Go the Poms

Forgot to post this earlier but I’ll just leave it here.

In 1990 I lived in London and enjoyed the World Cup first hand as the Poms made the semi-final  versus Germany.

When Chris Waddle hit the post in extra time I nearly ruptured my melon on the ceiling fan in the local pub. Then when Jurgen Klinsmen did the same at the other end I:

Germany won on penalties of course, as they do.

But ever since I’ve watched and hoped the Bean would see a reprieve.

Go the Poms.

Update. All I have to say today is….


      • The Poms should have been turfed out of the competition due to match fixing. The loss to Belgium was contrived and ensured an easier run into the finals. Go Croatia !

  1. Mining BoganMEMBER

    I just heard Craig Foster saying an English win is a kick in the face of Brexit. Lots of virtue signalling going on there.

    So go Croatia…and Queensland!

  2. Hill Billy 55MEMBER

    Nah, an English win confirms that the UK can do it alone. Should be a fascinating match. Though my early prediction was a French win. Wouldn’t mind if the Poms upset that.

  3. Don’t care about Brexit. Been to Europe and UK and UK feels more like home. So I hope they manage to bring it home … if only for the amusement of watching Wimbledon organisers dealing with a distracted crowd at the mens final keeping one eye on the really big event … but am nervous, they still have the opportunity to lose the semi on penalties. But for now, …. it’s coming home, it’s coming home, it’s coming, football’s coming home ….

  4. 19 Years and 51 weeks ago, I was in Cannes when the French won the World Cup on home soil,
    The joy was pure.
    Bound by a distrust of Spain ,Portugal and England signed the Treaty of Windsor in 1386 (The oldest unbroken Diplomatic agreement in the World) . So – go the Poms

  5. I am in Paris now, and last night watched the game in a bar full of locals. I was the only english-speaking person there, but given my skin colour and the fact that I told them I am from ‘Strya, they didn’t mind me being there though. It was an absolutely wonderful experience, especially given that I do not follow soccer at all. People were out in the streets later dancing, shouting and merry-making in general.

    • I was in the main square of Lisbon when Ronaldo got that late equaliser against Spain. It felt like a win to the locals. It’s great to see people happy.

    • To be in an European summer when the World Cup is on is something everyone needs to experience. I was in Germany for the 2006 World Cup. It was amazing.

      • I was in Barcelona when they won in 2010. We went nuts with the locals and I somehow managed to get entombed in a Spanish flag. I couldn’t find a bed to sleep in all over town so ended up crashing with my cousin on his bunk at the Hostel. Worst hang over the next day in a Spanish summer. 😁 I don’t know if I could do it again. The liver might not hack that abuse now that I’m 8 years older.

  6. Naaa. Go Croatia, then Belgium for third in the rematch with England, they deserve to finish ahead given their win against Brazil, dunno if Eng could have acheived that.

  7. Foolish acts of youth tales time.
    Tennis was my sport as a lad. And I always loved Ivanisevic. I was chuffed that he made the Wimbledon final and went to the pub to watch him play Rafter, who I also liked, just not quite as much. The pub was the Caxton in Brisbane and I kept my preferences to myself as well as I could. Until one point where I cheered Goran on. A mistake. I was heckled and threatened for the rest of the evening. Goran won, and I just to left without gloating, though I’m more careful about those things these days.

  8. mild colonialMEMBER

    💫⭐️🌟✨⚡️🌈💥💦England is it possible they don’t have England 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 oh they do.

  9. mild colonialMEMBER


  10. Good to see the Comments section sense of humour rub off on the authors of the blog. With the Jizz in my pants video. 😁

  11. StomperMEMBER

    As the only MB member who watched the last England World Cup victory in 1966 (England 4 West Germany 2) – I say – go you Poms!!!!

  12. I called France and Brazil as favourites. I called Croatia and Belgium as dark horses. The number 3 in my company is a fckn Pom and was quizzing me why not England. I said England is very good team but they lack international experience and will fault in the quarterfinals. Now I call England as favourites as they proved me wrong and showed more discipline than any other team. They still have some rough diamonds there but I think they are good enough to win it.

  13. I don’t care who wins, as long as it’s not those cheating Frenchmen. Remove FIFA from France…

  14. That result will keep both teams happy. The Brits prefer a noble defeat over a roaring victory and the Croats won.

    • The cartoon in the Tele:
      “Mrs May said it was a good outcome, and it gave most of us what we wanted”