wasting food, spend thrift, drive a 4cyl car rather than a truck, live in a normal size house, ride my bike and catch tranaport etc. as for everyone else though… just look around the place

      • We just had our second baby recently

        This child will not have a happy life, chances are. People need to accept the simple truth that people born today are going to have very difficult and possibly extremely unpleasant lives:

        Heatwaves over 35°C lasting months, not merely a few days a year.
        Storms like we’ve never seen before. Hailstones like cricket balls smashing houses.
        Failed crops. Very expensive food.
        The end of fossil fuel use, with all the inconvenience that implies. Goodbye many fertilizers and many pesticides.
        Massive refugee movements of millions of people out of countries that cannot survive anymore, starting with Bang|adesh, which is being flooded.

      • Wildfires, dying läkes, ländslides, hurricänes,
        apocälypse in store, like nothin’ ever seen before.
        It’s a comin’.

        Third generation refugees, street möb burning eƒƒigies,
        revölution, civil wär, like nothing ever seen before.

      • R2M it’s called evolution.
        Now since you claimed to be a millionaire in previous posts perhaps you could spare a few bucks for a 2019 MB subscription.

    • Yes bolstrood, I came to same reality this year. 200 species (2016) die off each day. (Giraffes endangered, I read yesterday). Only the weedy species left now (mostly) incl us. Oceans already poisoned…
      It will be abrupt change that will do in much of the plant life and our ability to grow food at scale. And, that will be it for us. Won’t matter if you have fertile acres, skills in fishing or hunting. There will be no food to gather, grow or hunt for.
      I tell Lovey to expect no more than another 2 years.
      There is plenty of evidence that extinction of advanced beings (if you can call us that) has happened before

      • 2 years! You’re even bleaker than I am. I thought we’d have at least 20 untill chaos due to resource wars and mass migration.

      • Mining BoganMEMBER

        It’s that FNQ heat footy. Makes everyone go birko. I’m nuts and I only had mid 30s temperatures to deal with. Now it’s mid 40s.

        They’ll all go totally mad eventually and two years will feel like 20.

    • We all hope for greener energy so we can continue being hyper-consumers. We wait for governments to bring on the greener energy. We wait and shrug when this doesn’t happen and continue being hyper-consumers. How much needless crap do we need. How about we not be hyper-consumers and still push for greener energy?

  18. ErmingtonPlumbingMEMBER

    Taking the Kids to see a movie now and am wearing a brand new pair of “going out thongs”,….they are so comfy! and make me feel like a million bucks.

    • Congratulate the kids on the awesome Xmas present selection, should see what my mother got me, would make your balls srink to the size of raisins

      • ErmingtonPlumbingMEMBER

        Yep,…the boy insisted we sit through the end credits hoping to see Dan TDM get a mention.
        Im just as Cool as Dan I say,…
        I love you dad, but no way your as cool as Dan TDM, the boy replies.



      • Daughter’s having a holiday at central coast with the missus and olds (I’m working).

        She saw it yesterday so I’ll have to get a review.

    • Had my pair of ‘going out thongs’ handed down from my pop. Double pluggers front and back, w/ seamless double layer heel. Absolute lady-magnets.

      • ErmingtonPlumbingMEMBER

        My dad used to wear his black rubber single plugers to death, I vaguely remember being quite embarrassed at the state of his thongs as a child.
        For a long time those Black rubber thongs with the Dragon embossed into the rubber foot straps were the only type of thing any self respecting bogan would wear.

        As for those double pluggers!,…Pffft,…in the day they were considered an unnecessary and disgracefully ostentatious display of wealth,…whether a hand me down or not.

      • Woah! Where did these mythical double front pluggers come from? Was unfurtunate enough to have a front blowout recently. Never seen double front plugs.

      • I know, I felt a bit dirty getting around in footwear that fancy. Double front pluggers are rare, but real. Work best between two long knuckly toes. Just don’t let the hydrocarbons drip when you’re filling at the petrol station before a long drive, or you’ll find them melded to your feet when you arrive.

    • You’re undoubtedly a very attractive man Ermo. All the blokes who read MB will concur with me on that, I’m sure.

      • FiftiesFibroShack

        I hear he resembles a young George Clooney, but with more masculine energy and sexual magnetism.

