Greens MP quits party “no longer focused on environment”

Via The Guardian:

New South Wales MP Jeremy Buckingham has quit the Greens party and says he will contest the next election as an independent.

The rogue MP announced he was “ripping up” his membership at a press conference on Thursday, after the party formally asked him to step aside as a candidate for the state election in March.

Describing the party as “toxic”, Buckingham said the Greens had “abandoned the core principles they were founded on” and were more focused on “bringing down capitalism” and “divisive identity politics” than acting on climate change.

“The NSW Greens are no longer focused on the environment,” he said. “They are no longer the party that Bob Brown founded and I in good conscience can no longer be a member of that party.”

Too right except on one front. The identity politics Greens are the useful idiots of blood-sucking capitalism via extremist support for environmental and worker destroying mass immigration.

Someone should sue them to get the name back.

David Llewellyn-Smith
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  1. The NSW Greens have been taken over by a bunch of old trotskyist rejects. The sooner they die the better.

    • The national Greens are just as bad. More interested in bringing men down and identity politics than plastics in the water, homelessness, climate change, pollution, obesity etc. Real issues! not the invented issues such as equality for women, we are one of the fairest country in the world towards women they are delusional bigots.

  2. We all have to vote Labor next election to get the LNP filth out of government. You can vote Green, but only down the ticket. I’m done with them until they become a purely environmental party

    • … we get the Labor filth instead. All major parties will be at the bottom of my paper even if that only leaves Frankenstein at the top.

      • Labor have sensible policies in the main. Not everything is about immigration and house prices, even though in your tiny world that’s all that matters.

        Getting the party of deniers out of government is Job Number One. We can kvetch about moigrints later.

      • R2M, I’ve agreed and disagreed on many occasions with your posts without comment. However, I must point out that you have no insight whatever into my “tiny world”. You should perhaps be a little less inclined to rush to judgement.

      • ErmingtonPlumbingMEMBER

        Not sure what you guys are on about (was there a deleted post?) but reckon you should both join the Labor Party and fight to make it a Just Governing Party, worthy of voting for,…even if ya dont put em on your Ballot Borsky come lend a Hand.

      • There is no way Labor will be anything other than a high population growth policy, high development policy party. This pretty much guarantees the biodiversity carnage. Australia cannot impact global CO2 directly, but we can act immediately to save our wildlife and forests.

    • Mate you are delusional.. keep hoping for change buddy, Labor will come to the rescue for ya… eyes roll

      • I am seriously considering casting an invalid vote as a protest at the shambles that is party politics.
        If enough voters did the same it would force electoral system change.have
        What do we lose ?

      • bolstrood, there a number of minor parties promising lower immigration. Vote for one of them.

        Sustainable Australia is a sensible party that actually cares about the environment.

      • UE, I refuse to let the house price/immigration issue overwhelm all others. There are more important issues

      • @bolstrood, if you want to protest you can do so more effectively by putting the majors last. It’s even possible – albeit unlikely – that an independent might get up.

        Voting informal will have no effect.

      • R2M, population is the ‘everything’ issue – it affects nearly every facet of national life. Whether you like it or not, Australia’s runaway population growth IS overwhelming everything else.

      • ErmingtonPlumbingMEMBER

        “Labor are the biggest ‘Big Australia’ supporters. They will wreck the environment just as fast as the others.”

        Labor will most likely win the next Federal Election,…so if ya really want to put up a fight against “too Big an Australia” then do it from within the Party that governs.
        Not scared of a bit of a Biff are ya UE?
        Come on Mate,….

      • If enough voters did the same it would force electoral system change.

        Most likely change: getting rid of compulsory voting so all those people casting invalid votes don’t even bother showing up.

        At least pick a plucky independent to stick at the top of the ballot so they might get some funding if enough other people do the same.

    • The Labor Party are now a ‘greens lite’ Party. There are some members of parliament in the Labor Party that admit (can’t remember who they are) they are really Greens ideologues.
      They say they joined Labor, because they want to be in a party where they have better opportunity to create and legislate policy
      The Labor Party should change their name to the Progressive Party, The Refugee Party is a better name for the Greens and Liberals can be the called The Greedy Business Party..

      Seriously though, we could do with an Australian National Socialists Workers Party. A party that formulates policy for the good of the people (environmentalists too) and the nation. In the meantime, just vote One Nation for your house of representative member, and if your seat doesn’t have a One Nation representative, then don’t vote in the lower house at all

    • Jumping jack flash

      Labor talk it up because they’re not really accountable for anything they say, but when they’re in the hotseat they’ll quickly realise who butters their bread, and the keeping of the status quo. There would be outrage if anything major were to change with regards to the foundations of the economy: debt, and people to take it on and pass it on.

