MB Fund Live Webinar – The BAT has FAANGs

This Afternoon (12:30pm AEST) on the live MB Fund Webinar, The BAT has FAANGs, has MB Fund Head of Investment, Damien Klassen and Tim Fuller having a look at the perennial rise of the big US tech growth giants and some eastern upstarts in Baidu, Ali Baba and Tencent.

  • Looking at growth stocks in general
  • Is it too late in the cycle to dive in now?
  • Is there another Tech Wreck on it’s way?

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Tim Fuller

Head of Operations at Nucleus Wealth
Financial adviser seeking to make quality investment solutions more accessible to everyday Australians.
Tim Fuller


  1. Apparently the next cool acronym is BRAIN – Biotech, Robotics, Artificial Intelligence and Nanotechnology.