2018 MB Fund Melbourne Seminar announced!

After a full year in the office, we are happy to announce round two of the MB Fund seminar series.

This year’s agenda is of course The Great Australian Housing Crash!

Come one and come all to see (and meet) Leith van Onselen, David Llewellyn-Smith and Damien Klassen as they discuss just how fast and hard Aussie property prices are going to fall and what you should be doing about it.

There will be an extended Q&A.

Free for MacroBusiness subscribers

Free for MacroBusiness fund members

Free for potential fund investors. That is, if you are still considering an investment and would like to attend the conference for free, please go through the sign-up process here and then register below.

$50 for anyone else

MacroBusiness Seminar – Melbourne

Thursday 13th September, 6pm till 8pm

WeWork Mezzanine
Level 9, 401 Collins Street
Melbourne, Australia

P. S. The Sydney event is also coming… 

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  1. Great news!

    Are you guys in a position to confirm which other cities will be added? (in short this will affect whether I wait for a local event or need to try to get to a Sydney one)

  2. Interested in investing with the MB Fund, but the funds I have for investing are in USD (have about 300k) is there an option to keep it in USD or do I have to convert to AUD on investment?

    • The Traveling Wilbur

      Sweet typo bruv. Very apropos.

      I’m thinking about coming, but if I do, I’m printing my own name tag and sticking “Andrew” on it. Should be highly entertaining.

  3. Looking forward to the Sydney event!
    Should hold it in an auctioneers building for some sweet irony.

  4. Dammit. As per usual being a FIFO worker I always seem to be away when the good stuff is on. Same as last year.

    Will you guys be recording it for member viewing like last time? Would be much appreciated.