    • FiftiesFibroShack

      I consider thongs brand spanking until they’ve been used to take out a cockroach or assault a child.

  19. Good day Gents, Not one to usually pipe up, but a nerve got touched there…Whilst it may not be possible to live sustainably on this planet, I think it might be a good idea to give it a red hot crack. I’ve recently quit my job to focus on my life long project http://www.ecosustainability.org . At a minimum, we as a group can share ideas on becoming less reliant on an unjust system. Sorry for the shameless plug, it’s a kind of part of the problem or part of the solution thing.

    • interested party

      Welcome Mr Roberts.
      While I do personally applaud your efforts, I also would draw your attention to a simple fact.
      Most people are prisoners of/to their own price tags.

      Going green does not fit the script that voice inside their head suggests.

    • That’s an awesome website. And well done for committing to something that is good and arguably necessary. You’re a better man than I am.

  20. Amazing how quickly cricket has turned into a joke sport.
    James southland and Michael Clarke, the distroyers of cricket as we know it.

    • Clarke was just continuing a tradition. His version of it didn’t quite cover up what lay beneath. Steve Waugh, Matt Hayden, Glen McGrath and co have more to answer for, in my opinion. They were the bully boys that cried foul if they ever got called out or received any resistance. They were also the start of the win at all costs mentality, which is an ugly mutation of Border’s refusal to lose.

  21. Some news out on the increased Australian Vibrancy delivered by the Lib/Lab/Green gangs running Oz

    Blood Drill Killers sound kind of cool, sort of like a real hip pop group.


    This Vibrancy can only improve with the increased numbers of refugees proposed by the ALP/Green Alliance.

    Oz Vibrancy sponsored by the neolib Elites but funded by the victims, to be delivered across Oz at an increasing pace.

    Maybe we can house some of them in the Opal building to improve its safety. It already looks pretty vibrant, and a cool $1m buys you a 2 bedroom crumbling apartment. Since some of the apartments may never be privately sold they could be bought by the govt to house refugees, thereby also propping up our world-class building industry during any downturn as a secondary social benefit.

    • JG Ballard, High Rise, here we come!

      “All the evidence over several decades cast a critical light on the high-rise as a viable social structure, but cost-effectiveness in the area of public housing and the profitability in the private sector kept pushing these vertical townships into the sky, against the real needs of their occupants. The psychology of high-rise life had been exposed with damaging results. Living in high-rises required a special type of behavior, one that was acquiescent, restrained, even perhaps slightly mad. A psychotic would have a ball here.”
      ― J.G. Ballard, High-Rise

      “Togetherness is beating up an empty elevator.”
      ― J.G. Ballard, High-Rise

  22. I was at an Amart Furniture store yesterday (yes, I am a stylish gent), and noticed over half of the customers were New Australian couples from a certain part of the world (bonus points if you can guess what part of the world I’m talking about). Obviously looking at setting up house. No wonder retailers like Mr Norman loves them some Jimmy Grants.

  23. Since Boxing Day, I’ve been at Lost Paradise music festival nestled on the Picturesque Popran Creek which feeds into the Hawksbury,

    Yesterday as I gazed across the water from my campsite to ‘Badlands’ where the party set pitched perfectly,
    ,I noted how these 20 something’s where being supremely sensible in extreme heat by moderating alcohol consumption,

    Extremely sad to hear this morning of a drug induced death ,
    If Portugal,A Conservative Catholic country can see the sense of dealing with drugs as a public health issue,Surely we can as well ,

    The leadership of this land would rather let thier children die than implement practical policy.


    • Sorry to sound harsh but why? People knowingly take the chance with popping pills of unknown content purchased from unknown sources. It’s really tragic that some family has just lost a youngster but we don’t have compulsory breath-test stations outside every pub and club so why is it any different for illicit drugs? Far more young people die from alcohol related incidents than from illicit drug taking. The state condones the use of alcohol but not of illicit drugs so its responsibility should be towards alcohol missuse not towards illicit drug missuse.

    • The govt should house them in all the rich areas of Sydney and Melbourne to improve the Vibrancy. This is the only way the wealthy will get the same benefits of increased Vibrancy that many low to middle income Ozzies have been experiencing for some time. Sydney’s eastern suburbs would be improved by re-settling the increasing level of refugees in that area. One notes that people living in that area are the chief beneficiaries of the Big/OZ/population replacement program that ihas been making them ever richer in the last 15 years.

