Australia goes completely feral

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Parliament has been shut down by the government:

There you have it. The house has voted to adjourn. Parliament is done for another two weeks, at least.

They’ve won 70-68.

We only just crept past midday.

The house will now be adjourned until 10 September. Labor are yelling abuse at the government.

The media is at each other’s throats:

Shock jocks are going nuts:

Sydney radio listeners have been subjected to a racial slur after Alan Jones once again dropped the N-word as part of a foul-mouthed rant.

The veteran broadcaster was discussing the leadership rumblings in Canberra when he turned his attention to outgoing finance minister Mathias Cormann. The 77-year-old said the finance minister needed to reveal his hand.

“The n—– in the woodpile here, if one can use that expression – and I’m not going to yield to people who tell us that certain words in the language are forbidden – the person who’s playing hard to get is Mathias Cormann.”

Jones later apologised to listeners.

The Australian dollar keeps falling as we go completely feral:

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  1. I’m getting fat on popcorn.

    Politics around the world is full of so much drama I can’t look away.

    Whether it’s Trump, Durterte, May, Erdogan or anyone else…

    • Lots of unrest in Romania too recently with ex pats returning from abroad en masse staging big demos against Govt corruption

    • bolstroodMEMBER

      At this point we the people serve notice on our parliamentry representatives and ALL political Party’s that we have had enough and withdraw our participation in all matters electoral until a new constitution and voting system is agreed to by We The People.
      Do not pass go and do not pick up your pay cheques.

      • bolstroodMEMBER

        IT starts here with you and me.
        talk to your friends , relos, workmates.
        Put it out on social media
        No voting until we , The People get a new electoral and parliamentary system!

      • Great idea, except our system gives you no power at all, except to pick from the candidates you are given. and thats it,
        If you want that sort of change, it comes from violence not abstaining from voting. How many people d oyou think have already given up on the whole circus and not bothered with being on the electoral role at all? Reckon it makes any difference to anything?

  2. proofreadersMEMBER

    Who, as PM at the end of today, will turn the lights off in the House on the Hill and on democracy?

  3. The wheels have fallen off

    This is absolutely hilarious

    If they come back with a new PM who ends up being ineligible for parliament it will be the cherry on top

  4. The Horrible Scott Morrison MP

    I’m going home to work on my winners speech and latest policy idea – the second investment property buyers grant.

    • proofreadersMEMBER

      Hear, hear. That policy is very philosophically rooted and you will make reusa’s day.

      • I hear Dutton has a policycalled SPUD, Second Property Under Deployed (SPUD), they pay you rent on a second property provided you keep it empty, that way we can remove all those over developed units from the market and resume normal price rises.

  5. so turdball will now have plenty of time to spend rowing his kayyyyyackkkk in Sydney harbour

    seriously I hope Lucy’s evil insidious influence on Sydney fades away

  6. The minor/micro parties are the real winners in all this. Labor think they are gaining but it just makes the average Joe less likely to vote for either of the majors. Keep the carnage coming Canberra!

  7. Dutton’s au pair issue referred to Senate inquiry
    By Dana McCauley

    The Senate has voted to refer Peter Dutton’s controversial intervention in the immigration case of two au pairs to a Senate Inquiry.

    As the House of Representatives adjourned, senators voted 34 to 28 in favour of the inquiry, which will examine two separate decisions by Dutton to overrule his department’s denial of entry to the young women in 2015.

    The then home affairs minister has denied having any personal connection to the au pairs personally, stating categorically that he did not know them and they did not work for his family.

    Dutton’s intervention in the case came under scrutiny in March this year, when it emerged that he had used his discretionary powers to grant the au pairs visas on public interest grounds.

    One of the women had her visa cancelled upon arrival at Brisbane’s international airport in June 2015, but was able to make a phone call.

    Within hours, Dutton had approved a new visa for the woman.

