MacroBusiness Chartfest 13-14 October, 2018






Australia Consumer Confidence





Australia – Housing Approvals not yet commenced





Australia Housing – Average Loan Size





Australia – Housing Prices by City





Australia – New Dwelling Completions





Australia – Dwelling Price to Household Income





Australia – Household Wealth and Savings





Australia – Housing Finance





Australia – distribution of investor housing debt (2015-2016)





Australia – Interest Only Lending





Australia – Mortgage Stress





Australia – Housing Loans Arrears





Australia – Investment & Interest Only Loans





Victoria – Housing Price Growth





Victoria – Unit Approvals





Melbourne – Employment Growth by Local Government Area





Australian Bulk Commodities and the Trade Balance





Australia – LNG Exports





Australia – Resources and Energy Exports





Australia – Total Greenhouse Gas Emissions





Australia – Greenhouse Gas Emissions 2





Australia – Gender Gaps





Australia – Gross Debt to GDP





China – Asia





China’s Estimated United States Portfolio





China – Balance of Payments





China – Financial Assets





China – Bond Inflows





China – Credit Impulse





China – Current Account





China – Economic Vulnerability to a US Trade War by Province





China – Banks RRR and Monetary Base





China – US Tariffs – Chinese & Multinational Companies





Turkey – Consumer Prices









United States – Inflation





United States – Bond Inflows and Current Account





United States – Bond Inflows and Current Account 2





United States – Securities held by Foreigners





United States – Current Account decomposed by Region





United States – Export contributors





United States – Goods Contributions





United States – Household financial Assets to Disposable Income





United States – Major Interest Rates




United States – Interest Rates & Monetary Policy





United States – Total System Leverage





United States – Bank Leverage





United States – Federal Reserve Liabilities





United States – NFP and Unemployment





United States – Regional Income Variations





United States – Minimum Wages by State





United States – Share of Population on Food Stamps by State





United States – Income Growth by Decile





United States – Components of Income Growth





United States – Unemployment





United States – Wages & House Prices





United States – Spending by Generation





United States – The Fab Four Wage Indicators





United States – Consolidation of Defence contractors





United States – Technology Take up





United States – Trust in Information Sources





United States – Public Opinion on Marijuana Legalisation





Vancouver – Single Family Home Sales











ECB Balance Sheet





Europe – Air Pollution





Europe – CO2 Emissions from Passenger Vehicles





Eurozone – Core Inflation





France – Presidential Approval Descent Trajectories





Germany – House PE Ratios by major City 





Irish Economic Activity





Italian Government Bonds





Italian Public Debt





Italian 5Yr Default Risk





Italian Debt Maturity Horizon





Italian Public Deficit





Russian US Treasury Holdings





Russian use of USD





United Kingdom GDP Makeup





United Kingdom – Interest Rates 





United Kingdom – Average Earnings & Growth





Capital Markets






China – US 10 Yr Spread





Balance Sheet Vulnerabilities





Banking Exposure to Non Financial Sector





Bank Loan to Deposits – Selected Global





EM Currencies





The evolution of the Major United States Banks





Foreign UST Purchases & USD Reserve Growth





Negative Yielding Fixed Income





The UST Takeoff





New Cryptos





UST Real Rates





The World of Government Debt as a Percentage of GDP





3 Month UST to Average 3m United Kingdom, Germany





USD/CNY & US-China 1Yr Spread





US 10s





United States Corporate Debt










Asian Coking Coal Imports





European Potato Futures





Exchange Copper Stocks





Final Energy Demand Composition





Copper Supply Demand Outlook





Global Oil Production





US Oil Production





Iran Crude Production





Iran Oil Customers





Iron Ore Index





LNG production





Metals & Global Demand with Trade Tensions 





Silver Fabrication in Solar





Global Macro






Average Tariffs – Major Economies 2015





US & China Manufacturing PMIs





Credit to Non Financials – Selected economies





Current Account and $10Bbl price rise – Selected Nations





Excess Private Debt by Region – 2007 & 2016





Exposure to China





Quantitative Easing & Backing Vocals





Global Manufacturing





Global Central Bank Outlook





Public Sector Balances





Is it Gold or is it Yuan?





The Longer they Expand…….





Macroprudential Adoption



OECD House Price Valuations





Real Domestic housing Prices – 1900 – 2017…..and its gold, gold, gold for Australia





Australia & United States – Labour Market comparison





Renewables and Energy Consumption





Renewable capacity growth





China Abrupt Adjustment Spillovers





Trade Flows










USD denominated debt – Selected Nations





England – Out of Pocket childcare Costs – Selected Nations





Selected Global – Government Debt to GDP change between 2006 & 2018





…and furthermore…





Saving CO2





Scope for Curbing Emissions …..Buckleys?…..





Scope for Effective Anthropogenic Warming Response…Buckleys?…





Crypto Offerings










Time for El Nino





The Limits of GDP





Academic Success – The Genetics & the Wealth





Causes of Child Death





Fast Internet…or not… 





Life Expectancy





3 kinds of music – most popular words





Rating the Strength of Words





United States – Kangaroo Ownership Legality


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  1. That saving c02 graph is awesome. I might stick it above the office recycling bin to bring a disccussion on about population growth.

  2. Incredible chart pack. Regarding the 500,000 deaths per year from cars in the EU, it is worth remembering that PM 2.5 particulates kill around 3x as many people as road accidents in Australia, yet little is done about the dirty diesels.

    • Not questioning that diesels are dirty, but how do they know? (that PM 2.5 particulates kill 3x as many people as car accidents). Never heard of that on anyone’s death certificate.
      Now I think about it, death by car accident must be pretty rare too.

  3. Thanks for all the charts, they are unbelievable! The house prices one – gold for Australia – is a gem

    I notice that you do them sometimes and not others – is there a routine? The only reason I caught this today is by chance

  4. TailorTrashMEMBER

    Always love your charts Gunna ……..that second last one on the strength of words is interesting … mention of ……amaaaazing ……or is that particularly irritating word only used in Straya ……and always said in a nasal tone to describe some totally inane event …….totally amaaaazing !………guess Strayan bogans are easily amaaazed …..

    • I remember when “incredible” used to mean that something is not credible or it is difficult to believe, a term with negative connotations.

      I blame Sunrise for ruining that word.