    • Compare and contrast the twitter outrage when some far right groups go to the beach to cause trouble with when migrant groups cause trouble.

      • NO – not ‘news’ but evidence (despite the reluctance of MSM to publish) of a continuing pattern of social dysfunctionality that is going to get very much worse than this ……

    • Top 20 birthplaces of Australian Residents

      14,072,947 Australia 70.88%
      856,935 England 4.32%
      389,465 New Zealand 1.96%
      206,589 China (excl. SARS and Taiwan) 1.04%
      199,120 Italy 1.00%
      159,876 Vietnam 0.81%
      147,105 India 0.74%
      130,203 Scotland 0.66%
      120,539 Philippines 0.61%
      109,984 Greece 0.55%
      106,524 Germany 0.54%
      104,127 South Africa 0.52%
      92,333 Malaysia 0.47%
      78,922 Netherlands 0.40%
      74,850 Lebanon 0.38%
      71,803 Hong Kong (SAR of China) 0.36%
      62,256 Sri Lanka 0.31%
      61,721 United States of America 0.31%
      52,761 South Korea 0.27%
      52,256 Poland 0.26%

      In the future mod I will replace the offending nomenclature with “goats chosen people” so as not to offend ….

      Lmmao I’m a minority ….

      • Mining BoganMEMBER

        Cee wanted numbers so I supplied them.

        Why, you feeling guilt about supplying inaccurate numbers?

      • Your projections are unwarranted MB and the numbers still are not as some suggest e.g. displacement of previous birth place dominance. Sorry but you seem to be reminiscent of RW factions in the USA having dramas with birth rates and influx of non dominate ethnic groups and fears about loss of dominance.

        PS who elected your personal preference as de facto the state of order.

      • Let me put it another way MB … most these people come here to experience the PR about living the free market dream and sadly find out the prospectus is not all it proposed to be. Hence hitting the ground they are off loaded to low socioeconomic areas with less than optimal conditions for new entrants and a bit of a battlefield of economic hardship without any social networks.

        Then when social dysfunction happens its always placed on the individual or the group as being non compliant wrt broader social norms established by legacy entrants. So historically we have a case were past entrants advocated for worker rights and broad social agendas and now that their kids have reaped the rewards of that advocacy we are now faced with them wanting to be gate keepers to anyone else wanting to have a go and work for it … chortle …

        Sorry I missed the part about where these low bargaining power groups have created the whole mess …. sounds like chutzpah ….

      • boomengineeringMEMBER

        Cee, it said the top 20 birthplaces, the rest could be in the next 50 birthplaces but I didn’t bother to add up the percentages to see if they added up to 100%.

      • Lol. Phf is missing for the usual weekend arguments so the Mangey Marsupial is goading whoever he can.

      • The country shopper calls the people who built and paid for the country he’s enjoying “legacy entrants” ….I honestly have never read anything more revolting from an American wanker in my life

      • Oh the pejoratives ….

        A. my wife is Australian and needs to be close to her family, I could have stayed in America and made a huge amount of money compared to here, but my choice was not based on money or my own personal needs.

        Seems some are calling for a safe space and pft is off doing what ever and the faithful can’t function without their leader. BTW did I mention I had one day off whilst family is up in Noosa so I could clean house and will be back at work tomorrow …. bunch of leaners sucking the life of others so they can engage in consumerist dreams ….

        Enjoy your monetized holiday slackers ….

      • calling you on this Skip …. as a USA person (originally) you know full well that you have your domestic version, i.e. the hood rats. Not African per se but reflecting the same inbred tribal behaviour that sees them robbing and raping their own. Except now it is the ‘Democrat Welfare Plantation’ …. same sort of mind set …

        this is of course quite different to the other % of the negro population that got on with life and left the hyenas behind in the ‘hood’. ‘Tribal’ behaviour (nothing to do with ethnicity) is was the most corrosive, destructive force working against civilised society …….. on top of that we now must add the legions of self proclaimed progressives … who are determined to open the flood gates to this corruption

        prediction for you all ….. we WILL let this get out of control in Oz and, eventually, we will wish we had access to self defence weapons like the US 2nd amendment still is [supposed to] give(s) …..

