David Marr joins Scanlon’s troupe of useful idiots

Golden boy of the Australian left, David Marr, yesterday pounced upon a new Scanlon Foundation survey at The Guardian:

Australia has not lost faith in immigration. The political narrative has darkened but not the fundamental view of ourselves as an immigrant nation. Most of us remain convinced that we are in so many ways better off for newcomers of all races and creeds who have come in large numbers to our shores.

That is the verdict of the Scanlon Foundation’s 2018 Mapping Social Cohesion Report published on Tuesday. The mission of the foundation is to measure how this migrant nation hangs together. Over the last decade 48,000 of us have been polled to fathom the panics that sweep this country and the steady underlying views Australians have of immigration.

“Immigration is a growing concern,” says the author of the report Professor Andrew Markus of Monash University. “But for media commentators and some politicians it has become an obsession. They are in the business of creating heightened concern, of crisis. But what the survey shows is rather a picture of stability.”

And on it went, an uncritical disgorging of every detail of the survey.

One wonders why The Guardian rolled out a lefty titan to do such a menial journalistic job. I guess because it wanted to underline just how credible the results are.

The problem is, they are not. And David Marr has done himself no favours by representing them. Indeed, he has just joined the growing ranks of Australia’s “useful idiots”, the doyens of the left who, owing to their fixation with racism, have climbed into bed with Australia’s most blood-sucking capitalist rent seekers to exploit workers.

Where was David Marr’s acknowledgment that the Scanlon Foundation methodology is questionable when compared against the other surveys, as explained by the Australian Population Research Institute (APRI) last year:

  • The TAPRI survey was completed online by a random sample of 2057 voters, (with quotas set with a 10% leeway, in line with ABS distributions for age, gender and location). The sample was drawn from a panel of 300,000. Thus, TAPRI used the same methodology as is now employed by Newspoll and by Essential Media.
  • The Scanlon poll was based on a telephone sample of 1,500 Australian residents drawn from the entire population of residents. It therefore included many respondents who are not citizens and therefore not eligible to vote.
  • There are significant issues concerning the reliability of telephone interviews when probing  sensitive issues. As the highly credible Pew Research polling organisation has indicated, respondents may be more likely to provide socially undesirable responses in the relative anonymity of the internet.
  • Scanlon found a much larger share of respondents favoured a reduction in immigration numbers in a different online survey that it funded which used methodology similar to that used by TAPRI. In the telephone survey 37% said that immigration was too high.  In contrast, 50% of this online sample agreed that the immigration intake was too high, rising to 53% when the findings were limited to those who were Australian citizens. This result is almost identical to the TAPRI finding.

So, Scanlon’s survey captures the views of migrant non-citizens that are ineligible to vote. It is also conducted via telephone, where honest answers are less likely because of fears of being labelled as ‘racist’ or ‘xenophobic’.

Professor Markus has also been involved in past controversy for failing to divulge his financial links to the Scanlon Foundation when spruiking the survey and attacking others in the Conversation.

Moreover, where was Marr’s acknowledgement that Peter Scanlon is a key leader of Australia’s ‘growth lobby’. He is a major real estate developer and has a clear vested interest in mass immigration, as explained by John Masanauskas previously:

MAJOR investor and former Elders executive Peter Scanlon hardly blinks when asked if his conspicuous support for a bigger population is also good for business.

Mr Scanlon, whose family wealth is estimated to be more than $600 million, has set up a foundation with the aim to create a larger and socially cohesive Australia.

It also happens that Mr Scanlon has extensive property development interests, which clearly benefit from immigration-fuelled high population growth.

“My primary driver in (setting up the foundation) is if we don’t have growth we are going to lose all our youth because the world is looking to train people around the world,” he explains. “Instead of having stagnant growth, we’re going to have a serious decline.”

Mr Scanlon believes that governments aren’t doing enough to sell the benefits of a bigger population so he has put his money where his mouth is…

Mr Scanlon must be rolling around on the floor laughing that his pro-immigration ‘research’ has so deeply penetrated not the business media but the left wing press. He now has a jingling troupe of lefties dancing to his tune for inflated property, passing the costs of infrastructure crush-loading to tax payers and smashing the wages of workers.

That has to go down as one of the great business propaganda coups of all time.


