Weekend Chartfest 23-24 June, 2018



The in the pocket impact of Pauline’s sellout tax cuts (…..and the payoff is?)


Total Housing Finance & House Prices (and if the banks are lending less then….)



March Quarter Residential Property



Sydney 6x DTI




Australian Mortgage Payments as percentage of household income



Inequality in Australia 



Net Interstate Migration



Jobs Growth and Losses to May 2018



Youth Underutilisation



Household Gains and Losses over time



Wage sensitivity to underemployment



United States & Americas

Brazil Fiscal Balance



United States Auto Sales



US Data and the USD



US Industrial Production



US Unemployment recessions and NAIRU



US Real Estate to GDP



Major Exports of US States 



Major Trade partners of US


China & Asia


Asian Coal Imports



Asian Coal and Gas prices



Asian LNG Demand


Bank of Israel & Inflation



Chinese City Clusters



China Real Estate Prices





EU Funding – Giving and Taking



European Bank M&A



European Union – People working from home



EU job changes 1997 – 2017 …..the demise of the middle skilled



Male Life Expectancy in Russia


Switzerland Inflation



United Kingdom Median Income 



United Kingdom Productivity growth



US Treasuries and Gold held by Russia



Global LNG Imports



Crude Oil – exploration to watch



Government take of crude profits – selected nations



Global Crude – capacity to increase output



US Crude exports to China



Global Barley production 



Global Corn production



Global Wheat production 



Global Corn Wheat and Barley production



Global Gold mine reserves by country



Largest global gold holdings 



Global Lithium & Australian production



Thermal coal imports – selected Asian nations



Capital Markets


Major CB assets



Government debt servicing costs – selected nations



Projections for Fed and ECB key rates…..



The Journey of selected EU 10s



Inflation targets of selected global central banks



Global non-financial corporate bonds by region



Russia US Treasury Holdings



US Fixed Income Outstanding



US & Australia – Short term funding

Global Macro


African project debt financing 



Chinese corporate profits from the US



Chinese FDI deals in US



Global consumers manufacturers & equities



Emerging Market debt environment



The G7 as a % of global GDP



Inter Generational Income Mobility – selected nations



Intergenerational earnings – selected nations



US Market sector concentration and growth



Unemployment & Full Employment – selected developed economies


Power generation – major sources



Pre-Tax corporate profits as Percentage of employee compensation – selected nations 



Top global exporters 2017

United States – agricultural trade with China



US Exports and Imports vis China

…and furthermore…


The impact of tariffs as taught in textbooks


Interest in Crypto


Libya fighting in relation to major oil & gas production facilities



Population and CO2 emissions 


The Search engine monopoly

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  1. A similar state map for Australia would read:

    QLD: 3 quarters of a FAll
    NSW: Property oh – well – that’s FAll I guess.
    ACT: Organic BS, with FA inclusions
    VIC: Property, well – FA too.
    SA: Oh – I thought those guys were in the dark by now, so who knows?
    WA: Someone go and poke them with a stick – if they’re still warm, we might harvest their organs – useful in death and so on
    NT: Ahmmm… CU in the NT I guess – we gotta find them first.
    TAS: I thought we cut those guys loose long time ago.

  2. Thanks, Gunna.

    See? The surging global population and rising living standards lead to growing global energy demand. There is no way the renewables can cover them all, let alone replace the existing capacities. The fundamentals for SLX remains rock solid.

    I just need to buy British American Tobacco and Philip Morris to diversify my risks that are sitting at their respective multi-year support levels of $50 and $80 (which look strong).

    • The fundamentals for SLX remains rock solid

      True, but the fundamentals for the A9X are even more solid.

      I just need to buy British American Tobacco and Philip Morris to diversify my risks
      I might diversify the risk with an XY GT, but Bob Morris would probably not like it.

      • Super Phoenix

        Well, SLX will be in trouble if uranium does not have a future. If IQE fails to commercialize the translucent technology on top of an uranium-free world then SLX will be in BIG trouble.

        Can it happen? Of course, it can. But will it?

  3. TailorTrashMEMBER

    No wonder the US is getting worried about Made in China 2025 ………that chart showing the biggest exports from 15 out of 50 states are aeroplanes………soon all to be reduced to South Dakota …distillery dregs ………