      • Why do all Americans who come here constantly go on about how much more they would have made back in the states, please leave

      • The American experience is structural and I would suggest ‘Group Prejudice: Jane Elliott’s Brown Eyes vs. Blue Eyes’ for a social psychology perspective. I would also note these are the same people red lined by Trump and friends and later on Obama in gentrifying inner city renewal, bit like the native Americans getting pushed further and further away as demand for land and resources grew. But then again we know that wrt humans – enviroment – plays a leading role.

        I left an established business as a partner with national clients and all its assets payed for, not to mention low over head. Looked into bringing it to Oz in the mid 90s, but there was no market for it due to the infrastructure [old and tired] and industry attitudes at the time. Bringing over around a quarter of a million of equipment, having it rewired for power, sourcing adequate transportation, all whilst building a client base centered around the major eastern coastal cities and the regional sites for this kind of work was not viable at the time.

        Had a go again at admin office work but remembered why I left it in the states and went back to industrial, civic, and residential work, hence my currant work on Queenslanders and solid 70s – 80s rebuild / remodels after an 8 year hiatus to be a stay at home dad.

        So hate all you want … seems a default setting for some …

      • Got your reply in email Cee, no I was a capitalist in America, the old sort and watched as the new gen bunch of ideological wing nuts went on a looting spree whilst blowing out their brains on stimulants and self absorbed play time.

        Off to work …

  24. The Traveling Wilbur

    Cor. This lot. Don’t know they’re born. I blame the parent. The male one.

    Younger brother was going to go to Bunnings today to buy a brick. Singular. For a gate-stop. Several minutes of explanation and an even shorter drive time resulted in a (free) hunk of pebble impregnated concrete courtesy of the local shopping centre plaza carpark shrubbery. Leftovers from development, not part of the landscaping.

    Matches the driveway. Sorted. If only life was always this simple. PS really parental issue; not sprog’s fault.

  25. The Traveling Wilbur

    Nearly forgot to mention the genuine strokeplay exhibited by the Marshman yesterday. Really shaping to get into form. Shame the rest of the batting lineup couldn’t support his efforts; might have switched the result.

  26. ErmingtonPlumbingMEMBER

    “The R101 was, at the time it was built, the largest flying aircraft ever made, at a length of more than 220 metres.

    The British press, prophetically, called it “the Titanic of the skies”.

    The R101 was luxurious compared to other aircraft at the time, with 50 passenger cabins, a dining room for 60 people and two promenade decks.

    Passengers could move about freely and the journey was comparatively silent.

    Worried about safety while you have a smoke? Have no fear: the smoking room is lined with asbestos for your protection.”

    London to Sydney in 12 days!


    • .”the largest flying aircraft ever made”…..GAGF….geeezus this crud grinds my fngears
      you mean to imply that perhaps aerial batttleship flotillas or subterranean hot air balloons werent rated?

  27. Power pedals seem to work quite well and match indoor trainer within 5 watts.

    I’m now looking at getting another road bike. I like the look of some aero bikes, and know i can probably work on building my power to weight ratio by nutrition, training and some strength training which would provide a larger benefit than a more aero bike. Also not sure about my flexibility .

    Ultimately, I’m after an all rounder i can use for training indoors and outdoors, try some racing and some all day rides. Not sure if this means I should aim for an endurance road bike again.

    Eyeing off a custom build Sprint Allez, or possibly Tarmac.

    Not too sure about going Di2. Thinking I’ll stick with mechanical, probably Ultegra

    • boomengineeringMEMBER

      If you are looking for power to weight ratio drop everything and just do powerlifting but I don’t think you want that.
      All day rides will make you weaker, healthier more endurance and slower
      If you can afford a custom bike then you can afford a Cevello, look into it, but it’s not bike it’s the ticker.
      Di2 is great and Ultegra is stronger more reliable than more expensive types.
      Flexibility, do yoga, surfing and stretching.
      For speed you want a fixed wheeler on a velodrome.
      Tailor your nutrition for which you choose (always important).
      So decide what you want first but it seems you want all round fitness, strength and health so do them all and be master of ?
      First in Aust to hold Natural Body Building contests 1968, ANBB president.

      • Cheers.

        I’ve been looking at adding some strength training in. Probably just bodyweight for now.. Not entirely sure where to start, but was going go try something in the Nike Training or Workout Trainer apps on Android.