  1. I had a family luncheon on Sunday with a good cross section of Australia’s community. The topic of house prices came up. Usual banter that this is Oz they always end up up, so to speak. Then I mentioned I had concerns re increased rate of NOM over last 10 to 12 years & other issues re O/S education programs etc, & the effect on cities infrastructure such as housing, roads, transport, schools, hospitals, access to jobs, income none growth, blah, blah. In summary I’m now the family racist who has no idea about cultural diversity, real property values & essential foreign investment. I left the lunch thinking I was Trump(ed). (The locked in narrative that the weasel words people have created is not likley to be beaten, so I fear MB is now losing the battle). So back to my post on another subject how do you get another passport & extract wealth from OZ?

    • Don’t worry, my wife was at a 6 year old birthday party when a UK-born now citizen began regaling her with tales of Brexit woes and how the UK was sadly set to become isolationist and have “no immigration just like Australia” and how sad this would be etc.
      My wife said hang on it is not that simple at which point the mood darkened and the conversation ended.
      The notion that immigration to Australia is an inherent good and that objecting to it is racist is deeply embedded in our psyche in my opinion.
      The nuance of numbers and wage effects etc is completely lost.

      • I think th UK is way behind us in this debate. The moron side of the force is strong with them.

      • “No immigration just like Australia”

        Yes, never mind the minor fact that Australia has the highest per capita immigration rate in the world.

        One finds that such extreme immigration enthusiasts never provide an upper limit on how many migrants they think we can realistically and feasibly accept. They don’t bother thinking about actual numbers. Rather, their emotive, illogical and sanctimonious arguments always seem to boil down to “less immigration= bad!”

    • I’ve won over my SJWs! Try again next lunch.point out how much Peter Scanlon appreciates their attempts to make him richer, and how much the banks enjoy selling them loans, and how migration doesn’t affect the price of housing or labour…

  2. It’s a really interesting article to read. You can see how Marr and the other old Sydney progressives are still fighting an old war, they are obsessed with racism, but the world has moved on.

    The real battleground is the destruction of our cities and our environment by uncontrolled growth economics. Economics that never questions if a backyard, park, tree or forest is worth having. Never questions if crowded, polluted, unequal mega-cities are even worth living in for anyone other than the mega rich. Never questions how massive growth policies burn nature and ecology before them.

    They are the old rich Sydney progressives, who fought a past battle, and fight it still, with a glass of wine, looking over the blue ocean, eyes cast away from the growing slums and dying expanse.

    • As I keep reminding anyone who cares to listen, it is not the fault of economics but of finance posing as economics. But you put it beautifully about the champagne drinking elite looking down upon the rest of us plebs. Hillary Clinton put it wonderfully in the line regarding ‘the deplorable!’

      • Georgi
        Nah!!! The Economic Schools are up to their necks in this. As I’ve remarked more often than some would like (as in BORING!), when I studied Economics 50 years ago 🙁 , it was taught that we didn’t need no damned primary or secondary industry – high service industries were what made a prosperous economy! What goes hand in hand with this is debt doesn’t matter. CAD’s don’t matter. GDP is the only measure of success.

        There rermained at that time the idea, by a few lecturers, that you did have to have a balanced economy – your external account and fiscal accounts should be in balance over a period. I guess they died out or got shouted down by the ideologues – and that is the problem with Economics – mostly they start off with an ideology and then invent narratives to make the ideology seem real. There are classic examples of it in these pages.

    • “They are the old rich Sydney progressives, who fought a past battle, and fight it still, with a glass of wine, looking over the blue ocean, eyes cast away from the growing slums and dying expanse.”


    • Aj you are right that the financial magicians hijacked economics. Economics being the study that determines how finite resources are to be most efficiently shared. The economic systems evolved to address equitable sharing of those resources. that is what I studied some 30years ago and still preach but it is lost cause. I know what you mean about some professors having their own idealogical mantra shoved down our throats as students.

      Finance has permeated so much that You often hear people referring to something being uneconomical when really they mean it is not cost effective as in modern society, price has nothing to do with economics. Credit availability and politics determine prices on most things.

      Money was supposed to be a means of exchange but now used as a resource brought into existence by the few and used as debt to control the stupid masses who think they are progressing socially. We could have a very interesting discussion about all this. Please write to your local state and federal MPs as the more of us who do this they will eventually listen or be turfed.

      • It used to be that if someone wanted to spend beyond the money they had for either consumption or investment someone had to save to allow for that to happen. So yes economics was about allocating scarce resources efficienty. and it was based on the idea of a finite world.
        Now nobody has to save, ie. postpone the use of resources, for someone else to borrow. The CB’s just print up whatever money. The basic assumption therefore is that resources are infinite and in a Zero to Rat negative world of interest rates that these resources are zero cost. (follows from being infinite as well) At the moment it pays to dig up/use up every resource in the world ASAP.
        I find it less than amusing to see the advocates of Zero rates and other abominations like MMT pretending to be somehow more environmentally conscious and more virtuous than the rest of us.