      Plus the fact that they have no real power to effect changes to the situation of the common people – you know, the people they’re meant to represent.

  3. Good on him.

    Though I think he should worry about the environment, especially Australia’s and primarily by lowering immigration, I don’t think he should concern himself too much with climate change. Our species is now in direct competition with the stability of all other life on this planet. Seems to me human overpopulation is the problem and climate change is the solution. I think a fair dinkum Greeny would just work out how baton down the hatches and let it run it’s course.

    • @ummester
      The greens are pro big Australia. Sydney already on desalination and some rural towns out of water 6 months ago. All I ask from the fkn greens is limit immigration, push dustainable population. Just that.
      food shortages in 2020 are going to be nasty.
      Global warming aka climate change is non viable, that nonsense will pass as cold and drought increases and more erratic weather. We have had much reduced solar radiation in the last 25 years and it’s getting worse.
      Growing antartic ice has contributed to drought in southern Australia. . Reducing carbon dioxide starves plants who are somewhat desperate anyway at these low concentrations, and reduces animal health. Green Party took on city people who had not set foot in a forest or farm and in my opinion sold out the original base decades ago.

  4. Caring about forests and wildlife should go hand in hand with caring about the poorest Aussies. And as Vanity Fair magazine said, immigrants move to the West and drive huge cars (which pollute more than the small cars in India). How is that Green in any way?

    People in Vietnam, Taiwan, India, get around on 2 wheels.

    A very telling line was posted under an article on The Conversation website. Basically saying that “AUS is rich and we should improve the lot of some 3rd world passport holders by importing them and making incumbent Aussies poorer”.

    I think it was under this article but right now, I can not be stuffed reading 88 comments to find it:

    Look at this:

    a house with a backyard isn’t so much a fundamental right as it is a very specific fantasy manufactured by Western notions

    So, they are not green – they are a bunch of fools who want open borders with the corrupt 3rd world but they have not renamed the party.

    • Absolutely right Jacob.

      More importantly, I expect to see many Lib members of parliament jump ship and stand as independent candidate in the lead up to the next election.

      The platform revolving around change to immigration banking and incomes

    • You have to remember that modern ecologists have concluded, based on statistics, that the ONLY way to save the environment is to accelerate all developing countries through to having a large middle class as fast as possible.

      For them it’s all about slowing global population growth and massive population growth is always in the poorest nations.

      They argue that is the only thing that leads to lower birth rates due to the associated improved child mortality rates and better educated women.

      For them, arguments about higher consumption in developed countries hold no sway because ultimately population stabilises are a much bigger impact on saveing the planet. In line with that they will support open flow of people from developing to developed countries.

      Not saying I agree with that view, although the statistics are compelling. However if too many developed countries start a population Ponzi economy like Australia, then their plan is fukt.

      And that last point is worth making to the open borders types.

      • Then why not mandate that 51% of all foreign students from all 3rd world nations must be female?

        The Colombo Plan of 1 July 1951 was a program to teach foreign students here and then send them back so they can improve the 3rd world. Letting them stay here is detrimental to both the rich world and the 3rd world.

      • TailorTrashMEMBER

        Jacob …yes the Colombo plan was Straya helping the world in a noblisse oblige way ……now its perverted into something where strayans will be dependent on the same noblisse oblige from the guests they allowed to overrun their home ……who is in charge of this silly country ?

    • Yes. Try making sensible comment about population growth on a Greens forum and watch the abuse pour in. We desperately need an environmental party.

      • @mirgs. I agree. An environment party. Pure and simple. With some people who love Australia the country.
        Means cutting immigration and cutting shonky student immigration … whatever, relentlessly apply aust environment as consideration in every bill.

  5. The global plastic pollution carnage and the biodiversity disaster are every bit as real as global warming and arguably now much more pressing. Labor has a serious problem here as the same endless high growth economics fuels their machine.

    The question is how real will this be? Will it stand against the tsunami of development that Labor supports.

  6. Green: we support issue X!
    Green: Orange bad!
    Orange: I support issue X…
    Green: we must oppose issue X!

    Green: we stand against Blue!
    Red: we also stand against Blue…
    Green: we stand with Red!
    Blue: I stand against Orange…
    Green: we stand with Blue!

    Trump really pushed the derangement into overdrive.