        I definitely need to work on strengthening my mid-section and glutes. Also need to work on upper body a little too, as I’ve been getting into mountain biking a little.

      • boomengineeringMEMBER

        I once owned the biggest gym in Sydney (Boomas) one room was 22,000 sq ft., and invented Pump Aerobics which was exact copied by a New Zealander but not in the business anymore after over 30 yrs.
        Women are usually the ones most interested in gluteus and mid section but upper legs are the most important body part for men as well.
        The fastest way to achieve strength is by free weights, nothing wrong with body weight or machines but very limited if not done after free weights beforehand. The most important exercise is squat ( do all exercises slowly and deliberate with full range of movement) and this is where you will achieve your gluteus goals.
        Be very careful not to concentrate on specific body parts as symmetry, proportion and balance is of utmost importance, make sure you exercise all body-parts with equal intensity unless grossly unbalanced. For instance some people do abs without lower back which leads to health problems.
        If you look up my website I will email you a workout schedule.(free)

      • boom, I like your attitude to health and fitness – it’s about balance. I have a 15 year old son wanting to join a gym but I’ve managed to dissuade him because what I see as the pervasive narcissism in many of the gyms and that I doubt that many really know what their talking about. I’m not into gyms, never been in one, but managed to keep reasonably fit and strong with running, cycling and lots of heavy grunt-work in farming, landscaping, construction etc etc. – lots of squats lifting weights in that! My own early experience with karate tells me that the most important element is the instructor, I imagine the same with gyms. I would really appreciate a program for our lad. Importantly, I’m don’t want to sponge, sound advice is worth paying for, after all, he will (hopefully) live a long life and avoiding damage through bad advice and improper technique is certainly worth $. I’m in North Qld at the moment but return to Melbourne later this weekend , may I also shoot you an email after that?

      • boomengineeringMEMBER

        Rage, no problem, to do it for free as have been passionate since a four yr old.
        Don’t be too hard on the narcissism as only a very small percentile is real because if they thought they were perfect they wouldn’t be in the gym trying to change themselves. Looking in the mirror could be just looking for faults to be rectified.
        Although I have always been an anti steroid campaigner doesn’t mean I don’t recognize that bodybuilding is also not natural, healthy but not entirely natural .
        Keep up the heavy lifting (you don’t need weights) watch out for awkward loads as injury may occur. Heavy lifting mitigates testosterone loss after the age of 25yr old and keeps you more youthful..

    • ErmingtonPlumbingMEMBER

      Yes, time again to drop everything!
      Another Rooting story needs priority and total media saturation

      • The Traveling Wilbur

        Yeaaaaaasss… true… but any ‘you fiddled with (my) public money’ (while you were fiddling with (your) private honey) story should. They *should* be losing their job for that sort of thing, they don’t, therefore the public ridicule the media scrutiny comes with is a nice bonus for those wanting to seek redress for their *crimes* against their LGA/State/Country.

      • ErmingtonPlumbingMEMBER

        Sure,…but their Real betrayal of the People, through policy compramised by Plutocratic interests, is never really addressed is it Wilbur,…just one Rooting story after another.
        The media will be able to focus of this topic Ad nauseam for generations to come,…meanwhile informed Democracy is eroded away unnoticed amongst endless sensation.

    • I’m all for outing politicians for rorting expenses and having affairs etc, but I feel the LNP has been unfairly targeted. Let the genie out of the bottle and follow the US practice of looking into the bedrooms of politicans and I feel this should be equally applied to everyone in politics. I would prefer the crosshairs be equally applied to the ALP and Greens. For example, zero media attention with one married ALP identity and visits to inner Sydney Asian massage parlours.

      • I’m all for outing politicians for rorting expenses and having affairs etc, but I feel the LNP has been unfairly targeted.

        The difference is that conservative politicians are almost entirely about the feels. They rely nearly exclusively on their supposed “good character” – generally, but especially with issues related to sex [education], marriage, “family values”, etc – to try and lend themselves and their policies authority and credibility.

        If you’re a “family man” out there preaching abstinence instead of sex education, or arguing against same sex marriage based on “traditional values”, and you’re getting some strange on the side from an unmarried woman, you damn well deserve to be publicly crucified.