    Then in November 2015, Dutton ignored written warnings from his department that a second au pair had previously been warned about work restrictions, making her “high risk”.

    I have been giggling like a schoolgirl all morning but this has pushed me over the edge.

    • thefatgeneralMEMBER

      The Tasmanian senate race will be very interesting. You have a base case of 2 lib, 2 lab and one green. The final seat is open game and there’ll be a huge below the line vote (an ex -devonport major now running as a National, Jackie Lambie, Steve Mav – who nearly won an upper house state seat – is already campaigning for a below the line vote, add in that Labor may well put Lisa singh down the ticket (she won ahead of her order last time based on below the line voting) and that the liberals only have one incumbent (who may not be preselected…or may be put down the ticket)) . I’d think Lambie would probably be favoured over a 3rd Labor candidate…but really hard to know.

  8. Chris Uhlmann just delivered Australia’s first ‘Network’ moment:

    Let this be the first of many more to come. Chris just make a small deposit on the big project to redeem Australian journalism. Now if only someone could stand up and call out the far left media as well and we might return to some balance. Maybe we could start with an honest discussion about mass immigration?

      • ABC, SBS, channel 7, etc. the medias darling lee lin ching just declares herself a “Marxist at heart” and recieves gushing adoration.

  9. Just read that Kelly O’Dwyer has ruled out being a candidate for Deputy PM on any ticket. Had she put her hand up, I think I may have had to consider reducing Australia’s population by one – which one would require further consideration.

  10. Like there are no political agendas, biases, or opinion pieces on Chris Uhlmann’s ABC.

    oh and married to a Labor MP. No conflict of interest there at all.

  11. Turnbull has just announced that there’s no spill yet, but if there is he won’t run.
    WTF is going on.

  12. Shorten won’t last a year if elected. I’m interested to see how the new voting rules affect the make up of the Senate.

    Crossbemch is the only game in town. Just pray for a hung parliament and a strong crossbench.

  13. Jumping jack flash

    Its a political upheaval-led recovery!
    Look at that dollar go!

    At this rate we’ll be the global choice for investment… new factories will open, exports surge, etc, etc.

  14. Man It’s gone completely feral alright..Nearly Mad Max feral..
    Malcolm Turnbull has effectively just booby-trapped the prime minister’s office for Dutton. Turnbull has shown some fight. “I’ve never given in to bullies,” he says.

    And indeed he is not.

    Here’s why: Turnbull has suggested he will walk from parliament if he loses the leadership.

    That would trigger a by-election. A by-election would likely rob Peter Dutton of the ability to command a majority in parliament.

    At the same time, he’s put serious doubt on Dutton’s ability to lead a stable government or sit as an eligible parliamentarian.

    Holy Smokes.. the Samson option?
    Maybe just get the GG to sack the whole lotta them.. all of them.. every single sitting member no mater what party, and let’s just start again… what harm would it do? Clean out the sewer.

    • “Clean out the sewer.”
      But the same old rats scurry back in as soon as you turn your back.

      • Napalm the sewer? The previous rats must be banned from re contesting, and their “backseat drivers” as well… Start from scratch.

      • It’s a nice sentiment, but a sewer always refills with rats.
        What you really need to do is remove the sewer that is westminster representative democracy and replace it with something much more airy and open like direct democracy. The rats are far less attracted to that and will scurry away to some other sewer.

      • “replace it with something much more airy and open like direct democracy”

        Is that not just mob rule? I’m no fan of the current system, but I still rate it as the least worst option by far from everything else.

      • Everything is mob rule, it just varies on which mob it is. Would you rather be ruled by everyone, or politicians and their donors?

        Do you have the ability to objectively evaluate why you think it’s the least worst option.
        Is it because you have carefully examined the alternatives and understand the workings of them all and came to that conclusion logically, or because you have been told it is for your whole life, have experience of it and it seems ok, and you have been told that everything else is bad?
        The ancient greeks invented democracy in the style of what is today called direct democracy and it seemed to work for them. In contrast what we call democracy today was created by the british aristocracy who co-opted the name in an attempt to pacify a restless populace while maintaining control within the existing elite.

