Jerusalem compromise a dud

Via Paul Kelly:

The majority of the “wise men” expert panel created to advise the Prime Minister, Scott Morrison, rejected his fallback compromise of recognising West Jerusalem as Israel’s capital but keeping the Australian embassy in Tel Aviv.

Morrison’s retreat at the weekend confirms he should never have raised the option of moving the embassy since the cost to Australia in foreign policy, diplomatic and trade terms would have been substantial and unnecessary.

The best that can be said is that a grand folly has been avoided. Morrison needed a face-saving fallback and his departmental advisers knew this. There is, however, no national-interest justification in Morrison’s compromise as the expert panel majority recognised. The big test is yet to come: how exactly will Indonesia react?

Before any of you commenting loons react to that, remember this also at The Australian:

Australia’s Jewish community has warned Labor against any reversal of the Morrison government’s ­decision to recognise West Jerusalem as Israel’s capital, declaring such a move “would be considered a hostile act”.

The Zionist Federation of Australia has written to Bill Shorten and opposition foreign affairs spokeswoman Penny Wong to ­express concern about the party’s position after they confirmed Labor would recognise Jerusalem as Israel’s capital only in the final stages of a two-state solution.

The entire move was orchestrated by the Jewish lobby on behalf of Israel, a foreign country with more power than the Chinese lobby. It was never in Australia’s interests and still isn’t given our Muslim neighborhood.

The entire policy should be thrown out. All it does is make Aussies more of a target for no gain whatsoever.


  1. I don’t hate Trump like most people, but trying to jam your lingua all the way up to his appendix is just vile.

    Scummo, living up to his name.

  2. Who the hell cares about what happens in Israel and who cares about what the Indonesians think. There are 100 far important things to worry about and discuss, but as usual, bullsh*t minority causes seem to dominate the political discussion. Move on.

    • Indeed. Fix the goddamn hospitals, roads, hollowed out economy and cost of energy first you scum.

      I would close the damn embassies in Israel and every middle east country until they sort their conflicts out themselves.

      Special interest groups in Australia threatening the Government one way or another on foreign issues need to:
      a) STFU
      b) Leave

    • We export a lot of food to Indonesia, and pissing off a big customer to make a ‘gesture’ is really stupid.

  3. “Israel, a foreign country with more power than the Chinese lobby”
    Is there absolutely any evidence of this?

    • actually, on this point, why was the Lowy Institute hit by Chinese hackers? What does the Lowy Institute have?

    • From personal experience I’ve seen how high pollies jump when approached by jewish interests and then by chinese interests and I’d say the jewish interests often hold far more sway than the chinese. One is like Mitchell Starc and the other is like Nathan Lyons, the Chinese are far more intimidating but it does not mean they are more effective.

  4. I’m not convinced that the entire move was orchestrated by the Jewish lobby. ScoMo also has his own motivations.

    I’m deeply concerned about ScoMo and his Middle Eastern power trip. His captain’s call announcement on Jerusalem on the eve of the Wentworth by-election was ostensibly about shoring up the Jewish vote but I fear there is another, more malevolent motivation.

    As MB states he’s a Pentecostalist weirdo, dangerous in itself as an anti-science, anti-evidence reactionary. Worse still, that lot are often, or are by default, also Christian Zionists. Sizer identifies “six basic political convictions that arise:

    1. The belief that the Jews remain God’s chosen people leads Christian Zionists to seek to bless Israel in material ways. However, this also invariably results in the uncritical endorsement of and justification for Israel’s racist and apartheid policies, in the media, among politicians and through solidarity tours to Israel.
    2. As God’s chosen people, the final restoration of the Jews to Israel is therefore actively encouraged, funded and facilitated through partnerships with the Jewish Agency.
    3. Eretz Israel, as delineated in scripture, from the Nile to the Euphrates, belongs exclusively to the Jewish people, therefore the land must be annexed, Palestinians driven from their homes and the illegal Jewish settlements expanded and consolidated.
    4. Jerusalem is regarded as the eternal and exclusive capital of the Jews, and cannot be shared with the Palestinians. Therefore, strategically, Christian Zionists have lobbied the US Administration to relocate its embassy to Jerusalem and thereby ensure that Jerusalem is recognised as the capital of Israel.
    5. Christian Zionists offer varying degrees of support for organisations such as the Jewish Temple Mount Faithful who are committed to destroying the Dome of the Rock and rebuilding the Jewish Temple on the Haram Al-Sharif (Noble sanctuary of Al-Aqsa).
    6. Christian Zionists invariably have a pessimistic view of the future, convinced that there will be an apocalyptic war of Armageddon in the imminent future. They are deeply sceptical of the possibility of a lasting peace between Jews and Arabs and therefore oppose the peace process. Indeed, to advocate an Israeli compromise of “land for peace” with the Palestinians is seen as a rejection of God’s promises to Israel and therefore to support her enemies.

