Weekend Chartfest, 14-15 July, 2018





Major City House Values over last 25 years




House Price growth – Major Cities




Population Increase and Dwelling Investment




Population Growth




Net Overseas Migration by Visa – From July 5 Presentation made in Wollongong by Alexandra Heath




Real Dwelling Investment




Residential Dwelling Pipeline




Australian Housing Loan Approvals




Australian Residential Commitments




Housing Approvals




Dwellings Under Construction




Foreign Buyers in NSW




Auction Clearances




GDP Drivers




Trade Balance – Goods & Services




Gas – Australian Exports




Australian LNG – Volumes, Prices & Value




Asian LNG & Australian Import Proposals




Iron Ore & Coal Exports




Australian Resources Exports




Australian Farm Production, Prices & Volumes




Australian Agricultural Exports




Australian Sheep Exports




Australian Wool Export Destinations




Australian Rainfall & Wheat Producing Regions




Enterprise Bargaining Agreement Outcomes




NAB Business – Employment & Profitability




GST Distribution by State




Relative State GST Distribution over time




State Funding Sources




Renewable Generation




United States & Americas




White House – Median Salaries




Black Incomes – United States




White Earnings




Earnings by Ethnicity




Labour Market & Productivity




Fed Funds Rate and Unemployment




San Fransisco House Prices




Non-Financial Corporate Debt to GDP




US Deficit Funding




Sectoral Balances & GDP




Tax Reforms, Reinvested Earnings & Dividends




Federal Corporate Tax Receipts




International Trade and State Exposure




Daily Feelings





China & Asia




China & India Inflation




East Asia Inflation




Asia Current Account Surplus by Country




The Belt and Road Initiative




Bank of Japan and ETFs




China Net International Investment Position




China Balance of Payments – Cumulative Flows




China Balance of Payments 2 – Another Angle




Chine Builders – Future Debt Servicing 




China Financial Conditions




China – New Bank Loans & Social Financing




China Portfolio Flows




China Exports – United States & Asia




Japan – JGB Yields




South Korea – GDP, BoK Rate, 3m Lead








Europe – Lesser Rated Credit




Eurozone Nations – Gross Government Debt




Eurozone – House Price Growth




Europe – Home Ownership – Selected Nations




Italians Banks – NPLs in comparison – Eurozone & Beyond




Eurozone Unemployment




Europe – Major Trading Partners




Eurozone Services – Major Partners




Germany – Industrial Production & GDP Growth




Germany – Net Foreign Asset Growth




Bundesbank Claims within Euro System




Greece – Fiscal Balance




Netherlands – Tax Structure




Norway House Prices




Russia Current Account




Russia Inflation




Europe – Russian Gas Dependence




European Union – Births & Deaths 








Copper Prices and Stocks




Copper 2




Return of the Son of Copper




Uranium – Prices & Nuclear Power




Cotton – Global Production, Consumption & Price




Sugar prices




China Beef Imports




Corn Stocks




United States Oil Production




United States Soybean exports (Minus china)




Capital Markets





Global Debt Binge…do not look down…




Global Debt…do not look down…




Global Debt to EBITDA…..do not look down….




Investment Grade v The Rest – Fixed Income….do not look down…




UST – The Choir




Global 2s




Global 10s




Gold & USD








AUD Determinants




Bank Valuations




China Yen




China Asset Growth




China Yen & Outflows




Loans & Deposits – Selected Global Banks




Major Economy NPLs





Global Macro




IMF GDP Forecasts




Central Bank GDP Forecasts




Inflation – Major Developed Economies




Contributions to Global growth




Share of Global Exports – Major Economies




World Exports – Actuals & Orders




US Products and EU Tariffs 




The Financialisation Era – Export Goods and GDP




Productivity – Major Western Economies




NATO Defence Spending




OECD Electricity Production by Fuel Type




OECD Global Revenue Statistics




OECD Labour Productivity




OECD Productivity since 2000




OECD Unemployment




OECD Wages




Immigrants – Actual and Perceived, Selected Nations




Selected Nations – Services Exports 




Global GDP over Centuries by Nation 




Spending by Decile, United States




Tax Arbitrage




OECD Wages Slowdown




OECD – Wealth & Income Distribution




…and furthermore…




Air Pollution








Gender Incomes




UFO Sightings




Internet Leaders




Internet Users




Mobile Broadband Subscribers




Unemployment Benefits




Socialism & Capitalism




Wood & Coal




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  1. The take from above is the EURO bank NPL
    ECB has been holding rates at zero
    The Q is when (not if) is the EURO going to blow sky high?
    I’d say 19/20

    • GunnamattaMEMBER

      And yea verily the ECB too would be chanting ‘do not look down’ with quite some gusto about now

  2. Paddy Finucane

    That chart on Australian Net Overseas Migration. Is it my eyes or does it appear that ‘permanent’ migration is actually quite small?

    On the others, there is a mighty collection there again G. I assume the cover pic is the same ‘don’t look down’ that the debt charts have as their rallying cry. Something that may interest you G is that there is increasing talk of a labour shortage here in Russia, and I can personally vouch for there being an acute shortage of Angliskii pissish redaktor types who know anything at all about Mother Russia, and as the CPI chart shows I dare say the RUB is bottoming out too.

    Thanks for the work involved in this. P

  3. Gunna, there’s room at the weekend for ‘Comment of the Week’ voted for by readers, then adjusted by a capricious anonymous judge.

    Thank you to whoever introduced ‘winnits’ to my vocabulary

    • Aah – Harodus – you’ve done it again! A text-book strike just like the Klingons hiding around Uranus 😛