        As a bonus fact, HnH is clearly a true believer in representative democracy and all the propaganda about it we have been told, and time after time his predictions about the likely action of politicians has been proven incorrect. This is because Politicians are clearly not acting in the voting publics interest, and are not interested in winning votes because the way to get into parliament long term is not by producing policy for the public that is vote winning, it is being preselected to stand for a safe seat of the party you are in, and this is achieved by representing the party heirarchy and donors.

      • “Do you have the ability to objectively evaluate why you think it’s the least worst option.
        Is it because you have carefully examined the alternatives and understand the workings of them all and came to that conclusion logically, or because you have been told it is for your whole life, have experience of it and it seems ok, and you have been told that everything else is bad?”

        No, I’ve evaluated most of the others, communism, fascism, theocracy, anarcho-capitalism, direct democracy, etc and come to the conclusion that, as sucky as the current system is, it’s the only viable one at this point in time that I’ve seen.

        Incidentally I mostly agree with you re HnH. I believe that it is largely economics that determines the political agenda and not the other way round.

      • A significant proportion of the world, and virtually all of history would disagree with your “only viable” statement.
        China seems to be doing fine as a one party state. Iraq seems to have gone down hill significantly for most of the population after the change from dictatorship to democracy. Communism survive for a good half century plus in the USSR.
        Of course the downfall of all of them is the desire for power and disregard for their fellow man of sociopaths, and their attraction to positions of power, and the only way to prevent this is to limit the positions of power, which Direct democracy does.

      • Direct Democracy™ (Build 10730.20002) © Microsoft Corporation 2018.
        Licensed to HUAWEI, on behalf of the Australian Government.

        It worked for the Greeks because NOT the information-age…

    • Ronin8317MEMBER

      If the ALP doesn’t field a candidate in Wentworth, the Green will most likely win it. It won’t bring down the parliament, but it will mean they need 2 votes from the independent for every bill. When MT leaves, LNP members who have been striped of pre-selection may decide to go independent as well. It will be complete chaos.

      • Greens won’t win wentworth. But a very good chance it goes independent. I know a high profile local who is thinking about stepping in if Malcolm is out.

    • I love the “it is best for ex-PMs to step aside” comment. Not only a selfish lie (spiting LNP with a minority government) it is also a cheap shot at Abbott.

    • Just remember these politicians claim that they are acting in Australia’s best interests, not their own.

  15. ‘Australia is a lucky country run mainly by second rate people who share its luck. It lives on other people’s ideas, and, although its ordinary people are adaptable, most of its leaders (in all fields) so lack curiosity about the events that surround them that they are often taken by surprise.’

  16. Wife will not be happy as I will be eating too much pop corn. Need to ensure the pop corn supply chain is well supplied. 🙂

  17. lol, love it. It’s great drama. Who cares who comes out on top? Australia is, at some point in the near future, going to be going through one of the greatest upheavals in it’s history. Who is in charge will be pretty much incidental. Maybe we have even more of this to come.

    The chattering classes here at work are bemoaning the state of affairs. I tried to give them a dose of reality about what is actually happening. Ya know guys, maybe you might want to look at the big picture rather than obsessing over personalities? They had a blank look on their face before going back to whingeing about specific people. Idiots.

    • “They had a blank look on their face before going back to whingeing about specific people. Idiots.” You Too Hey? Same, Ditto here.. and I just walk around with my ear to the ground, observing, and shaking my head at the blindness, idiocy and superficiality of those who miss the point and the big pic.

      • What we really need is some physical altercations. I mean, all this aggro stuff is great but it would be nice to see some blood. Maybe if we gave them some guns for a good old-fashioned gunfight? Deathmatch arena. Whoever survives wins. I’d pay to watch that.