Links 13 July 2018

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  1. A carbon tax would be less regressive than energy efficiency standards

    Yes! Legalise luxury products and put a 900% tax on them instead.

    • Give them ideas won’t you? – Declare toilet paper a luxury item, and watch the world smell like sh*t one arse at a time.

    • Gold Coast residents are turning their lights off at night and using candles because they fear they will not be able to pay their next power bill.
      “Some of our pensioners are sitting in the dark in winter. ” Mr Hart told the Bulletin yesterday.

  2. fitzroyMEMBER

    Scientologists, Mormons, Muslims, Catholics and others unite against everyone else. Demand compensation for hurt feelings as long as you don’t change or give up your religion, and demand consideration on that voluntary from everyone else. Such self indulgence is not in the public interest.

  3. Flawse: this is what is going on>
    PUBLIC servants have won an extra month’s paid leave — even if they don’t get sick.
    ‘In a move blasted by business yesterday as “over the top’’, state Industrial Relations Minister Grace Grace has instructed all government departments to grant 20 days’ “pandemic leave’’ on top of 10 days’ sick leave to all public servants.’

    • Thanks WW
      That’s EXACXTLY how this works!!!! The idea that somehow all the community shares in the hardship, so heavily promulgated by MB, is just plain BS. This makes simplistic solutions, presuming there will be no inflation, utter BS.
      I have had experience of at least three major recessions in my adult lifetime. Each time the powerful, including the public servants, keep on grabbing more while the disadvantaged, small business farmers et al get it in the neck.
      This is a really good example of how it goes down.

      • drsmithyMEMBER


        In fact, people should’t get any sick leave at all. Just makes them soft and irresponsible. If they get sick they should have to use up their regular paid leave like in more enlightened countries. Speaking of which, 4 weeks of that per year is obviously too much – just look at all the public holidays ! We should cut it back to two.

      • Dr Smithy
        You are just another one that doesn’t read what is written. You are incapable of understanding it really. You live in your own tiny echo chamber and never think of anything but your own opinion and biases – as well as being a lying prick in order to justify your own bigotry.

  4. I feel for the traumatized grazier – Pets are not ‘themselves’ when out in a pack & farmers are left with no choice. You never forget when you have to take out some kids pet, especially if you know who’s pining for it to come home & you’ve had to do the job.