John Adams: The establishment knows CRISIS is coming

Via John Adams, regular contributor to Martin North:

Dear All,

Economic Armageddon is no joke and if the past week has taught me something it is that warning the public of the coming economic peril comes at great risk to people like me.

Only in the past month, I was approached by a leading national member organisation, based in Canberra, to help them do some economic consulting work over the December 2018/January 2019 period.

When approached, I was fully transparent with everything I have been doing and saying over the past 3 years including with my website:

I told this organisation that my existing body of work and obligations would have to continue, including speaking publicly about the economy and the failings of Government and the Parliament to address the problems and risks facing Australia.

This organisation came back to me (after reviewing my website) and said they were comfortable with engaging me as a consultant (not as an employee) subject that I didn’t speak for them publicly. So hence we reached a deal.

For a two week period, 26 November 2018 to 7 December 2018, I worked for them as an economic policy advisor consistent with the contract and agreement we reached.

Controversial Tweet?

All was going well, that is until last weekend, when I issued a critical tweet about Julie Bishop travelling to Mexico to attend the wedding of Karl Stefanovic, rather than focusing on addressing the public policy problems facing Australia.

The specific tweet was:

“The fact that Julie Bishop MP flew to Mexico to attend Karl Stefanovic’s wedding rather than stay & work on the mounting public policy challenges facing Australia explains why Australia is in a mess.

Parliamentarians are overpaid, vain & obsessed with celebrity!”

In my view, this sort of tweet should not be controversial.

Given the serious public policy problems impacting Australia and the economic risks facing the Australian people, I personally consider this sort of comment to be completely ‘in bounds’ for a public economic and political commentator, especially for a country that honours freedom and free speech.

‘The Establishment’ Was Not Happy

However, elements within the Federal Government, the Liberal Party and parts of the national business establishment (who are members of this national organisation) took issue with this tweet as they always seek to protect their own, rather than standing up for the public or national interest.

By Monday morning of this week, I was also told that ‘the political/business establishment’ had gone through my catalogue of economic and political comments from recent years this past weekend and deemed that my views and commentary to be is a political problem.

Although I had been completely transparent with my direct chain of command (before commencing and during the role), a relentless offensive was launched by this establishment over the weekend by placing enormous pressure on the national organisation’s CEO.

Their aim was to have me removed over my views and public comments, even though my direct management line (including the CEO) knew exactly who I was and what I have been saying.

John Adams told to keep silent

This past Monday, things came to a head after a relentless lobbying campaign and I was given a choice.

Even though I had been transparent from the very beginning about who I am and my body of work, I was told that I needed to remain silent for the rest of the duration of my consulting contract on certain people and subjects sensitive to the establishment.

I flat out refused and said this cannot happen.

I told them that helping Australians understand and manage the coming Economic Armageddon is too important for money and hence I walked on Monday night.

Why do they want me quiet?

Last week, a federal coalition member of parliament told me that the establishment (political, bureaucratic, media, corporate) will seek to claim ‘plausible deniability’ (i.e. no one could possibly have seen the crisis coming) when Economic Armageddon comes.

This will be a deliberate tactic as they will seek to escape personal responsibility.

I told this member of parliament that this tactic (which was used in 2008) won’t work this time around.

I said that I have been speaking for 3 years publicly about the economic risks facing Australia and that I have my own website with many articles and over 30 videos with Martin North, among other videos.

I told this MP that innocent Australians will be hurt by the coming economic crisis and I won’t allow the establishment to get away with trying to escape responsibility.

What does this mean for me?

No matter what the political/media/corporate establishment throws at me, I won’t remain silent about the economic problems plaguing Australia and the economic/financial risks facing the Australia people. Economic assassination will not work.

Economic Armageddon is coming and real Australians are going to be hurt.

I am already hearing that some Australians are crying after losing their homes due to defaulting on their mortgages. I am also hearing of distressed workers (especially in the real estate industry) crying as they are worried about the security of their employment and their existing financial stress/debt commitments.

I am committed to helping people such as yourself and I continue to tell my 4-year old daughter Isabella that the role of the Adams’ household is to ‘help the people’.

So how can you help support my efforts?

My body of work and the ongoing collaboration with Martin North and As Good As Gold Australia is not a joke but are a serious attempt to expose the serious economic risks facing Australia. This effort comes at significant economic and personal risk.

Your ongoing support is vitally important as we head towards Economic Armageddon.

Spreading the links to my website, articles and videos are a great help. Also, encouraging friends, family and your contacts to sign up to my newsletter means that I can get my word out to more Australians before it is too late.

