Scummo launches corrupt anti-corruption watchdog

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The proposed CIC will be split in two. At the top tier, a ‘‘law enforcement division’’ will have powers roughly on par with the powerful NSW ICAC. Yet a federal Eddie Obeid would have nothing to fear from this body. Parliamentarians and their staff, along with most of the public service and government-owned corporations, would be outside the law-enforcement division’s remit.

Instead they would be covered only by a much friendlier ‘‘public service division’’ with inferior powers. The second-tier agency would not be able to hold public hearings, which are the only way to guarantee public confidence in the process. The public service division would lack the power to investigate breaches of codes of conduct short of criminal behaviour, such as, for instance, rorting of parliamentary perks.

Just bring on the election and we’ll dispense the justice.

David Llewellyn-Smith
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    • That’s what we need as we just swap one lot for the other, and f all changes. They are all intent on building their property portfolio, or other investment that we all pay for. They really have no fear as their mates will be on the committee. Bring on an election yet again and nothing will be different in our lives and more importantly our children.

      • maybe a night of “yellow vests”

        probably never going to happen in Australia though, too many sheep.

      • ErmingtonPlumbingMEMBER

        I wonder if the Owners of would assist in the promotion of a “Yellow Vest day of Action” here in OZ.
        What date shoukd ot be held on?
        Are any other Aussie web sites talking about the same, what about “fringe Left/Right organisations”?
        Whats the kicker that will get the ball rolling,…whos gunna set a date?
        Ill turn up.

      • EP – I can never join you as I am a wog and the potato will have me deported within a week. In the name of democracy off course. Or for “attacking our way of life”.

      • ErmingtonPlumbingMEMBER

        What are you talking about Nikola?,…Wogs are more Aussie than most Aussies these days!,……well most of my self described Wog mates are anyway.

      • EP – there are not enough baristas and lollypop people going around for us to stage a “hi vis” / “yellow vest” day.

      • I didn’t intend to start a riot guys lol. I’m too naive and just think our leaders should be honest (rule 1 has to be don’t do crime no matter what you call it…if you do go to prison), (rule 2 stop wrecking the planet … we pay a lot just to live here, why not do it sustainably as the amount we’re forking out should be enough to pay for the best renewables , and some cleaner way to a new base load (gas) … get it right or get kicked second chance), and (rule 3 stop pumping housing and it’s got to be made more affordable …we all know how, but the wankers in power refuse to act …they all need to be put on notice), rule 4 go back to rule 1. I don’t know , but as has been said here over and over we need to have some plebiscites to align the country. It why I;ve voted SAP, and will continue to, with the majors down the bottom. I’m hoping that how we effect change. cheerrs

    • Australia’s perception rankings is in freefall, people have begun to wake up:

      2012, 85
      2013, 81
      2014, 80
      2015, 79
      2016, 79
      2017, 77

      The government’s actions are all perception no substance.

  1. “Just bring on the election and we’ll dispense the justice.” – or we should show some b0lls and start buying yellow vests.

    • ErmingtonPlumbingMEMBER

      Yellow is the color of cowardice,….but mix it with good old MB/Commie red and you get Orange!

      An Ozzie hi-vis orange Vest Movement!,…now we are talkin!,…. how do you say Orange vesters in French?

  2. Offer whistle-blowers protection and financial incentives for any information that leads to the conviction of current or former politician, lobbyist, or other vested interests. Rip the can of worms open for all to see.

    • Tassie TomMEMBER

      The problem is it’s mostly frigging legal!

      It’s blindingly obviously corrupt, except it doesn’t fit the Australian definition of “corruption” which sets the bar very high, and therefore it’s fair game.

      The law and the legal definition of “corrupt” need to change.

  3. proofreadersMEMBER

    Another dud from the happy-clappy PM – wouldn’t have expected anything better. The “church” investigating the “church”?

    • Tassie TomMEMBER

      Normally I’d protest against using someone’s beliefs as an insult or mockery (happy-clappy PM), but this is the bloke who’s talked the country into believing that Islam is some sort of mind-infecting disease that inevitably causes the infected to mutate into suicide-bombing terrorists sooner or later, so I’ll join you in mocking Prime Minister Olyolyeeeaarraarr (that’s sort of what the happy-clappers sound like when they’re “speaking in tongues”)