MB Fund Live Webinar – Australian Dollar Reflation? (Today)

Join us today as MB Fund Head of Investments, Damien Klassen, Chief Strategist David Llewellyn Smith and Tim Fuller discuss the future of the Pacific Peso.

– What is sitting behind the recent fall in the AUD?

– Can the current drivers be relied upon for future direction?

– How is the Emerging Markets Crisis and Trumps Trade War going to impact the AUD?

The movement in the AUD creates significant opportunities for your portfolio – come along and hear how to take advantage.

Today – 12:30pm LIVE online.

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Tim Fuller

Head of Operations at Nucleus Wealth
Financial adviser seeking to make quality investment solutions more accessible to everyday Australians.
Tim Fuller


  1. Hi Tim, I can’t see this webinar in the podcasts or the videos links. Please could you advise where to hear the recorded session?

  2. I found it, really interesting listen. When David mentioned Chinese Premier Li Keqiang, I misheard it as Premier League-Kiang. I shall now refer him to as Premier League from here on in.