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  1. Just some historical perspective considering the neoliberal self interest [tm] or atomtistic individualism axiom and the whitewashing of history to support it ….

    “In a republic “each individual gives up all private interest that is not consistent with the general good, the interest of the whole body.” For the republican patriots of 1776 the commonweal was all encompassing—a transcendent object with a unique moral worth that made partial considerations fade into insignificance. “Let regard be had only to the good of the whole” was the constant exhortation by publicists and clergy. Ideally, republicanism obliterated the individual. “A Citizen,” said Sam Adams, “owes everything to the Commonwealth.” “Every man in a republic,” declared Benjamin Rush, “is public property. His time, his talents—his youth—his manhood—his old age—nay more, life, all belong to his country.” “No man is a true republican,” wrote a Pennsylvanian in 1776, “that will not give up his single voice to that of the public.” — Gordon Wood, Creation of the American Republic, pp. 60-61.

    Now why would supporters of neoliberalism – corporatists want to obfuscate about such clearly articulated statements and instead provide a counter narrative – out of whole cloth – which puts all responsibility on the individual.

  2. In a report released Tuesday, the U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA) projected that 2018 is likely to be the worst for coal consumption since 1979, falling to 691 million short tons (MMst), or a 4 percent decrease from 2017. That number reflects an overall 44 percent drop since 2007. Coal-fired plants also closed this year at their second-greatest shutdown rate on record, spelling further trouble for the industry.

    • Your link above: “The Global Carbon Tax Revolt – WSJ”

      The WSJ is owned by Murdoch, a big investor in fossil fuels (Genie Energy)

      And Murdoch is 2nd best friends with petrochemical billionaire brothers Charles & David Koch, owners of Koch Industries and donors to conservative activist denier groups (aka “Think Tanks”).

      So wtf are Murdoch’s minions doing with their headlines on this page?

      • R2M…

        The problem with France seems to be the unwashed having to hold the burnt end of the stick again e.g. the wealth tax was removed and they got an increase in fuel costs to get them to buy new hybrid or electric vehicles.

  3. Selective and dishonest quoting regarding Brexit? Its a trap, and the Governments own legal advice (withheld, so much so, the Government censored for the first time in history by parliament) says so… and yet your selection???