Employment up, Wages Down? What gives? – Live Webinar Today

This Afternoon on MB Fund Webinar, Employment up, Wages Down? What gives? will have Leith Van Onselen, Damien Klassen and Tim Fuller having a look at the Australian Labour market as it stands today.

  • Whats the state of play?
  • Where is the labour market trending in Australia?
  • Do we have a new employment boom on our hands?
  • Tactics used at Nucleus Wealth to position portfolios for the future

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  1. Since 2013 mainstream media has been reporting “Mining Bust” and similar doom and gloom stories about how jobs in resources have fallen away. And those reports are true enough. Friends who have worked in mining tell me the jobs are few and far between.

    Just recently the mainstream media has started reporting that a new mining boom is coming. Already the industry is saying it cant source local workers and is pushing for increased immigration/457. Stories such as “the $150k job no Aussie wants to do”. Eg: https://www.watoday.com.au/politics/federal/immigration-the-answer-to-ending-turf-war-over-workers-20180725-p4ztim.html

    Whats with the break-neck turn around? New recruits would not have had time to be trained. Existing skilled staff may not know about this new boom yet. What the last boom has taught us is that its the big corporates who make money from resources. The Australian public benefitted from the project phase last time through jobs. If this next round wants to give the jobs to foreigners, where is the benefit to Australians? If anything, the requirements for locally sourced staff should be enforced stronger than ever.

    • If there’s a shortage of local skilled people, where are the booming wages????? It’s bull dust and it’s all about pushing wages down even harder.

  2. Mainstream media is infuriating. Some of the online papers allow comments on their pro-immigrants-for-mining-jobs articles. 90% of commenters could be Macrobusiness subscribers given their strong anti-imported-labor stance. Yet the media wont write articles to give that opinion a fair go.