MV Tampa sails into Trump’s lap

Via AFR:

The Trump administration has intensified its claims “Middle Easterners” have hidden themselves in a caravan of thousands of Central American migrants marching towards the US border from Honduras through Mexico, in a move that analysts say will swing key Senate battlegrounds to the GOP.

“It’s inconceivable that there would not be individuals from the Middle East as part of this growing caravan,” said Vice-President Mike Pence on Tuesday (Wednesday AEDT) as Donald Trump described himself as a “nationalist”, saying he had ever heard the word had a racist association.

Even though the migrants’ caravan is still 1600 kilometres from the border, the US President vowed to send as many troops as he could to prevent the asylum-seekers entering America. He also shrugged off the lack of direct evidence for the Middle Easterner claim, saying “there’s no proof of any thing”.

Trump’s approval is gathering momentum:

Surely what is inconceivable is that there are no Republican operatives at the heart of the caravan.


  1. It’s all upside down in the US, where Middle East seems to be a dirty word.

    “Middle East” is a badge of honour in Sydney, lots of upstanding wealthy whiite people. “Outer West“ is a mark of shame, lots of dodgy poor peeps from Lebanon, Iraq, wherever.

  2. That ‘migrant caravan’ is indeed appearing at a time very convenient for US a midterm elections. My guess is that it is fake. Completely manufactured for social media to energize republican voters so that they vote.

  3. The funny thing is, the caravan is as fake as Trumps claims.

    Though their DHS is backing it up.

    Scott Adams notes that in politics, facts truly do not matter.

    Why is the caravan fake?
    The distance. We’re talking Brisbane to Melbourne here.
    Ostensibly they’re walking in one massive group – as illegals in Mexico btw.
    But Mexico can’t seem to find them to arrest and process them.
    And so far, they all seem to be coping with the severe demands of such an intensely long walk with aplomb.
    Dunno about all of you, but I’ve walked 60km in a day once – shit hurts.

    *sniff sniff*

    Smells like bullshit!

    • Didn’t stop African and Arabs walking through Turkey, Greece, Bulgaria, Yugoslavia, Hungary in search of the rich welfare pickings in Sweden and Germany.

      At least the migrant caravan in Mexico is roughly 50/50 in terms of gender. The migrant invasions in the EU are absolute cockforests.

    • FiftiesFibroShack

      “The funny thing is, the caravan is as fake as Trumps claims”

      Tell that to the people rioting in California. 😉

      • What a goose I am. I saw the word “retiring” and assumed she was still on the Court. She is retiring from “public life”.

    • The article says she retired in 2006. At any rate, the republicans are almost certain to hold on to a senate majority; betting markets put the probability at 85%.

      • She says she won’t retire while Trump is President. But at 85 you don’t necessarily get to make those decisions unilaterally. She might want to make sure she gets her flu shot this season.

  4. Senate was never the Democrat’s main game, their best chances are in the 2018 election in terms of marginals. The House of Reps remains on track for the Democrats.

      • Sure but the Dems can launch any number of inquiries into Trump with great investigative powers should they win the House of Representatives. Devin Nunes and his like will be a thing of the past

  5. Trump will retain control of both houses. The Dems have gone off the rails after being taken over by PC loonies, and are choosing candidates like that crazy Occasional-Cortex woman with the Sanpaku eyes, and all the normal people are looking at them and going Yeah…Nah as they back away slowly.

      • FiftiesFibroShack

        IDK. The US electoral system is nuts. It’s gerrymandered to buggery and blatant voter suppression is the norm. Plus, people are so disenfranchised, turn out is atrocious – except, of course, amongst the old folks who get all their info from the Republican Ministry of Public Enlightenment (Fox) and the conspiracy nuts they follow on social media.

      • It’s difficult to make predictions, especially about the future, so I may well be wrong.

        I thought Trump had a pretty good chance of getting into the White House, and everybody rolled their eyes at me. I think he’s got more than a pretty good chance of retaining both houses in the coming elections. We shall see.

    • FWIW, I’m similarly inclined – and I won money on their last election.

      The middle decides. Always.
      The middle can be attracted, or repelled.

      In their case, the Ds are doing a fantastic job at repelling.

  6. A UN plot to destroy the West?

    Thousands of people have breached the southern Mexican boarder. Where are these people sleeping, who is feeding them? Something else has to be behind the scenes here.