    • Yep, career virtue-signallers like Marr are enabling the creation of a more fractured, unequal, uncaring country. They are cheering on a particularly grotesque form of lemon socialism, a mass immigration scheme run for the benefit of capital at the expense of labour. This is all done in the name of ‘tolerance’ and ‘equality’.

  3. In the Left’s Dr Strangelove moment, David Marr is Major ‘King’ Kong, riding the population bomb down to the target for General Ripper (Scanlon).

    Little does this gelding of Fairfax appreciate that he’s helped to drive a generation of working and middle class people to the alt right by refusing to accurately report the facts on community dissent. No one I know gives a toss about race and skin colour, yet Marr sticks his spurs into an inflatable social-justice high-horse and in doing so defends massive corporate self interests that have created a machine for disseminating the sort of propaganda that good journalism should counter.

    Everyone is beginning to realise what Marr can never admit; the Left has enabled the horrific exploitation of vulnerable people by conflating ‘multiculturalism’ with ‘mass immigration’. This has enriched the worst type of carpetbaggers and rent seekers and impoverished workers, killed the labour movement and driven living standards ever downwards.

    • As the son of migrants who came to Australia in the late 50s the skin color wars were fought and won. Forget that nonsense.
      I’m grieving for my dying country. Dry, fragile old beauty that she is, I sit by her bedside now, sad and impotent to anything that will save her. I just watch over her and remember the love and joy she game me. The opportunities, the tests that I passed and failed and in the end a home like no other.
      Gone now.
      Gone forever.

      • SupernovaMEMBER

        +1. What about the tens of thousands who gave their lives for values that are now being trashed by many first generation Australians who didn’t like the country their parents brought them to….and are now ascending to positions of power in our multi cultural paradise to permanently dismember our culture…..

    • Yes. In retrospect, was Marr and the rich progressives even fighting a war, or just seeking concessions to turn away as the environment was torched for a dollar?

  4. And introducing yet another Big Australia moron, Channel 7’s Mark Riley:


    “… business and independent economists warn that carving the number of new arrivals would have a destructive impact on our labour market and, hence, the economy. The modern migration program is heavily skewed towards attracting skilled workers to fill crucial employment gaps. Without them, those gaps grow, production and innovation suffer and the whole show starts going down the gurgler.”

    Clearly this self-important idiot didn’t bother to examine actual labour market conditions before repeating the “SKILLS SHORTAGES!” mantra. There are no skills shortages. In any case, our immigration program isn’t even linked to labour market needs. It’s simply being used to bring in large numbers of people year after year to artificially pump up aggregate GDP and feed the parasitic growth lobby.

    • “The modern migration program is heavily skewed towards attracting skilled workers to fill crucial employment gaps.”


    • he West Australian, widely known as The West is the only locally edited daily newspaper published in Perth, Western Australia, and is owned by Seven West Media.

      Kerry Stokes is a big big property guy. He owns channel 7 and the newspaper. Mark Reilly works for Kerry. Nuf’ said.

      • @Gramus — You forgot to add that “The West Australian” is one of the worst rags in Australia & the only Paper in WA apart from the obnoxious “Australian”. It’s a total shit rag with right wing viewpoints. It denies publishing readers letters (Not published) if views expressed don’t echo the owners/editors view points. I miss a quality paper like the Age used to be.

      • @Gramus — You forgot to add that “The West Australian” is one of the worst rags in Australia & the only Paper in WA apart from the obnoxious “Australian”. It’s a total crap rag with right wing viewpoints. It denies publishing readers letters (Not published) if views expressed don’t echo the owners/editors view points. I miss a quality paper like the Age used to be.

    • Lately no Guardian article regarding population has a comments section. I noticed that even in The Guardian antii mass immigration remarks were starting to appear. Since then, by coincidence or not, no comments sections in population stories.

      • Guardian, as usual, being guided by the European bureaucrats – talking about immigration should be a criminal offence!

      • Funny you should say that, I heard talk of the EU soon signing up to some UN charter on immigration where immigration will be listed as a human right. Didnt hear much more, I am researching it

      • There was some nitwit on TV actually said it. Even further any media that allowed itself to be used for any discussion would be shut down. Sometimes it’s hard to even imagine what one actually hears has been actually said.