My family and I are very thankful to those who have already made a public donation to me via paypal. To those who would like to support my ongoing public work, you can make a donation via clicking on the ‘donate’ button which is at the top of my website.

The Establishment knows that an economic crisis is coming!

Do not be fooled. The Australian and international establishment knows what is coming.

Across the Australian political spectrum, people in Parliament know who I am, what I have been saying and many of them agree with me. To date, only one parliamentarian has had the courage to say something publicly to the Parliament, which is Tim Wilson MP (the Member for Goldstein).

Also, you may have noticed that in the past 24 hours, the former US Federal Reserve Chairwomen Janet Yellen warned a public audience in New York of a new coming financial crisis given ‘gigantic holes in the system’.

Only 12 months ago, Ms Yellen said that another financial crisis ‘it is not likely in our lifetimes’!!

Melbourne and Sydney Seminars

Lastly, a friendly reminder that I will be speaking in Melbourne and Sydney at special two seminars in March 2019 about the coming economic crisis with As Good As Gold Australia. The following video talks about these upcoming events:

Seminar information and early bird tickets can be found at the following link:

Your destiny is ultimately up to you!

No matter what, I am committed to bringing the public the most accurate, insightful and truthful economic information and analysis that I possibly can.

I am also committed to helping Australians who wish to preserve their wealth through accumulating gold and silver (which is something I have been doing personally for the past 2 years). To date, I have been able to help several Australians who have reached out to seek my assistance. For those who need my help in this endeavour, all you have to do is ask.

Having said this, I can only do so much on my end and ultimately it is your choice about whether you wish to become prepare for the crisis for which I can see coming.

I hope to hear from you at some point. Talk soon.


John Adams

Houses and Holes


    • A register of economic commentary is being kept as this ‘plausible deniability’ tactic was foreseen. Furthet, reporting of the stances of individual players can be easily traced with any search engine.

      They will also try KMK’s line: ‘When the facts change, I change my mind. What do you do, sir?’

      Except the facts were obvious, and getting worse by the day, the month and the year.

      Oldies will recall Keating doing over the Tories time and again for their economic failures once he became Treasurer. He was like a dog with a bone – quite rightly. I hope Shorten appoints an eloquent savage to reming voters again and again of the vile and destructive decisions made by these bloody amateurs.

      We are in this toxic mess because of Howard/Costello then Abbbott/Turnbull/Morrison. Tear their hearts out- just as they did to the citizens of Australia.

  1. Step aside MB, there is new Bear in town.
    I started following him on tweeter and will start reading his site from tomorrow on. But if he did what he did for the reason he says he did then John must be one of the few honest people left in this country.

  2. MP’s know all about this. They passed two sets of legislation in the last year preparing for the CRISIS:
    1. Financial emergency measures bill allows APRA or the government to bail-in the banks by confiscating deposits.
    2. The AA Bill which allows spying on all communications and gives the Home Affairs minister power to deploy the army to quell riots.

    Perhaps the crisis will never come, and I need a tin-foil hat, but why pass these laws then?

      • When the time comes, assurances in submissions mean NOTHING. Current legislation does not explicitly exclude deposits. Note also that the ‘interests of depositors’ may not extend to protecting all deposits.

        If deposits are to be excluded then that exclusion needs to be explicit in the legislation.

      • Even StevenMEMBER

        @ Gramus

        Well you are clearly too far gone into paranoia world. Good luck with that. Obviously I don’t have anywhere to go with that because your starting premise is: everyone’s lying. I have no way of refuting that. Cheerio.

      • As I understand it, the FCS can only be activated by the government, so if they decide not to so it doesn’t really matter what assurances APRA give.

      • Even StevenMEMBER

        And as I understand it, the Australian Federal Parliament has absolute legislative authority to change any law in Australia, at any time. Clearly, we can only conclude from this that anything that ANYONE says, cannot be 100% categorically certain.


  3. Just love hearing about those that stand against the corrupt. And, there’s plenty of opportunity for others to do likewise. Straya’s apathy towards what is happening is a terrible weakness and nothing to be proud about. If the people ‘allow it’, the takers will take with impunity.
    Onya John!

  4. If you’re in charge and you admit the country is facing a crisis, then you might have to explain why you’re standing there stuffing your sack with such vigor.

  5. Ever since Kim Beazley was kicked out of the leadership for not knowing who Rove McManus is, politicians who yearn to be leader must know about Australian celebrities.