    If we accept that these are the convictions, and that ScoMo also holds these views (why wouldn’t he? These are Righteous views and he would be duty-bound) then I feel my concern is justified.

    Give me Dutton any day over this. And strength to Pyne for trying to foil this folly.

      • The last line – about Dutton or Pyne? It was a choice between Dutton (and his domestic influence (ok, concede climate, police state etc etc) and ScoMo (the Captain’s call giving momentum to the Rapture cult – this may be destructive to Earth!). Pyne is level-headed and hard-working. He skilfully played an influential hand in guiding the Captains Call to oblivion. (we need to get over the ‘mincing poodle’ schtick. I like James Jeffrey’s description – he could get caught in a tornado of excrement and piranhas and still come out smiling). I forgive his politics. Up to a point.

  5. Just more policy on the run. Embassy to Jerusalem one way, remove negative gearing (Oh Sh!t – what have we done? Quick! announce a delay maybe, oh, try 2 years……) the other.

    Yes, carefully thought through policies all round. I assume the ALP is planning to spend the mythical surplus the LNP announced (so less debt is a surplus?) just as soon as it can get it’s hands on it. Never mind the rocks – more sail!

    Meanwhile, expect a lot of fall backs to the usual favorites – Diggers, Cultural Heritage, Dual citizenship for polies, LGBTIQ A To Z etc etc to paste over things for a while…

  6. Threatening Labor? As much as I think both parties ME policy is dumb who are Israel to tell us what our policy should be?

    Go brass each other up into infinite for all I care. The Middle East is not our neighbourhood.

  7. Probably the exception, but I think it makes perfect sense the Gov’s support of Jerusalem as capital, as it _is_ officially the capital of Israel – the only functioning democracy of the Middle East.

    It would be the same as France recognising the Canberra as capital of Australia (I’m sure contested by some Indigenous people).

    Respectfully I disagree with H&H’s position that our actions are supposed to please our Muslim neighborhood – we are supposed to do what we think is right.

    • You might do well to actually examine the domestic truth of Israel it’s not very democratic at all and is a very unhappy place. Perhaps looking at might help.
      Scummo is wrong on his jewish homeland, disposing of israel forcing millions of Palestinians into refugee camps where they are still, was a payoff made by England in Balfour Agreement with Rothschild 1917. The khazarian homeland is in the Ukrainian region and Israelis were in the past couple of years calling it that.

    • If Israel was a democracy, then occupied Palestinians would have the right to vote… And Israel would become an Arab nation at their next election. Fat chance of the Zionists ever letting that democracy happen!

  8. adelaide_economist

    It’s no surprise that wading into Middle East politics is a recipe for disaster and there is no conceivable Australian national interest – given our own rapidly growing muslim population, the current political environment and of course our nearest neighbours – in even touching something like this. Whether Israeli lobbyists or ScoMo trying to bring on the rapture (or a combo of both), this stuff is just pure poison. It’s stirring the hornet’s nest for the sake of it and any victims here will of course be those who never had anything whatsoever to gain from this decision.

    • Totally. It is poison for multiculturalism as well and any sane PM would see the cracks forming. Stay out of ME politics – no good will come from it.

      The following threat is horrible in what it implies:

      “Australia’s Jewish community has warned Labor against any reversal of the Morrison government’s ­decision to recognise West Jerusalem as Israel’s capital, declaring such a move “would be considered a hostile act”. ”

      Firstly, who is speaking for the Jewish community in Australia and where may I view the results of the survey? This is a standard Zionist tactic; claiming to represent all Jews. It is a lie.

      Secondly, do we interpret this to mean that the Jewish diaspora will take up a foreign state’s aims and enter into hostilities with Australian citizens or the government using our electoral process? This is supposed to be a productive discourse or a way to cement the reality of who is pulling the strings?

      Is everyone in our government too frightened of the Israel lobby to put them straight about Australian sovereignty? If ANY diaspora decides to “integrate” in our society and lobby for a foreign state’s interests then something is very badly wrong. Political correctness has gone too far if the Israel lobby is allowed to get away with this abuse and threat. It is arrogant and unacceptable.

      Hostile act? You mean like dropping white phosphorus on civilians?

  9. How much of this was to wedge Labor in Melbourne ports? Oh, probably at least half of it.

    Coalition is still thinking it can play a seat by seat game and win the next election by a hair. Unfortunately, it seems unlikely that picking up Melbourne Ports and the mouth breather seats in FNQld is really going to make that much of a difference.

    Please don’t reply to me asking why Melbourne Ports is an issue, use Google.