Adani delayed again by 11th hour red tape

QLD Labor is running interference for Bill Shorten:

Indian energy giant Adani will miss its Christmas deadline to begin construction of its controversial $2 billion Carmichael mine after the Palaszczuk Labor government commissioned an independent review into the company’s environmental management plans – a process which is expected to take at least two months.

Although Adani Mining chief executive Lucas Dow last month said the final sign-off of its environmental management plans from state and federal governments would happen “within weeks”, the approvals are still sitting with the Palaszczuk Labor government.

It’s almost as if this project is in India.


  1. The project is in India…we are not in control of what happens in our own country and appear to little say if the Barrier Reef is destroyed, artesian basin water is wasted and polluted for future generations, agricultural land lost, etc.

  2. Yes block this monstrous stupidity! I’m told the best agricultural land is mostly found on top of a coal bed much like the Liverpool Plains in NSW. I’m sure this land could be put to much better use.

  3. So much fake left anti coal commentary on this blog it makes me wonder how many commenters are paid flinkies of the fake facts left who are anti stable electricity at prices that are down down, prices are down. They are so down they get down on it , get down on ot

  4. Palaszczuk is the *most* dishonest, do-nothing, party-politics-only, hypocrite government I have ever seen in Australia ! And that beats off some other serious contenders ! I have been actively and closely following Aus Politics for over 30 years…. I feel sorry for Australia and for the future of Australia – TO BLAME IS THE PUBLIC … It is the public who vote and do not punish hypocrisy and limp-wristed incompetence. The public – particularly the facebook generation – who wouldn’t know the correct side of an issue unless it slapped them in the face through a meme, and even then they’d do nothing about it and probably vote based on: who’s a nice person, .. who’d be their friend… who’s down-to-earth… or not perceived as arrogant RATHER than *ability* and *desire to* actually do something… or improve a mess that is there already…. but I digress…. back to Palaszczuk .

    1. She is barely legitimately in power at all. She was bequeathed the safest ALP seat in the state ( from her father – former state minister and AG ) , after she worked in her dad’s electoral office as a staffer straight from uni – where not surprisingly, she underwhelmed. Anyhoo – she becomes the member – to lose the seat would require a 35% swing… And then more or less does nothing in an invisible sort of way for a few years while ALP in power – and then the Campbell Newman route leave the ALP with 7 seats only… all their talent gone, Palaszczuk is elected unopposed…. And then the next election…. the public label Newman as “arrogant” rather than reward him for averting financial disaster of the state…. and the election is a TIE … then Palaszczuk gets the flag with support of an independent. Fun fact : that election, Newman would have won with a 15 seat majority if the votes were counted using “first past the post” – hmmm – preferential votes favor ALP – more on that soon….. Anyway — soon after, she CHANGED THE ELECTORAL SYSTEM … in the dead of night ( 2am ) with no warning and no public debate …. changed to “compulsory preferential”… effectively locking in ALP for a decade.

    2. Back to ADANI — Routinely, she goes north to Mackay and Bowen areas where they need jobs – and speaks in support of the mine … then she goes back to Brisbane…. and is ANTI ADANI ….. pandering to the greenie elite public service…. who she has increased in size by more than 20%… and forced the PS managers to “actively support” union recruiting activities, rather than just tolerate it going on…. Hypocrite.

    3. Anyway – what is her weapon of choice ? the razor wit of a Keating ? The everyman fair-go charisma of a Hawke ? NO… Her weapon is — bureaucracy, admin, “stymie the works with paperwork”… just do “compliance stuff” … so she has launched another “independent enquiry”. Clearly her newly appointed 100,000 PS staff are too busy to help.. Yes, the Adani mine is buried in yet another “enquiry”. If you want someone to – do nothing – or to delay… She’s your gal ! That is what she does best. But hey, at least she is not “arrogant”. The public are asleep. She is so invisible, she never offends anyone, certainly not by doing anything… The result – the public has the government – that it deserves. P.S. in her 5 years in power, she has NEVER ( not once) accepted an interview on local Brisbane ABC radio – even in election campaigns. She simply avoids any press and scrutiny.. and journalists are in decline – like koalas – who buys and reads a newspaper anymore ? If u want something read – summarise it into a meme and make it viral on FB …. If u want to cry – re-watch Idiocrasy the movie – IT IS ALL AROUND US .