    As to the Bishop trip : she went there to get her name in the news, otherwise the voters will forget her. As a backbenchers, it is not like she has any input in policies. Her only other option is to behave like Tony Abbott and openly disagree with the party on air. A tweet like that is really kicking a person when they’re down. The ‘establishment’ is unhappy because they see it as an outsider interferencing with the LNP’s internal party process : they are already planning for the ScoMo era, and if Julie Bishop neither forgives or forgets, and she may yet become leader.

  6. John Adams is pretty into precious metals. He has nearly convinced me of buying some silver. Anyone around here with experience of this?
    -Do you really need physical?
    -which reputable bullion trader in sydney?
    -is it a useful hedge against crisis? I remember House and holes saying once that gold was a useful hedge AFTER not during as during it went down like everything else, from his GFC experience.
    – I know silver doubled in the GFC, but lets say there is a localised crisis in 2019/20 that does not include US/EURO/CHINA, is silver still likely to spike?

    Sorry if these are dumb questions, I’m just trying to stay sober and get ready for the worst while still planning for any outcome. I am afeared of leverage, I don’t want to play directly in the US markets, my research on aussie options was pretty uninspiring, and CFDS give me the shivers.

    Oh and did I mention houses are still a bit expensive? I know I have my ignorance on full display here, but any advice or education would be gratefully welcomed.

    • You should have 10% precious metals if you can afford it like you should own your house in retirement, if you can afford it. You should never think of either of them in fiat terms or you should have left your savings in financial assets

      This may change if the US Fed is forced into NIRP never to return ( 30% precious ) With good luck you will never need it to use and will hand it on to your children…it is just insurance for a currency crisis and if the Order in Council is ever re-instated they will be after the 400 oz bars

    • Understand Fiat currency first.
      Silver is a store of wealth that can be volatile compared to Gold. See the price rise and drop after 2011.

    • I keep gold 1oz coins in a vault in Sydney. About 5% of liquid assets. (63oz) They strike a good balance between portability (if you are travelling through an airport you only declare if the face value written on the coins adds up over 10k) I looked at silver and didn’t like it. Asians don’t feel it has any intrinsic value and the carrying costs are higher in a vault.

  7. Gosh this guy is naive.
    If you take the man’s coin than you do the man’s work it’s that simple.
    you have choices, they have choices, it’s not overly complex
    In some ways if you’re not smart enough to figure the game at least 2 steps ahead of other players than you’re probably already in way over your head

    • I don’t think he is naive. I think he may have expected this outcome but hoped it wouldn’t eventuate, not the same thing.

      • No it’s not the same thing
        Talented players get paid a bonus for doing what they intended to do anyway by convincing others that it was their idea and you were simply there as a useful tool to help them get what they wanted.
        That’s just the way the game is played

    • Yeah, smartarses probably tried to bring him inside the tent & thought they could roll him on his preconditions – to get what they wanted as you say. Naive maybe, but he wasn’t their employee, & fortunately for us is too honest to let them stick their hand up his Khyber Pass. Shame there weren’t more like him.

  8. F—k the establishment, they have shown time and time again not to represent their clients, the people of Australia.
    Time to rise up and rebel.
    At least one person, Mr Adams has some balls to do it, I assume there are many others including MB.

    What have we become as Australians, our forefathers who went to war would be ashamed?

    No conviction, no strength, no fight, just let those in elected power keep screwing everyone but the 1%.

  9. Second Rate People

    John Adams is another gold bug permabear extremist. Read his tweets about the recent Melb terror attack. He’s a complete moron.

    But armageddon wins followers as Martin North knows too well.

    Don’t publish his garbage on here if you want to retain your credibility

    • Why does MB attract these 2nd rate drop kicks? I didn’t want to read this nameless troglodytes garbage, yet here I am, through no fault of mine. Not only am I gonna be hungover tomorrow, but I’m gonna have this farkwits intellectual muck lingering like some unwanted stench.

      • Never fight a pig in its territory: you’ll end up covered in shìt, and the pig loves it so much, he has a stiffie!

      • Brenton, make your comments on Member-only posts as the $$ cost filters out most trolls. MB is obliged to conduct twin narratives. Recognise and use this feature.

        Everyone else:

        Don’t Buy Now!

  10. I’m not discounting what he says out of hand but he could easily be a goldbug who uses prophesies of doom to sell seminar tickets, and even if he does believe it himself, doesn’t mean he isn’t seeing everything through gold and/or doom coloured glasses. MB needs to be a little more critical of stuff like this otherwise it’ll end up like zerohedge – some good stuff but a load of nut job conspiracy stuff too that readers have to work hard to filter out.

    • Unlike the MSM that is full of bank lobbyists, developer lobbyists, population lobbyists, political lobbyists, minerals council lobbyists etc etc???? The boys here do have a bearish taint, but that’s only because our entire political and economical system has been overrun by rent seekers and parasites.

    • We’re in an economy dependent upon a debt fuelled housing bubble, which is currently busting. Some call that doom and gloom, others reality.

  11. There is internal meltdown in debt, migrant overshoot and so on – but the big hits to Australia always come in terms of trade.
    And after more than two decades of good times in trade, driven by exports to North Asia & China, Australia is overdue for another big hit.

    The big shock will be something unexpected, but entirely predictable in hindsight.

    Loss of commodity trade with North Asia (China, Japan, Korea, Taiwan) – in the end game of a US trade deal.

    Trump has 2 more years, China North Asia trade balance it’s his key policy, and he has the mandate with a 57% ECV.

    The US trade deficit with China is half a trillion alone.

    It’s not about the US ‘reducing imports’ but ‘increasing US exports’ to North Asia/China.

    If North Asia (Japan, South Korea & Taiwan) want US protection / defence shield / no China south sea or Taiwan incorporation, or Korea unification – then they will have to start paying for it by taking US imports, not Australian, European & South East Asian imports.

    If China doesn’t want a US tarriff wall that destitutes China & causes mass internal social revolt (US exports are 18% volume & third of their GDP growth) then China has to import more US goods.
    And somehow make up a half trillion trade imbalance.

    What does North Asia & China import ?

    Plant (from Europe, rest of Asia, Australia*)
    Ore, minerals, coal) Australia*, Indonesia, other)
    Gas (Qatar*, Australia*, South Asia, Russia)
    Food (rest of Asia, Australia*, US)
    Vehicles (Europe, North Asia)
    IP/technology/sophisticated products (steal it)

    1. US gas is 9% cheaper post tariff v Aust & Qatar gas.
    2. Ore, minerals, coal the US has in excess.
    3. Food / dairy / feed / livestock US has in excess.
    3. Plant & sophisticated goods, patents & Pharma the US virtually controls, China thieves.

    Would Trump & China sell out the Qatar 20 year deal & get China to switch to US supply? You bet.
    Saudi & the rest of the gas cartel would back it too, and Saudi annex Qatar in the aftermath.

    Would the US & China sell out Australia & replace that trade with US gas, coal, ores, food etc to China & North Asia? NZ milk powder with US equivalents?

    You bet. China First🇨🇳 America first🇺🇸.

    And that’s a $150-200 billion yearly trade shock to Australia & NZ.
    It would see Australia & NZ go into deep recession for the next decade.

    And both our countries stuck with over 1 million (PR & TR) China Hukou – internal Chinese illegal migrants & undesirables being cleansed & exported offshore from the Tier 1 Chinese cities & another half million similar in the North Asian intake – as our further burden.

  12. Even StevenMEMBER

    Gold and silver, huh? If that’s where we’re heading, you’ve got bigger problems than protecting your wealth. You won’t have a job. The people in your street won’t have a job. Basically the world is screwed. Enjoy your gold and silver!

      • Even StevenMEMBER

        And for those that have been holding gold bullion for 50 years, they have seen a steady decline in their relative wealth compared to those who were invested in more productive assets. No yield, storage costs. Not great.

        Good luck in holding out for the great cataclysm where it may finally come good. Perhaps you are one of the gold bugs with an excellent sense of timing. Honestly, my cataclysm radar is not that good.

    • Nobody is suggesting you hold only gold but having exposure to some gold is always a good idea and if you’re a trader there is plenty money making opportunity.

      The bottom line is this: when (not if) the current monetary system comes to grief, all those productive, yield generating financial assets will be next to worthless while a tail-risk position in precious metals will make you (relative to your peer group at least) quite well off.

      This is nothing more than understanding and managing risk. The prepper/ gold bug crew are a different situation entirely.

  13. Argh, the establishment, those scurvy ridden dogs, will never get Salty Johns gold and silver. Me treasure is not for the taking!! Argh *spit*

  14. I’m surprised at the gullibility here. Adams knows his marks as well as Nafan Birch knows his it seems.

  15. Does anyone know if the numbers of distressed mortgages are collated nationally and if so would they up to date figures?

  16. Is John a member of the Adams family? Seems to be scaring everyone so his Gold and Silver investments do well! Another spruiker, just what MB needs…more fear!