      • Thanks Flawse. So to criticise immigration could be seen as a crime. Gee. I follow Brexit closely and I think I heard it from a caller on Nigel Farage’s show on LBC radio which I can listen to on You Tube. I am balanced because I listen to James O Brien, the Remainer on there as well. He hates Brexit. I just was listening to the Channel 4 News reports on todays events in Britain. They had a story on there about a trades school in Solihull which has experienced a 23 per cent rise in enrolments this year from young people wanting to learn a trade. The CEO of the school said with Brexit, young people see a future in trades as they know there will be shortages once open borders are closed. The same report also had a bar owner who has shelved plans to expand. He only employs EU workers from low wage countries. He was asked why he didn’t want to employ British workers. He said he did but he couldn’t get any. The interviewer said isn’t that because he wasn’t paying enough. He said “No, we pay the MINIMUM living wage.”” He said it without a trace of insight. If you pay minimum wages, then locals wont want to work there. Pay more than the measly minimum wage, mate.

  5. GunnamattaMEMBER

    I looked at the first paragraph of that yesterday at work and just found myself another reason not to go too close to the Guardian. The whole piece was utter bilge.

  6. I was chatting with my neighbour on Monday and asked how his adult kids were going. He was disappointed about how hard it was for his kids to get any work and one found a part time job. He knew exactly what the reason was. More and more people are joining the dots which is why the useful idiots are working the propaganda machine harder. I feel that progress is too slow and politicians will end up doing something when are traffic is like that in Jakarta and so are overall living standards.

    • A friend was made redundant in his job as a 20+ year accountant and after picking up a very short term contract has been on the scrapheap for the last 18 months. Isn’t accounting on the skilled shortage list?

      • The shortage is not just of any old accountants. Indeed, *particularly* not any old accountants.

        The shortage is of tight female early-20s Asian accountants who will be compliant and will work for $52k/year …and in three years time be replaced by a fresh, tight, cheap accountant.

      • I’m missing out then, our imported finance department is a sausage fest. They went direct to agency who organise work experience placements direct from China and didn’t advertise locally, given where I work that’s a little naughty.

      • I had a very similar chat with a mate yesterday. His son graduated accounting 12 months ago. 100 job applications, only 2 replies. He got job no.2 and has just started working.

      • There is no ‘skill shortage list’ There is a Medium Term Strategic Skills list.
        It does not reflect current skill shortages but the anticipated need for skills over the next 10 years.

  7. Marr sees everything through the very biased lens of his social perspectives. An eloquent propagandist who has been and is very destructive of the culture and values of mainstream Australia..

      • Marr has taught himself to speak extremely eloquently which is a formidable facade for what is between his ears. My 12 year old has better comprehension, interpretation and ability to analise situations and events. Typical friggin’ LEFTARD!

      • He is a pompous, self-righteous fool who has the worst case of backpfiefengesicht I’ve ever seen. He and his mad ilk are betraying our country.

    • People like Marr seem to harbour a sick antipathy toward the very notion of Australian culture or values. But without such culture and values, there is no society.

      As British journalist David Goodhart writes:

      “Of course modern politics — the rule of law and more recently the idea of human equality — are partly designed to tame and constrain our tribal and animal emotions. But if politics disappears too far into the individualist abstractions of law and economics it starts to see society as just a random collection of individuals.

      From this caveat can flow a more mature and emotionally intelligent liberalism that sees that there really is such a thing as society and one that functions well is based on habits of co-operation and trust and bonds of language, history and culture. Newcomers can be absorbed into such societies, and can retain some of their own traditions, but unless a critical mass of them embrace the broad common norms of the society, the idea of the nation as a group of people with significant shared interests — the idea of a people — will fracture.

      Thus moderate nationalism is a positively benign force reinforcing common interests (and welfare states) against the disintegrating effects of affluence, individualism and diversity…”


  8. reusachtigeMEMBER

    I totally support his viewpoint. Lots of freshly imported human capital helps bring down wages which is great because it means cheaper prices and everyone benefits from that!

  9. That has to go down as one of the great business propaganda coups of all time.

    It surely is.

    The other propaganda coup currently in vogue is the way the Paris riots —funded and organised by fossil fuel companies intent on making Macron pay for daring to attempt to curtail FF usage, and determined to make an example of him— are being portrayed as a grass roots movement.

  10. I wonder if he’d acknowkedge his privalege in denying our children houses due to his bias?

    And domainfax on housing being the greatest threat to the economy,hint we need more people from other countries buying the houses ?

  11. Wino ShinyfaceMEMBER

    its so evil but I still gotta admire how well the right wing capitalist developers in this country can use tools like david marr, liz allen, greg jericho etc so well…..I mean david marr the wankiest leftard wanker of them all has just signed off on peter scalans propaganda LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL